Montigo Tango: Chapter 20, Jaded

With the all of the doctors efforts they fail to revive Malix and he was pronounce dead at the hospital. Matius never thought that he would be planning his brother’s funeral.  With the help of Ming, Matius planned a small service with just the family. The Montigo family were once again strike with tragically with the lost of Malix. Malix’s kids took his death the hardest with them also being told that their Mother Cira was declared legally dead. With the lost of both parents Nyx, Nina and Niro fallen into a deep depression.



As the Montigos morn and said their goodbyes to Malix’s grave Ming couldn’t help but notice how Jade seemed unaffected as she claims to be a friend of Malix. “Why are you even here?! I got this strong feeling that you had something to do with Cira going missing!” Shouted Ming at Jade. Jade steps back as Ming continues to snap at her. “What? I have nothing to with Cira going missing! What does that has anything to do with this?” Shouted Jade. Ming’s face glowed red as she balled up her small fists, “If Cira was still here..then Malix wouldn’t had off himself! I saw you send Cira outside!” Jade gasped as Ming revels that she saw Jade send Cira outside on the night that she went missing. “What… I.. don’t know what you’re talking about.” Jade as she stumble over a few words.



Matius steps in between Jade and Ming to defend Jade. “This is not the time for this! You can’t put blame on Jade! She had nothing to do with anything so just drop it!” Shouted Matius.  Ming was appalled by Matius defending Jade. “You’re blind Matius! Ever since she came into our lives everything has gone downhill! I know she has something to do with Cira’s disappearance! I saw her send Cira out after acting strange after making a phone call. Open your eyes and put your dick back in your pants, Matius!” Shouted Ming. Matius growls at Ming as he balls his fists, “Ming, you’re just jealous of Jade cause you know she’s a better woman than you are! I know she’ll make a great step mom for Rio some day and will care for him as her own!” Ming’s eyes grew as she gasped, “I care about my son! You keep her away from my child!” Matius smirks as he notices Ming is quite bother when he mention about possibly marrying Jade someday. “You can’t stop me… Jade will be apart of Rio’s life and there’s nothing that you could do about it. You had your chance with me and you didn’t want to work on fixing our marriage. I’m with Jade now so deal with it!” Said Matius. Ming was speechless as she knew that he was partly right, Ming had a chance to work on their marriage but refused. Ming has her regrets but was feeling odd around that time. Ming didn’t feel like herself and didn’t know how to explain this to Matius. Ming still loves him but at this point there’s no chance of them rekindling their flame. Ming steps away from Matius and attends to Rio. “Mommy, don’t leave me with that woman.. Promise you won’t.. stay with us in the house forever.” Cried Rio softly as he hugged Ming’s waist. “Don’t worry… I’ll never leave you alone with that woman…” Whispered Ming as she consoles Rio.



As the adults bicker among themselves Nyx tries to console her twin sister Nina. “Is it true? Is Mommy dead too?” Cried Nina. Nyx places her tiny hands on Nina’s shoulders, “I don’t believe that Mom is dead.. I refuse to believe that. I don’t care what the city says.. Mom is gonna come back to us one day.. I know it..” Nina wipes the tears from her eyes. Nyx’s words were almost comfortingly until Nina glances over to Malix’s headstone. “But Daddy… He’s really gone.” Nina breaks down into tears. Nyx wasn’t sure what to say but hugs her sister tightly as she cries with her. Soon younger Niro joins the duo and hugs dearly onto his older sisters. “Were gonna get through together… All we have is each other now.” Whispered Nyx.



After the funeral the Montigos had left but Jade had stayed behind after having a encounter with Donovan Steel. Jade gave Donovan more than a friendly welcome as Matius was out of sight. Little did Jade Ming had lingered around a little longer at the grave site as she still paid her final respects to Malix. Ming lurks as she hides behind a statue, watching Jade’s every move. “I miss you darling, it’s been a while since I seen you.” Said Donovan with a half smile on his face. Jade clears her throat, “I’m sorry but I’m Matius’ girlfriend now… I don’t need to do this anyone.” Said Jade. Donovan cups Jade’s face with his palms, “Actually you do… if you don’t to be charged for murder…” Jade jerks away from Donovan, “But I didn’t kill anyone! You can’t blackmail me!” Donovan chuckles, “Maybe but you are a accessory to murder.. You’re hiding a murderer.. A vampire in Lucky Palms..  Vampires are illegal here. You might as well had killed the Montigos.”

