Party Montigo: Chapter 7, Make it Rain

I have a wonder idea! Let’s make Party Montigo start throwing parties. After all, they love to party of course.



Max: I wanna make a rum and coke ….so can I use pineapple juice?

Screw this…. I’m using Nraas!



Good job Max! But something tells me that I’m going to regret this…

Max: Hey cool! I made rainbow drinks! I wonder if it taste like skittles?


And I stand corrected…. What are you guys doing?

Zinnia: I’m make it rain, dolla dolla dolla bills!

Max: My hands are attacking me!!!

There’s no hope with you guys….



They Montigo girls are throwing a party and Liam shows up to crash it.

Liam: Um..Zinnia, what are you doing?

Zinnia: I’m making it rain dolla bills!

Liam: So you’re a stripper now? I came to check on my kids and you’re acting like a stripper?

Zinnia: Don’t judge me! Tip me!

Liam: Tip you?

Zinnia: Yeah! Tip me with child support money!

Liam: That wasn’t apart of the agreement.

Zinnia: What?! Go have a drink!

Liam: Okay.



Max: Hey kid, are you old enough to drink?

Kid: No.

Max: Well have this drink. It’s rainbow color, kids like pretty colors.



Liam: I don’t know what was in that drink but I’m feeling wild! I even ate dirt.

Zinnia: There’s no roofies this time.

Liam: Wait….what?

Zinnia: Let’s get busy! WOOOO!!

Liam: Really?

Zinnia: Huh? Like sex?

Liam: Yeah.

Zinnia: No! You wait til I come to Twinbrook.

Liam: Oh.. I must be going now.

Zinnia: I thought you were here to check on the kids?

Liam: Partly but I was hoping for a little fun too.

Zinnia: Zippy zoo bop boo tu wi!

Liam:….Yeah.. never mind…


Girl: Fuck yeah! WOOOOO! Ride em! What’s the name of that drink Max??

Max: People on crack!


(that’s a real drink lol)


That party was fun! I made it rain tonight! But I still didn’t no child support from your no good Daddy!



The tots having a good time…being neglected.


Martini: Why did she have to name me after a alcoholic drink.. Now people will think all I do is get drunk!



Those bastards are going to miss you blowing out your birthday candles!



Zinnia: You guys are assholes! He already blew out the candles!

Rosette: Who cares! There’s no stupid wall in the way this time! Party time!

Max: Why am I this excited? These kids aren’t even mines you cheating whore!

Finn: I just want the cake… Wait.. Those aren’t my kids either! Rosette, you slut!

Rosette: What? I don’t even like you!

Finn: Then why am I even your boyfriend?!

Rosette: Wanna get married?

Finn: Fine.


Oh shit… it’s about to get real…



Rosette: You slut….

June: Yeah sure, like you have room to talk.

Rosette: At least I don’t fuck married men you hoslut! Return to the well you frog!

June: I’m going to go do something else now.

Rosette: Yeah? And what’s his name? Liam? Keep your slutty hands off of Liam!

June: He’s not even here!

Rosette: So! I know you’re thinking about it… You wanna spread eagle when you see him again you trick ass ho!



Zinnia: How dare you cheat on me with that frog well lady!

Max: You cheated on me with Liam!

Zinnia: That’s cause you wouldn’t give me 99 more kids! But I changed my mind about that.

Max: Well I decided that I wanted another kid so I got June pregnant.

Zinnia: You slut!

Max: You whore!

Zinnia: I didn’t get paid for sleep with Liam so I’m not a whore!

Max: Well… you cheated first! Now were even!

Zinnia: I don’t care! I will be mad at you for 5 days!

Max: Fine!


Liam’s kids



And August.



Max: I’m so freakin’ hungry!! I need some food quick!



Finn: Max, you are truly a idiot… There’s some cake in front of you. Why am I living with this idiots? When did we suddenly move from Starlight Shores to Riverview?

4 thoughts on “Party Montigo: Chapter 7, Make it Rain

  1. You’re so good at writing satire x_x And drama… And well your just a good writer in all aspects.

    It’s hard to say who my favourite is. I love Max because he’s such a ding bat. And Finn because no one likes him, and he’s ghetto as hell. And the girls with all their sass. I can’t wait to see how the kids all grow up.

    • Thanks that means a lot. Same to you, you’re a pretty good writer as well. I like this story on how there’s no set plot, it’s pretty random like I am. Finn wants to believe he’s “ghetto” but his own girlfriend calls him out on it LOL. He’s a rich boy as well as her..well a rich girl. All of the Montigos are wealthy. I can’t wait til I do cross overs with Party Montigo and Montigo Tango. That’s coming soon.

  2. lol. So Liam crashed? Did you leave him in your file and he actually crashed or did you just decide to bring him back for the fun? Rosette must think she owns Liam now… lol. I think I feel the most sorry for finn other than the kids since he has to deal with Rosette’s hating him but being his girlfriend.

    • He crashed the party. I didn’t plan to have him show up so soon and he just shows up lol. Rosette just doesn’t want June to touch him since she and Zinnia both hate her. I don’t know if you remember how Rosette and Finn met. She threw a cowplant at him twice when he was preforming. He gets mad at her and then tries to mooch money from her. She rejects and invites him over. That’s a great start for a relationship. Finn knew Rosette was crazy from the start so can’t really feel bad for him LOL

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