Party Montigo: Chapter 8, My kids are EVIL

Finn: I guess I’ll love on ya.

Rosette: Me too.. Wait my phone is ringing. It’s Liam. I gotta go!

Finn: I hate that guy! Tell him to stay in his own story!

Rosette: Shut up! Go do something ghetto!


Hey! I got me a invisible hover car now!



Liam I’m here! Lemme in! Who’s house is this? This house is ghetto!



Rosette: You’re back in our story.. Explain yourself.

Liam: I’m in town and house sitting for a friend. I also wanted to check on my kids.

Rosette: Okay but now explain this ugly frig!



Liam: Since you’re in the kitchen, fix me a sandwich.

Rosette: I’m fixing myself a sandwich. You’re on your own dude.

Liam: It’s your duty of a woman!

Rosette: I ain’t yo’ woman! It’s peanut butter jelly time!



Liam: I’m allowing you to stay a night so what would you like to do?

Rosette: Let’s talk about women who wear towels on their head with mud on their face and limes on their eyes.

Liam: How about no.

Rosette: Well you’re not fun!


Rosette: Wanna make out?

Liam: No.

Rosette: Then why am I here???


Liam: Cause I wanna do this instead.

Rosette: Oh yeah! Keep it juicy!



Rosette: I’m dreaming of you.

Liam: I’m dreaming of me.




Where am I? Why am I dancing for this old man? Those 2 guys are flirting. The other guy is talking about how he wants to eat his sausage. Am I at a gay club?? I’m outta here!


I’m still not fixing you a sandwich.



Rosette: Hey! I’m coming in there rather you like it or not.

Liam:… Like I’m going to actually fight you. Be my guest.

Rosette: You’re easier than a drunk crackhead at a concert!

Liam: Ain’t no shame in my game.


Kids: Daddy! Let us in!!!


Liam: Yes… just come on in and raid my frig.

Amaretto Sour: Daddy, were hungry! They don’t even feed us.

Liam: What? You’re not feeding my kids?

Rosette: Shut your lying mouths you spawns of satan! We feed them. We have lots of cake!

Martini: Were tried of eating cake.

Liam: You have to feed them something else than cake.

Rosette: Kids like cake! Quit your bitchin’!


Liam: I need to rest my bones..

Tequila Sunrise: Hehehe…


Liam: What the-…

Tequila Sunrise: Eww Daddy! Hahaha!

Liam: Damn it Tequila!


Amaretto Sour: Hmm.. I have a idea.

Martini: On great.. A.S. has a idea. Now the world is gonna blow up!

Amaretto Sour: Hey! Shush it!


I wonder how would daddy look like as a blonde. Muhahahaha!



Ahhhh. Time for a nice warm shower.

*Liam steps out*


Amaretto Sour: *laughs* But daddy.. blondes have more fun!


Hmmm… according to my calculations .. I don’t believe that this is right…



Martini: Aaaaahhhhh! Help! Help! Stranger danger!

Liam: Hush Tini!

Random police officer: Is there a problem?

Liam: That’s my kid… She’s being silly.

Random police officer: Okay carry on then.

Martini: *Laughs*

Liam: ..Not funny Tini! I think my kids are EVIL!




I want back in the story.. I want this house.. It’s ghetto. Ghetto liiiiiiife!



Go insane, go insane. Throw some glitter, make it rain! Now I’m in the chapter!



Liam: I think you should go now.

Rosette: Why?

Liam: You inviting too many people over, plus I must return to my own story.

Rosette: Fine… You’ll be back!


Zinnia: Ya know, you’re kinda cute.

Finn: Really? I think you’re the first one who was nice to me in this story.

Zinnia: I’m gonna kiss you now.

Finn: Oh boy! I was hoping you would!


Now I gotta pee!



Yeah let’s just make out in front of everyone!

Kids: Boo! Were now Anti-Finn fans!



Max: You’re cheating on me with Finn now? You could so much better!

Zinnia: Shut up Max, you’re still fucking that frog well lady!

Max: So! Now it’s my turn to be made at you for 5 days!

Zinnia: Fine by me! I’m still at at you for 3 more days!


Party time!



Great… they are synced with each other….. creepy.



August: I’m just so excited, that I just can’t hide it!

Regret: For?

August: I have no idea!

Regret: Great… you’re just as dumb as Max now.

Acacia: I gotta go pee so bad!!

Regret: Then go pee!

August: Spell i cup.

Acacia: Shut up!



It’s time for Acacia and Regret’s birthday.




Amazingly, they found their way around the party wall!



Acacia inherited a hidden trait: Pyromaniac. Can you blame her?




Regret, nothing special but she’s still plotting to escape.

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