Montigo Tango: Chapter 22, Followed

A couple of weeks had past since Jade gave birth to Azalea. Niro woken up for the day but something seemed different. Niro gazes at his surroundings as he continues to wake from his slumber.  Standing still, Niro was surrounded by a yellow and purple light with little light blue orbs  swirling in the cloud of yellow and purple. Niro felt a tingling sensation, quickly perking up. “Mom!” Niro runs towards the nearest window and looks out as the tingling sensation grows stronger. Niro dashes into his room and dresses in a flash. He didn’t bother saying anything to Matius or Jade as he ran outside jumping on this bike. Matius and Jade figure that Niro was heading to school a hour early.



Niro petals as quick as he could as the tingling grew stronger and leading towards North of town. “I can feel Mom’s life force!” Said Niro as he huffs while riding his bike. Niro was unaware that he was being lead to the outskirts of Lucky Palms. Niro was warn about the dangers and was told to stay away from the outskirts. “I’m coming Mommy! I’m coming!”



Niro gets closer to the outskirt and takes a break from riding his bike. Niro looks up and notices that he’s close to the outskirts. Niro takes a look at his watch and realizes school is about the start. “I got to find Mom!” Niro wipes the sweat from his brow and picks up his bike but suddenly the tingling had left his body. Niro pauses and looks around in confusion. “..What? I I lost Mom’s signal!” In a panic Niro felt his bottom lip tremble as he spins around trying to regain Cira’s signal. Niro drops to the ground in disappointment after losing Cira’s signal. Digging his little hands into the warm sand, Niro grunts. “Don’t worry Mom.. I’m going to find you.” Niro lifts up and dusts off the sand from his pants before returning his bike. He turns his bike back around and heads to school.



Later that night Jade was about to prepare dinner for the family. Jade went to check on Azalea but as she passes by the window Jade saw a dark figure standing in front of the house. Jade steps closer to the window and saw a man with glowing, piercing  red eyes staring back at her. Jade felt her heart jump as she twirls away from the window to be unseen from the man. Jade’s heart races as she dares to take another peek out but the sound of her phone freighting her. Without looking at the caller ID, Jade answers.

Jade: Hello?

Caller: Hi Jade.. Why don’t you come out and play?

Jade: Who is this?!

Caller: You know who this is…

Jade: Malachi?!

Caller: Wrong.

Jade: Amos?

Caller: Wrong again Jade. I’ve been watching you Jade. I’ve been following you Jade. Soon we will meet. Enjoy playing happy family with Matius while you can. You’re about to see a whole world of hurt Mrs. Jade Montigo.

Jade: What?! Who is this? Leave me and my family alone!


Jade jerks her phone from her ear to see that the phone went dead. Jade slowly takes a peek from out the window to see that guy is gone. Jade sweats as her heart continues to race. Jade regains her composer as she races towards Azalea. Sound asleep, Azalea is snuggled in her crib. Jade is relived to see that  her baby is fine. Not taking any chances Jade picks up her baby and drags out  a baby swing near the kitchen. Jade gives Malachi a call after checking to see if Nyx was around.

“Malachi, is there another vampire in town?”

“No, it’s just Amos and I. Why?”

“There’s a red eyed vampire stalking me!”

“There’s no others besides Amos and I. I think you should lay off the pot.”

“I’m serious! There’s another vampire here!”

“Crazy talk Jade. You’re wasting my time. I have TV to watch!”

“But Malachi.. is it possible..that the new vampire is Malix?”

“Like I said Jade before. IMPOSSIBLE! How much did you smoke tonight?

“I’m not high Malachi! I saw a vampire and he called me!”

“I had enough of this, Jade! My show is on.”

“I’m going to check Malix’s grave…”

“I don’t care. I’m hanging up. Don’t bother me with your rubbish or you will regret it!”

Malachi hangs up and Jade heads the the grave yard. Jade’s legs trembles as she walks through the dark and oddly foggy cemetery. With a flashlight, Jade shines it on Malix’s grave to find it still intact. “His grave isn’t disturbed.. Who could it be then?” Jade heard footsteps behind her and quickly runs back to her car. Without looking back Jade makes it to her car and leaps in, slamming on the gas, speeding away. Jade heard a text alert go off. Once she reaches home, she grabs her phone to read a text from a unknown number. “Looking for something?” Jade throws her phone and breaks down in tears.



Jade took her time before returning inside to start on dinner. As Jade prepare mac and cheese for the family Matius gave Jade a surprise grab that gave Jade a scare. “Whoa, jumpy are you.” Smiled Matius as he holds Jade close. Jade clears her throat, “It’s been a crazy day.” Matius turns Jade around and kisses Jade softly on her neck, “Wanna tell me about it..” Jade turns her face away from Matius. He notices that Jade appears to be slightly bothered. “What’s wrong wifey?” Said Matius with a smile. Jade knew she couldn’t tell Matius about her possible vampire stalker. She thinks that Matius would thinks she’s crazy or would freak out. “It’s nothing.” Jade lied.



