Alternate Universe Malix Montigo

As some of you know, Malix Montigo is currently deceased in my story. However there’s some good news! Malix is feature in 2 other stories by 2 other fellow simmers. So Malix continues on in a different universe, alive and well.  In one story he’s still portray as Malix Lex while in The Belue Legacy by AnonymousMiss, he’s Malix Montigo but as a vampire like Malix Lex. His personality is different from how I portray him in Montigo Tango. I’m not sure if the other Malix is on a blog, I know his story is sometimes posted in a thread on by SliverDayBreak . In the feature blog Malix appears to be single so there’s not hot Malix-Cira loving. Malix could possibly woo either of the two sisters feature in Belue Legacy (secretly rooting for Pandora).


If you’re fan of Malix then you will like his alternate story. If there’s a sim of mine who you would like to do a alternate story let me know and I will have that sim package for you on mediafire because the exchange hates me. However I have 2 sims who are off limits, Amos and Nyx. This the link to the most recent chapter of alternate Malix. It appears that the 2 sisters could possibly fight over him. But hey, can you blame them? Pandora’s Box

Malix in Belue Legacy

2 thoughts on “Alternate Universe Malix Montigo

  1. u got mah baby daddy in other stories now? how dare u! LOLZZZ ill check the story out since u killed him u jerk :p i still love u!

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