Jade paused for moment realizing that he was right but remembers something, “Well you destroyed evidence and the case file of the murders.. You can’t hold anything against me! ” Donovan gives Jade a smug smile, “Darling, that’s where you’re wrong. The evidence was never destroyed nor was the case file, the investigation is still going on but I can heat that case up if you weren’t to reject my requests.” Donovan pulls Jade close to him and gently strokes her back as Jade sighs. “…But I love Matius.. I finally get to be with him.. ” Jade mumbled. Donovan pulls away from Jade, “Okay.. Have it your way. I guess Matius will be visiting you from prison.” Donovan turns to walk away from Jade but she stops him by grabbing his arm. “..Wait! I’ll do what you want.”  Donovan turned back towards Jade, “I knew you would see things my way. Please me now.” Jade looks around and is confused with them still being in the grave yard, “Here? Now? Were in the grave yard.” Donovan pulls Jade back towards him, slowly slide his hand down Jade’s back and hikes Jade’s silk dress up, “Yes, right now.”



Jade quickly returns to Malachi after having relations with Donovan in the graveyard. “You finally show up! Where have you been for the past 3 days!” Growled Malachi.  Jade lowers her head and frowns, “I have some news… Malix.. he’s dead.” Malachi pauses before slapping Jade across her face, “What do you mean that he’s dead?!” Jade cups her face with her palm, “He killed himself…” Malachi grabs Jade from her neck, “You gave me your word that you would prevent this from happening when Cira goes missing!” Jade struggles to breathe until Malachi loosen his hold. “I’m sorry! I wasn’t there when it happen… I swear..” Said Jade as she catches her breath.

Malachi walks over to his window, “Well this fucks up everything that I had planned. How am I’m going to fix this..” Jade regains her composer and attempts to speak to Malachi. “Is it possible for Malix to come back as a vampire?” Asked Jade nervously. Malachi turns and exposes his fangs, “That’s possible! Once a vampire turned human cannot come back vampire! You’re such a idiot sometimes Jade! Foolish bitch of a woman!” Jade jumps back fearing another assault from Malachi. “I…I..didn’t know..” Malachi turns away from Jade and sulks for a few moments. “I guess you expect me to help you keep ties on Matius after you failed me.. If you can’t do shit right then why should I continue to wash his mind.” Hissed Malachi.  Jade began to worry about Malachi cutting off his deal, “Please Malachi… I still need help.. I’m starting to lose control of Ming… I’m sorry about Malix… but I was here when it happen..” Malachi grabs Jade from her throat, “Are you blaming me?! You are a worthless bitch!”



“But.. you still need me.. Amos.” Said Jade as her lower lip trembles. Malachi takes a deep breath and walks over towards his bedroom door before tapping on the door twice, “Amos, she’s here.”  Amos exits from the bedroom, “Finally..” Amos mumbles as she walks over towards Jade. “You can’t be starving my boy.. You have a job to do here. The boy cannot go 3 days without eating, you selfish bitch. Get in potion!” Malachi ordered. Jade quickly sits on the edge of the couch  in front of Amos. Amos quickly sinks in his fangs into Jade’s neck before drinking her organic blood. “Easy my boy… You don’t want to drain her out.” Said Malachi. “But I’m starving…” Mumbled Amos. Jade clenched her teeth down hard as Amos continues to drink from her. Malachi pulls Amos’ head away from Jade’s neck. “Enough.” Jade quickly removes herself from the couch. “But Malachi-.” Said Amos before he was cut off. “I said enough.” Malachi growled.


Cira raises her head as she hears the door unlocks, Amos enters the room and leans on the wall while staring at Cira. “Are you okay?” Cira asked. Amos lowers his head, walks over to Cira’s bed and sit next to her. “No Cira… I’m so… I’m so hungry… Why did I have to be born early… I hate feeling so hungry all the time..” Cira tries to place her hand on Amos’ shoulder but he quickly jumps from Cira’s tender touch. Cira looks to the floor and apologizes. “..Don’t be sorry Cira… I’m not….use to.. someone being nice… How can you be nice to me.. I’m helping Malachi keeping you locked up in this room…” Said Amos. Cira isn’t sure what to tell Amos but she knows deep down that Amos has a good heart, why else would he pour out how he feels to Cira.