“Seriously? Can you 2 do that in your room?” Said Rio, annoyed. Matius twirls around to find Rio watching them in disgust. “Sorry about that, what’s up?” Said Matius. Rio rolled his eyes and sighed, “Can’t believe you really married her Dad. You heard about her being a hooker.” Jade smiles as she knew Matius was about to defend her honor once again. She gets a rise whenever Matius defends her, making Jade feel important. “Son, she is your step mom. You will respect her.” Said Matius to Rio. Jade happen to notice the tone in his face was different as he seems like he only said something due to her being in the same room. “Whatever Dad.” Said Rio as he rolls his eyes. “I know it’s gonna take some time.” Said Matius as Rio walks away. By this time Jade was finish with dinner. “Dinner is ready kids!” Shouted Jade with joy in her tone. “I’m not eating that shit!” Hissed Nyx as she passes by the kitchen. “Nyx Octavia Montigo! Watch your mouth young lady!” Shouted Matius as Nyx returns long enough to growl at him before exiting. Matius shakes his head, “How are we suppose to raise a teenage vampire female. I wish Malix and Cira were still here.” Jade hugs Matius from behind, “I know.. me too.”



Nyx enters the nursery that she once lived in when she was a toddler along with Nina and Rio. Not much as changes since then and the arrival of Azalea had this room active once again. Nyx carefully picks her the baby and gently places a bottle in Azalea’s mouth. “So Zale, you’re suppose to be my little cousin huh? You look nothing like my uncle… in fact I don’t smell a ounce of his blood in you. It’s almost a disgrace for you to have our name but it’s okay. It’s not your fault little Zale, you’re innocent in this unlike your whore mom-” Nyx was interrupted by Jade. “Excuse me baby vamp? What are you doing with my baby?” Nyx carefully lays Azalea into her crib before facing Jade.

“Just spending time with my pseudo cousin. You expect me to believe that this child is my uncle’s?”

“Matius is Azalea’s daddy.”

“Cut the crap Jade. We both know that Matius is not the baby daddy.”

“How would you know? That’s Matty’s baby!”

“Fucking white trash whore! Stop lying to yourself! Even your ol’ Matty boy is having doubts about this baby! I would know cause I’m vampire you idiot! This baby doesn’t not have his blood!”

“You know nothing baby vamp! Matius is her father and that’s the truth.”

“I hope you’re having fun playing house with my uncle. You might fine Matius distant from you soon.”

Jade pauses and remembers the phone call that she received earlier tonight. Jade looks into Nyx glowing red eyes. 

“You…it was you! You didn’t think I’ll figure it out!”

“What are you talking about?”

“The threatening phone calls, disguising yourself as a man and pretending that you’re stalking me. It was you!”

“Whoa..someone must of smoked a bowel tonight. I’m disguising as a man and stalking you?”

“Don’t deny it! I know it was you!”

Jade snatches Nyx’s cell from her pants pocket. “I’ll prove that it was you!” Said Jade as she scrolls down Nyx outgoing call list but fail to find her number.

“You must of deleted it.. I know it’s you.”

“You realize how crazy you sound now? I’m sure Matty would love to hear this.”

Nyx makes a turns towards the door but Jade stops her, “Please don’t!” Nyx laughs, “Whoever this stalker is, I like him.” Nyx exits the room.


Next day

Ming returns home from attending a friend’s wedding in Sunlit Tides. Ming was greeted by a very eager Matius. Matius lit up once he saw Ming enter the house and dropping her suitcases by the door. “Ming!” Cheered Matius as his opens his arms to hug Ming. Ming hasn’t seen Matius since they shared a kiss in the hot tub 2 weeks before. Matius felt himself overcome of joy once he saw Ming again. Unable to shake the feeling, Matius felt as he should greet Ming with a big hug and a polite kiss on the cheek. “Maybe I should leave more often.” Smiled Ming. Matius walks Ming over to the dining room table and pulls out a chair for Ming to sit in. “Tell me all about Sunlit Tides.” Said Matius with a huge grin on his face. Ming wasn’t sure where to start about her 2 week visit there.

You won’t believe how amazing that place was. It was truly beautiful! Sandy white beaches, crystal clear oceans, outstanding , lush cover fields and the best piña coladas that I ever had!

You have to see the sunset there. It’s breath taking! I saw under the palm trees sipping on my piña coladas watching the sun set with the warm breeze blowing through my hair. It’s pure paradise there… I wish that you could of there with me. I never felt so relaxed in my life.

I can’t forget about the night sky. It’s just as beautiful as the sunset. I sat on the beach watching the stars twinkle in the starry sky. Cool breezes and gentle waves soothe me to sleep. Course I was waken by my drunken friends. I was so at peace at the place. It’s a sight to see. It really is..



