Coming soon in October!

Borage Montigo-Gelman is all grown up and ready for action. Adult action that is. Having a womanizer father Liam Gelman that he never knew and raised by a mother Zinnia Montigo-Taye who lack morals and commitment  to his step father Max Taye, Borage set his sights on Starlight Shores to become a super star DJ and get love from the ladies of course. It’s only natural that Borage became the way  he is. Borage is basically following in his father’s footsteps in being a womanizer. The only difference between his parents and him, he’s not out trying to have many babies. Little does Borage knows, if you don’t take precaution then there’s consequences to pay later on.

I will be using “Risky Woohoo” with each lady that Borage beds. There will be a 10% chance of him conceiving a child but I may raise it to 50%. Borage’s goal is to bed 1000 ladies. With his genie occult, he’ll age slowly in order to complete this quest as he rise to stardom with his DJ career. We shall see how many children will poor Borage. If a child is born, the mother simple leaves the newborn at Borage’s penthouse for him to raise on his own. This means…



Like his mother and aunt, they set on in Starlight Shores for their crazy goal but ended up moving to Riverview.



No… that’s not why there’s DJs in the world LOL



First thing first.. Borage, you really need to work on your people skills before you can bed any ladies!

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