“I know you’re not all bad… You’re just loyal to Malachi… I respect that…” Smiled Cira. Amos growls, “You know nothing about me!”  Amos started to feel a little faint and stumbles onto the ground, Cira rushes to his side. “You’re getting weak.. Drink from me..” Said Cira as she holds her arm out. “No..” Amos pushes Cira’s arm away. “Amos, drink. When I learned Nyx was vampire I did some reading about vampires. You’ll get the best nutrition from your human parent, me.” Cira reaches out her arm to Amos again, “Are you sure?” Cira nobs her head, “You are still my child..” Amos without a thought sinks into Cira’s arm and feeds from her. After a few seconds Amos pulls away from Cira’s arm. “I feel.. fulfilled.. I never in my life ever felt full or fulfilled.. Please don’t tell Malachi about this… I’m not suppose to feed from you… He’s preparing you..” Cira’s eye grew, “Prepare me? For what?” Amos turns away as he heads out the room, “I said too much.” Amos exits Cira’s room and locks the door behind him.

Malachi eyes Jade down as she stood there frozen afraid of what to do next. “It’s been a while for me Jade..” Smiled Malachi has he moves closer towards Jade. “I guess it has been… But-..” Jade was cut off by Malachi. “My bedroom.. now.” Ordered Malachi. Jade lead Malachi into his bedroom and began to undress. “Allow me.” Smiled Malachi as he holds Jade and gently kisses down her neck. “You smell so sweet.” Moaned Malachi as he inhales Jade’s scent. Jade kisses Malachi on his cold lips. Malachi finishes undressing Jade and tosses her on the bed to ravish  her body but Jade consents. Jade mounts on top of Malachi, “I usually don’t mind if you’re on top.. as long as it’s on my dick.” Malachi grinned. Jade looks into Malachi’s eyes and smiles, “I do miss riding you.” Jade moans loudly as she continues to ride Malachi. Malachi pins Jade down on the bed and bites down on her neck. “Oh yes! Taste me!” Moaned Jade as loud as she could. After the both reached to the point of climaxing Malachi pulls himself away from Jade and lies next to her. “It’s time you please the boy… He’s young.. he needs some sexual release.”



“Amos!” Shouts Malachi. Amos races into the front and notices Jade standing naked by the couch. “She’s all yours, kid.” Said Malachi. Amos gazes at the remaining subsistence of Malachi drizzling down Jade’s inner thigh. “Um.. nah. It’s cool.” Amos declined. Malachi rushes over to Amos, “Take her! You are of vampire, we need a daily source of sexual release. This is the only available pussy unless you plan on fucking your Mom!” Jade places her hand on Amos’ shoulder, “I don’t mind…” Amos jerks away from Jade in disgust. “Do it.” Malachi ordered. Amos sighs and undress as Malachi leaves the room to give them privacy. Jade leans in to kiss Amos but he rejects her, “Don’t be this way… I find you more attractive.” Jade bends over the couch and slowly spreads her legs apart. Amos reluctantly inserts himself inside of Jade  and quickly thrusts away. Jade moans as Amos tries to finish as fast as he could.

6 thoughts on “Montigo Tango: Chapter 20, Jaded

    • Oh.. Well I gave it another look and it’s the way that I wanted it even though this wasn’t how I planned this chapter. See it was suppose to focus around Malix’s kids as they morn his death but then I returned to their household, the kids had aged to teens :/ I forgot to turn off aging, so I was screwed and didn’t wanna start over. Here’s the chapter in a nutshell:

      Ming confronts Jade about Cira’s disappearance after admitting she saw Jade sending Cira out after making a call. She notice Jade did act a little odd when they were looking for her that night (Wasn’t shown). Matius confronts Ming thinking she’s just jealous of Jade but ignores anything Ming had said. Ming spies on Jade when she saw her with Donovan. Donovan blackmails Jade into sleeping with him after telling her he didn’t destroy the case file of Sakura and Santiago’s murder. Donovan also told Jade that he knows about her hiding a vampire in LP (Malachi, he doesn’t know about Amos)

      Jade returns to Malachi’s after avoiding him for 3 days. She stayed near Matius when Malix killed himself. Jade told Malachi about Malix’s death. He’s mad cause he had something planned for Malix. He’s also mad at Jade for not reporting back in 3 days cause of her occult (not mention yet) her blood feeds Amos cause he’s sick and he needs it. Jade’s blood is suppose to feed Amos but apparently it’s not feeding him very well lately. Amos runs to Cira, she offers to feed him. Amos rejects but drinks from Cira anyway. Amos felt full in the first time in his live. There’s something special about Cira’s blood. (Kinda mention already) Then Jade sleeps with Malachi and Amos after sleeping with Donovan cause she’s nasty LOL

      And there hope that helps.. Now chapter 21 is coming.

  1. Wow, Jade is nasty alright. She doesn’t mind being available p*ssy at all. Poor Matius and the rest of the family. I hope Amos manages to get away somehow. Malachi needs to die!! (How does one kill a vampire Sim?!)

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