Montigo Tango: Chapter 21, Love on the line

Years had gone by in a blink of a eye. Rio, Nyx and Nina had all enter their teen years and started their first year in high school while it’s Lei’s final year. Over the time Ming spent most of her time with her son Rio keeping him away from Jade as she had promised. Ming remain living in Montigo Manor and holds to Matius’ name. Rio happen to notice how lonely Ming has became when he’s not around as Matius and Jade’s relationship blossom. It was Ming’s birthday and Rio made plans to take his mother out on her special day. Their first stop was at the near by bistro where Ming liked to eat until her marriage with Matius had ended. “This place…” Said Ming softly. Rio almost forgot  the bistro brings back painful memories for Ming. “Oh no.. I am so sorry Mom.. I forgot.” Said Rio. Ming smiles at her son and said it was okay and hopefully they can create good memories here. Ming and Rio order their food and chatted among themselves.

“Mom, I’m getting older. I like hanging out with you but I’m 15 now and it’s not really cool to hang out to hang out with my Mom all the time. Have you thought about dating?”

“Oh so I’m not a cool Mom then?” Ming laughs.

“You are… My friends think you’re hot and I punch them for saying that about my Mom… but don’t you think it’s time? You’re pretty and Dad’s with Jade now.”

“I guess you’re right… I think it’s time for me to start dating again. You don’t need me so much now.”

“They have those dating sites now. Maybe you can sign up?”

“I don’t know about meeting strange guys from the internet.”

“C’mon Mom, everyone is doing it now.”

“How do you know about this? Are you meeting strange women online?”

“No Mom!” Rio laughs. “I’m in high school, that where I meet all the ladies at.”

“Speaking of girls, I guess it’s time for the talk.”

“Mommm! Really? Now? It’s your birthday.. let’s enjoy your day.”

Ming smiles. “Oh okay but we are having this talk soon Mister.”

“Okay Mom.”



After Ming and Rio chatted a little, they went sight seeing with the telescopes. They admired the beauty of the mountain sides of Lucky Palms. “Mom, what’s behind the mountains? I don’t think I ever been over there.” Asked Rio as he pulls away from the telescope. “The outskirts… You don’t wanna go out there..” Said Ming with a stern tone. Rio was curious about the outskirts of Lucky Palms. At school many rumors were told about a vampire possibly lurking around the outskirts and killing people near by. “Is it true about the vampire?” Asked Rio curiously. Ming steps away from her telescope, “Vampire? Where did you hear this from?” Rio smiles, “At school. They say there’s a vampire lurking around and killing people their.” Ming takes a deep breath and walks towards Rio, “You kids do come up with some silly stories. There’s no vampires in Lucky Palms other than your cousin. I highly doubted that there’s a vampire in the outskirts, it’s a waste land. That place is unknown to have creeps living there but no vampires. Promise me that you’re never go there. That place is dangerous.” Rio nobs his head but is still curious about the outskirts.



Nyx, now 14 is anything but nice when it comes to Jade. Nyx was always known for her quick temper and easily snaps at people. It became worst after the death of Malix and Cira declared legally dead. Nyx doesn’t get along with anyone at her school and usually has to step for Nina when kids pick on her because of her odd color hair. Jade requested that Nyx work on her homework due to her grades falling. “Fuck you Jade! You’re not my Mom and you’re not gonna tell me what to do! Just cause you’re fuckin’ my uncle gives you NO right!” Hissed Nyx towards Jade. “Young lady! Watch your mouth!” Jade snapped back. Nyx exposes her fangs at Jade, “Let’s not talk about mouths Jade cause I know about the random dicks that you put in yours… You don’t think I know? I read your mind every time you come home late from “work” smelling like rotten trash. It’s awful! Keep fuckin’ with me and I will my uncle about your “whore business.”

