Party Montigo: Chapter 9, Marry Me

Zinnia: If you wanna be my lover, you gotta give me some cheese! Make it last forever, grilled cheese never ends!

Finn: If you wanna be my lover, I’m very available! Rosette is too easy, but that’s the way it is!

Both: Yo I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want, So tell me what you want, what you really really want, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really really really wanna zigazig ha!



Rosette: Hey random guy, marry me!

Finn: OMG! I’ll marry you even tho you still don’t know my name!

Rosette: I know your name now, but you have a stupid name!

Finn: Shut up and put a ring on it!



Zinnia: WHAT?! You’re gonna marry her?! I thought we had something special!

Finn: Yeah… I am dating her kinda.. Why you trippin’! You got a man!

Zinnia: That’s besides the point!!!



*sniffs* I’m gonna kill them both!



I’m gonna marry a rich girl and then I’m gonna kill her with a giant diamond. I’ll see her ghost and then I’ll have my lifetime wish granted!



Cowplant: Hey, want some cake?

Finn: Oh do I! I love cake! He want that cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake.

Cowplant: Don’t start with that song again!



Finn: Hey quit playing yo! Give me the fuckin’ cake!

Cowplant: Come get it!

Finn: I’m trying!






* splat*

Cowplant: Gross! You taste like a dirty hippie on crack!

Finn: I ain’t no hippie! I’m ghetto fabulous!

Cowplant: White boy please….

Finn: Ghetto liiiiiiiiiiife!



Zinnia:  I got a frog… What do I do with it? Cook it?

Frog: NO!! Just gimme a little kiss.

Zinnia: Will I get warts?

Frog: No.. just kiss me already!

Zinnia: Okay!



Zinnia: OMG! That frog turn into a chocolate man!

Keon: Hi my name is Keon Seaman. I am here to love you.

Zinnia: Cool, I got some chocolate semen!

Keon: No it’s Keon Seaman.

Zinnia: Semen?

Keon: NO! SeaMAN!

Zinnia: Semen! Chocolate semen!

Keon: I give up…



Keon: Ready for my chocolate loving?

Zinnia: Yeah! I’m ready for some chocolate semen! But why are you wearing a bra? And where’s the rest of your body??!

Keon: No time to explain! Let’s get nasty!



June goes into labor… Wait? She was pregnant?



You were pregnant this whole time??? Are you a ninja when it comes to pregnancy???



June gives birth to another boy named September.



Rosette: Whatcha doing?

Regret: Writing a letter to child services of how horrible parents you guys are and I will finally get freed from this place.

Rosette: Carry on.



Max: Promise that you’ll never cheat on me again?

Zinnia: I might try.

Max: That’s good enough for me.



Max: Please marry me…again?

Zinnia: Sure, I got nothing else better to do.



WOOOOO! Underwear party outside! Strip down and dance with us!



The girls both got jobs as stylists

Zinnia: That’s better! Now you don’t look like a cheap gay prostitute in the ghetto anymore.



Rosette: Fabulous! Now you look like a high class gay prostitute!

Jon: Wait…. what?



I just wanna watch the world burn……



Zinnia: I think our kid is setting the door on fire.

Max: Let’s sneak prozac in her food.

Acacia: You do realize that I’m standing right here.

Max: Shit.



Finn: Hey kid.. gimme your bowl of food.

Regret: No get your own.

Finn: I’m yo’ daddy!

Regret: So…

Finn: So gimme your food.

Regret: Get your own bowl, asshole!

Finn: Don’t make me regret creating you.


Finn: I should of named you greedy instead.



It’s time for September’s birthday.



Time for the party wall! WOOOO!




Little September, he takes after June. Max is the father.

13 thoughts on “Party Montigo: Chapter 9, Marry Me

    • He has the gold digger LTW. He’s still with Rosette but had a short fling with Zinnia. That’s over unless they randomly start flirting again. These are the most unfaithful sims that I ever had lol

    • Rosette has Liam as a interest but he tends to reject her in public LOL. Finn was faithful until Zinnia moved in on him. Rosette had flirted with Max a few times but that wasn’t shown. I have woohoo and try for baby on auto. It’s now a bad idea with random pregnancies and random cheating. I didn’t know June was or had gotten pregnant by Max until June went into labor. I neglect June and don’t control her hardly. They are starting to overwhelm me with their randomness. No more free roam with them. I’m shorten the leash LOL The kids are driving me NUTS! I’m so ready for them to age to YA so they can move out. They tend to be very annoying as kids cause they won’t go to bed on their own and want to be read to sleep. The problem with that is the adults are never home, That’s one thing I hate about sims 3 is the kids wont go to bed when they are sleepy.

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