“So how was the wedding?” Asked Matius. “It was wonderful… but I need to ask you something.” Said Ming with a smile. “Okay.” Said Matius. “Would you visit Sunlit Tides with me?” Asked Ming.  Matius clears his throat but is confused why would Ming ask him to visit a city that is known for lovers to vacation at. “Me? Um.. but I’m mar-” Ming cuts Matius off, “And Rio too. You see… when I was there I bumped into my family there. After my Daddy beat cancer, he bought a house there and he’s living there with my mom and sister. He wants us to come visit them.” Matius leans back a little in his chair, “Why does he wanna see me? Doesn’t he know that we got-” Ming cuts Matius off again. “Here’s the thing, they don’t know that we got a divorce… My family looks down on divorce.. I didn’t have the heart to tell my parents just yet. Daddy found out that he’s cancer free.. Will you come and pretend that were still married?” Without any hesitation Matius agrees to fake their ended marriage as he caresses Ming’s soft hand. “Um.. Matius.. We don’t need to pretend now..” Blushed Ming. Matius smiles, “Sorry.. I was hoping to start now..” Ming slowly pulls her hand away from Matius, “Let’s wait.. you’re married to Jade now. Remember that?” Matius is snapped back into reality, “Oh right.. her.. Yeah. But when do we leave?”  Ming pulls out the plane tickets and places them on the table, “Tomorrow morning…” Matius picks up and smiles as he gazes at the tickets, “I’ll tell Jade and pack.” Matius gets up and places a gentle kiss on Ming’s forehead before walking away.



Matius asks Jade to sit down with him so they could have a talk.

“Jade, I need to tell you something.”

“What is it Matty?”

“I’m leaving..”

Jade begans frighten and her eyes grew wide.

“Leaving? You’re leaving me?”

“Yeah but just for a few days. I’ll back.”

“I’m confused…”

Matius laughs a little.

“I’m leaving for Sunlit Tides with Ming and Rio.”

“With Ming? You ex wife? Sunlit Tides?! That’s where lovers go!”

“Calm down Jade, were going to visit her parents.”

“But why are you going? You’re married to me!”

“I know but Rio is my son and he wants me to go too.”

“You can’t leave me alone here”

“You won’t be alone, you’ll have Lei, the twins and Niro.”

“Those kids hate me… Please don’t go.. I need you here.”

“You’ll have the house worker too. You’ll be fine. The teens can look after themselves. You’ll just have our baby and Niro to look after.”

“But.. you don’t understand.. I need you here with me. Don’t leave with Ming.. I don’t trust you with her…”

“So you don’t trust me?”

“No! That’s not what I mean… I don’t trust Ming alone with you!”

“You don’t have to worry about me and Ming. I’m with you and we won’t be alone. We’re taking Rio with us.”

“But Matty… please stay.. because…”

“Because what?”

Jade pauses for a moment wonder if she should tell Matius about her stalker.

“Nothing.. Just have fun.. But not too much fun..”

“Don’t worry.. Nothing will happen between Ming and I. You got me.”

“I love you Matty.”

“ you too..”


Next morning


With bags packed and tickets in hand, Matius, Ming and Rio load their car and headed to the airport. Matius kisses Azalea goodbye as she sleeps away in her crib but neglects to kiss his own wife goodbye as she remains asleep in bed. Earlier that morning Ming woke up to find Matius napping next to her. “Matius?” Said Ming with a sleepy voice. Matius rises, “I wanted a early start on our pretend marriage.” Ming playfully smacks Matius with a pillow, “You’re gonna get yourself in trouble if Jade catches you in here.” Matius his face into Ming’s side, “It’s worth it.” Ming playfully pushes Matius away, “Oh stop it.”

Jade wakes up in hopes she could catch Matius before he leaves but it was too late. Without a goodbye or note, Jade is left alone in a mansion with 3 moody teenagers who dislike her and a preteen who tends to disappears for hours. “Thanks for tell me bye…” Sighed Jade.


This video is perfect for this chapter


8 thoughts on “Montigo Tango: Chapter 22, Followed

    • Like my friend said, Jade needs to call Maury LOL. I’m curious about what the baby is gonna look like. I haven’t aged her yet.

  1. mmm rio is looking good now. malachi was actually funny this time and who be this new vampire? i like nyx fuckin’ with jade now LOLZZ sunlit tides looks pretty im coming over with mah laptop, u log on ur acct on it and install it on mines =D u gonna be home???

  2. I’m afraid for Niro but excited, too. Naturally Nyx would know Azaleia’s not mati’s…somehow I don’t think you would have to be a vamp to figure that out..LOL, those red eyes glaring through the window, really freaky lookin it is one of the best honestly chilling moments I’ve ever had reading a sim’s related story..I just think that was an awesome pic…man I so shouldn’t feel sorry for Jade, but crazy as it is…somehow I do.

  3. That stalker is one spooky dude! I really don’t like Nyx, though, even though she didn’t do it. :S Everyone just has to chiiilll. Maybe if Jade actually smoked everything would just sort itself out. xD

  4. I love that video. Creepy upskirt lizard… LOL. And I love that type of minimalist techno. The girl looks a bit like a blue alien Sim. Loved the vamp eyes in the window as well. I guess this chapter is a warning that Jade is about to die soon! And Rio is about to find Cira – yay!

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