Party Montigo: Chapter 10, Chocolate Drops

Both: Whatever you do, don’t put the blame on you. Blame it on the rain, yeah yeah. Blame it on the rain, yeah yeah. Blame it on the rain, yeah yeah.


Finn and Rosette decided to get freaky in the photo booth. There was a chime.


Finn: My thighs look awful… I need to work out more.. I’m a shame.

Rosette: What?

Finn: I said you look fat!

Rosette: Wow. Rude.


Zinnia: Nope! I am not marrying you after you kisses frog lips over there!

Max: Oh c’mon! She kissed me!

Zinnia: Don’t care! I am mad at you for 5 days!

Max: You’re pregnant and I don’t remember getting you pregnant!!


Max: Hey June, were breaking up cause I wanna marry my wife again.

June: WHAT?! I thought we had something special!

Max: Sorry.. it’s better this way. I want remarry my wife.

June: You freed me from the well, I birthed your sons, I have no friends, everyone hates me and YOU want to break up?!

Max: Sorry?

June: ASSHOLE! I’m moving out and taking the boys!


Hell yeah! It’s my bachelor party!



Finn: These strippers suck! They don’t even take their clothes off! SCREW YOU EA!



I guess I will take a sip.. My idiot parents don’t even care if I turn into a raging drunk at 16.




Finn: That’s my girl!



Rosette: I see that you are back in our story.

Liam: I’m not Liam.. I’m a doppelganger.

Rosette: I know that you’re Liam, you just changed your clothes. You have very bad fashion taste. Red was last season’s color.

Liam: It’s my workout gear.

Rosette: There is no gym here! Anyways I’m pregnant.

Liam: Is it mines?

Rosette: No.

Liam: Then I don’t care.

Rosette: I hope I give you ugly babies in your story!



Apparently Zinnia gave birth to twins named Dodder and Erica. She calls them her chocolate drops.

Zinnia: Wait…there’s a baby in this crib already. I have no idea what I’m doing…



This party is still going on. Why does Max look like Micheal from the Smooth Criminal video?



Birthday for the twins. Max parties alone by the wall.



Dodder Montigo-Seaman



Erica Montigo-Seaman



I finally freed from this awful place. Child services is sending me to a boarding school 2 days before I become a YA. Free at last! Free at last! And what’s wrong with that baby?



Dodder thinking: So what do I do with this thing?



Max: Of course I know those chocolate babies aren’t mines but will you marry me, again?

Zinnia: Yes I’ll marry you…again!

Max: This is like my third time asking you to marry me, I’m happy!



Birthday time for Liam’s kids. Rosette parties alone at the party wall.

Rosette: I really hate this wall!



Where is everyone? I feel awkward now…



Liam’s kids are all teens now. Trouble is coming.



Rosette: Hi Liam!

Matius: I’m not Liam..

Rosette: Then who is this?

Matius: It’s Matius.

Rosette: Hey Matty! What are you doing?

Matius: I’m busy being naked. What do you want?

Rosette: You’re naked? That’s hot! Send me a pic!

Matius: WHAT?! I’m your cousin!

Rosette: I’m Zinnia’s clone.. so technically you’re not my sexy cousin.

Matius: You came from her DNA so yeah, you’re my COUSIN!

Rosette: Well ever heard of kissing cousins?

Matius: Yes and I’m not kissing you!

Rosette: C’mon Matty!

Matius: No!

Rosette: Malix was adopted so he’s not blood related. Send his naked pics to me!

Matius: I’m hanging up now.

Rosette: Wait! No!

Rosette: Hello??

Rosette: Screw you Matty!


Extra photo: Erica being cute.

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