Montigo Tango Poll Dance Time!


As much it was fun to play with Jade Hendrix, her time in Montigo Tango is coming close to the end. I want you to choose Jade’s faith.

10 thoughts on “Montigo Tango Poll Dance Time!

  1. I think it would be amazing to see how you would write out Jade’s final days up to her death…she is evil enough and deserves it…I guess I just wonder what could happen if she were to find herself in prison? Would she ever confess..honestly would she realisticly live long enough to tell the truth? Somehow, it would seem more justifyable were she to tell Mati what she really was up to all this time…then again, he would kill her himself.

    • I have a feeling that death will win lol. If death wins then another poll would be posted, Who kills her? Originally Jade was suppose to be written off when she gave birth and she was suppose to reject Matius’ marriage proposal and confess everything after having a change of heart. But instead I had a change of heart LOL. Jade who is actually named after a cousin of mines (her idea, her name is Jadea) wanted Jade to be pure evil and I agreed so I went this route. I told Jadea to vote since she wanted the sim named after her haha

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