Jades scoffs at Nyx, “Like he’ll believe you… I got ways of convincing him that you’re lying.” Nyx smirks devilishly, “Right.. And you forget that I’m vampire.. I can glamour him.” Jade laughs loud, “You’re just a baby vamp, your powers are weak compare to mines.” Nyx rolls her eyes, “Just a baby vamp? Don’t under estimate me, Cunt. Let’s see how fast Matius falls out of love once I undo your spell.. It’s easier  for me now.. since it’s just you controlling him now. Your powers are no match against mines.” Jade jumps back and was stunned by this. “How can this be? How did she know? Does she know about Malachi and Cira? Did Malachi stop controlling Matius along with me?” Jade thought to herself but she quickly stops thinking remember that Nyx can read her thoughts. Jade doesn’t think much of Malachi or Cira when she’s back at Montigo Manor. Nyx casually walks away from Jade leaving her speechless. Jade now fears that Nyx had read her current thoughts.



Lei works on her senior art project on her balcony as the sun sets. Lei enjoys watching the sunset as she works on some of her paintings. On this day Lei had some company, her 10 year old nephew Niro. “Hi Lei.” Smiled Niro. Lei turns her head and glances at her pink haired nephew. “Hey Niro, what’s up?” Niro gazes his red eyes at Lei’s painting, “What are you painting?” Lei dabs her paintbrush in some orange paint, “Actually.. I don’t know yet. I’ll let you see when I’m done.” Niro smiles gently, “Lei can I ask you something?” “Shoot.” Said Lei without looking away from her painting. “You don’t see anything in your dreams anymore, do you?” Lei stops and pulls away from her painting, “I haven’t for a while… How did you know?” Niro looks up at Lei, “Your ESP was stripped away.. That’s why..” Lei turns and is now facing little Niro, “How do you know this?” Niro rests his arms on the top of the railing and looks up into the sky as the sun slowly set. Niro remains quiet as the wind lightly blows his pink locks around. With a sigh, Niro finally breaks his silence. “I have supernatural powers… I can feel things.. I can see things.. I can heal things… I know this was passed down by my Mom’s side. I can tell that you use to have ESP powers… I can restore them if you like.” Lei was stunned and Niro’s words left her speechless for a few moments.

“Wow… Just wow.. You really can restore them?”

“Yes I can.”

“I actually enjoy not being able to see things.. I use to have very bad nightmares.. I sleep better now.”

“I guess that’s a no?”

“For now… Maybe later?”

“Okay… But it’s best if I do it now.”

“Let me think about okay?”


Niro lets Lei continues on her painting as the sun finally fades away.



Jade hasn’t been feeling well in the past weeks. Jaded feared that she made of caught something from one of her clients. Jade made a monthly visit the to clinic and discover that she’s pregnant instead. Jade admit isn’t sure who could of fathered her unborn baby but convinced herself that it’s Matius’ child. Jade rushes home to announce the news to Matius. “You’re gonna be a Daddy!” Cheered Jade. Matius’ face lit up when he heard the news as he been wanting a daughter for several years. “Really? We’re pregnant?” Grinned Matius. “Yes! We’re finally pregnant!” Jade smiled. Matius embraces Jade with a kiss. “I’m so happy Jade. I’m so happy!”



Jade receives a call from Malachi and promptly shows up to Malachi’s house. “You’re late!” Growled Malachi. Jade lowers her head and apologizes to Malachi. “Never mind that! You need to feed the boy and cook for Cira.” Malachi demanded. Jade nervously tries to announce her pregnancy to Malachi fears about his reaction. Due to her pregnancy, she won’t be able to feed Amos for a while. “I can cook for Cira.. But… I can’t feed Amos..” Malachi’s brow raises, “And why the fuck not?” Jaded nervously smiles at Malachi, “Cause… I’m.. I’m pregnant…” Malachi raises his hands up as he were about to strike Jade but holds himself back. “You stupid cunt! How is Amos suppose to feed?” Jade throws her arms up to embrace herself if Malachi were to hit her. “Cira?” Malachi starts to lunge at Jade but stops midway. “Out of the question! You have a knack for fucking shit up, do you? You are great disappointment!” Growled Malachi. “I’m..sorry Malachi. I didn’t plan on getting pregnant.” Malachi interrupts Jade, “Shut your lying mouth! I guess it’s the Montigo’s child then?” Jade cowards away Malachi, “Possibly..” Malachi slaps Jade’s face, “You don’t even know who the father is? You stupid bitch of a woman! I should kill you on the spot!” Jade jumps back. “Go fix Cira’s dinner while I figure out another meal source for the boy.”



