Party Montigo: Chapter 6, Exit Stage Right Liam

Mmm… I could go for some cake..


Singing: Ooh baby I like it, your so excited dont try to hide it ima make you my bitch, cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake.


I think I’m the only one who knows what a book is… I must escape this place…


Liam: Money!

Max: Grumpy face…


Liam: Digital camera.

Max: Grumpy face!

…Um how is this a funny story????


Seriously! Stop looking at me like this!!!



When I was a young boy, growing up in the ghetto. Hangin’ out on the corners, Singin’ with the fellas. You know what I’m talking about? I’m talkin’ about ghetto life. Ghetto liiiiiiiiiiiife!



Rosette: You never lived in the ghetto, you rich white boy!

Finn: Shit, shit! Shut your mouth!

Crowd: Boooooo!


Finn: Ghetto liiiiiiiiiiiiife!

Girl: Huh?


June: I guess you’re leaving soon huh?

Liam: Yes, I have to return home to my other kids but I’m not sure about leaving the ones here with those twins.

June: Don’t worry Liam, I’m the only sane person here. I will make sure that your kids are properly taken care of.

Liam: Thanks June… I was thinking… maybe when I’m back in town, we could maybe hook up?

June: Not a chance..

Liam: Okay… I thought I’ll try…






June: Well I’m in labor.

Liam: I guess this is the part where I freak out?

June: Yeah, pretty much.

Liam: Riiight.



Liam: Think it’s my cue to head to the airport…

June: Wait! Can you at least drive me to the hospital?!



Liam: No time but I’ll give you this little dance before I go.

June: ASSHOLE!!!!!!!

Regret: What’s going on???

June: I’m in labor!!!

Regret: When did you get pregnant?!

Liam: It’s not mines, have fun! Bye!



With Liam taking off, June gave birth to a son named August. Max is the father. Max wanted paid back for Zinnia hooking up with Liam.




Finn: What the fuck are you idiots doing now?

Max: Party at the wall! WOOOOOO!!!!!

Finn: I hate you guys… I really do.

Zinnia: This is how you party! Wall party y’all!!

Finn: Please die…



Rosette: I hate this wall…



August Taye



Rosette: Hey! I’m cooking! You need to eat my food.

Max: No… I wanna live.

Rosette: Fine, eat cake and be a fat ass!

Max: I know you want it in the worst way, cant wait to blow my candles out. He want that cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake.

Rosette: Huh? Stupid Rihanna and her stupid songs!

Max: Cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake.

Finn: Ghetto liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife!

Rosette: I hate you dumb fucks!



Borage: Booger!

No Borage…. you keep it…



The girls took a pic of the kids to assure a very worried Liam that the kids are still alive and well, including August.


Finn’s theme for the chapter LOL


7 thoughts on “Party Montigo: Chapter 6, Exit Stage Right Liam

  1. lol. I love to see him so in character even in other people’s files. Him leaving the woman in labor to fend for herself because it wasn’t his is so him. The “funny conversation” cracked me up too. I can’t figure out some of the balloons that pop up.

    • I will try to keep other people’s sims in character as much as possible. He did not react to June’s labor nor did anyone else did other than Regret, she’s the only one who freaked out. The twins came in and started to dance LOL I only got a shot of Liam dancing. Giving them the Party Animal trait instead of the Absent minded or Insane trait made them into idiots LOL. However Max does have the Absent minded trait tho. Liam does show up in chapter 7 when he randomly shown up at their house. I guess he doesn’t trust the girls with his kids LOL

  2. I think you did a wonderful job with Liam’s character. It seems just like him 😀

    The denied photo bahaha. Poor Finn too, he’s getting no love. Great job with the chapter :3

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