Amos overheard Malachi and Jade and slips away into Cira’s cell. “Cira.. wake up.” Cira rolls over in her bed and carefully sits up, “What? What’s wrong?” Amos sits on Cira’s bed, “I’m hungry.. Jade is pregnant and I can’t feed on her.. I’m going to starve to death unless Malachi figures something out.” Cira scoots closer to Amos, “Me. Feed from me. You know I’m able to feed you well.” Amos removes himself from Cira’s bed, “But I can’t… I can’t do that.. Malachi will be pissed.. He’s preparing you..” Cira rises from her bed and sticks her arm in front of Amos’ face. “You have no choice now. Who cares about Malachi. You need my blood now. Drink from me!” Cira requested. Amos slowly raises Cira’s arm towards his mouth before sinking his teeth into Cira’s arm. Amos took his time drinking from Cira’s arm.



Malachi walks to find Amos still feeding from Cira’s arm. “What the fuck are you doing?!” Shouted Malachi as he pulls Amos away from Cira. “Feeding! Jade is no use to me! How am I going to eat now? Plasma juice does nothing for me!” Amos snapped. Malachi knees Amos in his stomach as Cira watched in horror. “She is off limits! I can’t have you feeding from her and i am preparing her! Foolish baby vamp! You’re like Jade, always fucking up my shit!” Amos falls onto the ground and holds his stomach in pain. “I will figure something out!” Cira cowards over against the wall and cries softly to herself.  Malachi gazed over at Cira crying by the wall. “Oh sweetheart.. it’s going to be okay. I’m going to everything.” Amos tries to crawls out of the room without saying a word to Malachi. Malachi notices Amos crawling and kicks him over. “Malachi stop! It’s not his fault! I told him to feed from me.” Cried out Cira. Malachi smirks, “Oh how sweet, you’re sticking up for me. I don’t care. Amos knows better.” Amos had crawled out the room and Malachi slams the door behind him then turns towards Cira.



Malachi undresses himself as he gazes into Cira’s eyes with a smug grin across his face. “Malachi… please… don’t..” Malachi removes his pants and tosses them on the ground, “If you don’t fight me for once then it won’t be so bad.”  Malachi stood naked before Cira eyeing her down as he were undressing her with his eyes. “Come here Cira. I won’t hurt you my Love. Just submit to me so we can finally make love. Do you think I enjoy raping you?” Cira turns her head and doesn’t answers Malachi’s question. “Cira, come here.. Please?” Said Malachi as he reaches his hand to Cira. She accepts his hand and Malachi’s gently helps Cira from the floor. “See, I’m not always a bad guy.” Cira remains quiet. Malachi carefully removes Cira’s undergarments and directs her over to the near by table. Malachi helps lifts Cira onto the table and carefully leans her back. Malachi raises her legs up and slightly spreads them apart before inserting his erection in Cira. “See how easy this was? You’re gonna like my dick.” Malachi smiled smugly.



Malachi pulls out of Cira just before ejaculation. “Obviously I have to start over in preparing you. I’m not taking any chances.” Said Malachi as his semen spills on the floor. Cira sat up and removes herself from the table while avoiding Malachi’s sticky mess on the cement floor. “Preparing me for what?” Asked Cira. Malachi into Cira’s eyes and smiles, “To have my baby.” Cira takes a step back from Malachi and gasps. Malachi moves forwarded to Cira, “Now I must prepare you by repeating the first step again.” Malachi grabs Cira and bites down on her neck and drinks from Cira. “You’ll be the perfect host for my offspring.” Whispered Malachi. Cira jerks away from Malachi’d grip, “I’m not… I’m not having your baby!” Malachi cups his hands around Cira’s face, “Oh yes you will. I can’t have you all stressed out when you have my child. I need to relax you my love. It isn’t fair that I keep you locked up in this chilly room. It’s no place for the mother of my child.” Cira still in his grasp, “Why me? Didn’t you have a wife? Why couldn’t you have another baby with her? I’m your son’s wife for goodness sake!”

Malachi gazes deep into Cira’s blue eyes,” It’s nearly impossible for 2 vampires to conceive a baby. We got lucky with Malix after many failed attempts. Felicia’s head was bashed in and she wasn’t healing quickly as she should.. She was dying…. The only way we could save her was by…turning her human. I can’t stay married to that.. A human.. I’m originally from royal, that type of marriage isn’t allowed. I need a heir and you are the best host to carry my child. As I said before.. I need you relaxed… I need you to submit to me and only me. You love me and we are together. I have your blood and you have mines. We are one.” Malachi lets Cira go from his grip. “Yes Malachi, I am yours and only yours.” Said Cira. Malachi smiles, “Why didn’t I think to do this earlier? I guess maybe I liked when you fought me… I grew bored of that.”


Months later…


“You’re about to bring in my child into this world. Marry me, Jade.”

“Yes! I will marry you, Matius! I’ve been waiting for this moments for years!”

“At last… After all this hard work.. I’m finally going to be a Montigo.”



Matius and Jade visit the garden to exchange their vows without telling the other cause they knew they would reject to their marriage. “I can’t believe that this is happening.” Cheered Jade as Matius places the wedding around Jade’s finger. “I’ve wanting to marry you for so long and it’s happening.. I love you so much Matius.” Matius smiles and kisses his new wife before rubbing her growing belly. “We are now family, little one” Said Matius as he kisses Jade’s belly. “I’m so happy to finally have you Matius.”



After embracing the thought of being Mrs. Montigo, Jade’s cell phone rung. Jaded looked at her caller ID and it was a anonymous number. Jade answered it figuring it was Malachi calling her.

Jade: Hello?

Caller: If you think marrying him is going to make things right then your are sadly mistaken.

Jade: What? Who is this? Malachi?

Caller: None of your concern Jade. Enjoy your marriage while you can cause it will not last much longer.

Jade: Who the fuck is this? How do you know me? How did you know that I just got married?

The caller hangs up leaving Jade bothered and confused. “Who was that?” Asked Matius. Jade puts her phone away, “No one…wrong number.”


A month later


Matius relaxes in the hot tub along with Ming. Matius catches himself staring at Ming differently but Ming doesn’t seem to notice Matius eyeing her. Matius moves closer towards Ming. “You’re looking very pretty today Ming.” Smiled Matius. Ming turns her head and smiles at Matius, “Thanks.. same to you.. Well I mean you look very handsome today. Have you been working out?” Matius blushes like a school girl and sheepishly smiles at Ming, “Yeah, I do a little bit here and there.. But really.. You look really good today. I’m not sure why I haven’t notice this when we were still married.” Ming laughs and playfully splashes water at Matius. “Hey!” Smiles Matius as he splashes water back at Ming.

“What’s got into you?”

“I dunno Ming, you just look so stunning to me.”

“Oh what about your new wife?”



“Oh yeah her.. I don’t know what’s came over me.. But right now.. I always care about hanging out with you..”

“Don’t be naughty Matty.”

“Only if you want me to.”

“Stop Matty, you’re being silly. You’re happily married to Jade.”

“I’m just happily hanging out with you, Ming.’

“Oh stop it.. You’re making me blush.”

Jade stepped outside but suddenly felt a gush of liquid flow out of her. “My water broke! Matius! Matius!” Jade shouts but is clearly ignored by Matius as she continues to call for him. “Matius! The baby is coming! Where are you?! Matius!” Screamed Jade as she holds her enlarge belly.

Unaware that Jade is in labor Matius gets closer to Ming. “I miss you, Ming.” Said Matius as he wraps his arm around Ming’s neck. “I miss you too.” Said Ming. Matius leans into Ming and passionately kisses Ming on her soft lips. Ming kisses Matius back as they began a steamy make out session in the hot tub as steams rises and hides them from any possible onlookers. “Matius! I’m in labors.” Jade shouts. Matius remains lip locked with Ming until Jade lets out a shriek. “Shit! Jade’s in labor. I need to go!” Said Matius as he pulls away from Ming embrace. Matius quickly jumps out of the tub, grabs a towel and races into the house. Ming sat there confused about what just happen.

Matius and Jade didn’t make it to the hospital which lead Matius delivering their baby girl who they named Azalea Montigo. “She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” Smiled Jade as she hold Azalea for the first time. Matius smiles and nods. Matius is still focus on his kiss with Ming which left him feeling confused as well. “You want to hold you daughter?” Asked Jade. Matius holds his arms out and holds tiny Azalea. Matius was overcome with a odd feeling, it wasn’t the same feeling when he first held Rio. Something Azalea didn’t feel right and wasn’t sure what to do. Matius smiles as he holds Azalea. “She looks like you a little.” Said Matius. Jade chuckles a little, “Don’t be silly, she looks like you.” Matius stares at Azalea noticing that she lack his Asian features. “I don’t see it..” Mumbled Matius. Jade kisses Azalea’s cheek, “Well she’s still young.”



Now they you’re here, Matius and I will be together forever… All I needed was you to keep him, Azalea.


9 thoughts on “Montigo Tango: Chapter 21, Love on the line

    • As much Amos was to, he’s just too loyal to Malachi even when he’s cruel to him. Malachi is the only family that Amos knows, thus why he’s very loyal to him. As he spends more time with Cira… there’s a chance that he’s loyalty could switch.

  1. Oh boy… who’s baby is that, really?! And what was Ming doing there in the hot tub with Matius? The picture of Cira letting her son feed off her was really sweet. Cira looks cute with the short hair.

    • Azalea’s daddy will be reveled soon. I actually found Ming with Matius and thought it was cute so I made it work in my chapter. I do like Cira with shorter hair.

  2. Oh shit, wouldn’t it be scary if the baby was Amos’? That’d throw a whole new curveball into things. Damnit, Matius!! Make up your mind on Ming! Is she a bitch or your love or what!? They have great chemistry, but sheesh! Bro, he’s gotta get his head in that game.

    • It’s been hinted when Nyx and Jade argue that Jade is controlling Matius. Nyx threaten to break Jade’s spell already. Matius is going to be a little conflicted with Nyx and Jade at war with his mind.

  3. WHY ISNT JADE DEAD YET AND MALIX IS?? GRRRRRR IM SO MAD LOLZZZZ WHY MATTY WHY?? WHY U GOTTA MARRY THAT HO BAG =( i guess i cant be too mad coz shes controlling him THAT HO BAG SLUT I HATE HER!!! malachi is a douche but i still like him lolzz. does jade need to go on maury to find the baby daddy?? LMAO YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER! i kinda like seeing matty with ming. catching old feelings? but WAIT is cira under malachi’s control???????

  4. what a hot mess, at least Ming has a chance of putting her life back together..maybe. Jade is the most confused character ever, she just manages to shuck any feelings of guilt and has no fear of all her wrong doings…does she honestly believe she can keep the truth from Mati and is he already bored with her anyway? Regrets over losing Ming or just a manly moment with a preggo wife looking for a reprieve…Cira has lost so much after being kidnapped from the club she has to be feeling like nothing really matters anymore

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