Montigo Tango: Chapter 19, Lost Child

The great city of Lucky Palms is unaware of the chaos that is lurking in the shadows. People go on day by day living and loving but oblivious to the horror that surrounds this city, especially with the Montigos. People haven’t notice the that once very social family had disappeared from the limelight. The Montigos were once known to throw exclusive dinner parties, charity parties and hosted numerous child birthdays at  Cherrysicle. Montigo Palms was once the weekend hot spot for parties and dancing the night away but over the years Montigo Palms is fading away. No one ever thinks about the Montigos or how have they been since the death of their parents. The Montigo brothers had dropped out of their business classes and had thoughts about selling the club and ice cream shop. With Cira gone missing, returning to Cherrysicle has became very painful for Malix. Lei urges her brothers to not give up and things will get better. As much as they try to believe Lei’s word, they just don’t think it’s possible. The future of Montigo Palms and Cherrysicle looks grim but hopefully generation 2 will get things rolling again.


A year has gone by since Cira was abducted by Malachi, for Cira it felt like it’s been years. Cira takes comfort in her room which is basically a prison cell, between the rapes and being Malachi’s meals. Cira sat on her bed hugging her legs close to her body as she cries softly fearing that she’ll never leave this place alive. The door swung open after being unlocked, Cira didn’t bother to even look up knowing it’s Malachi probably wanting another feeding or possibly forcing Cira to engage sex with him. Sometimes Malachi lets her out to shower or use the bathroom with him watching. “Hey..” Said a unfamiliar voice. Cira quickly lifts up her head and saw a guy standing before her. Cira tries to focus her eyes on the male figure, she recognizes the odd blue color hair with her blurred vision. “Malix?” Asked Cira as she wipes her eyes. “I’m not Malix.” Said the strange guy as he turns away. Cira wasn’t given any clothes and tries to cover up with her blanket. “Then who are you?” Asked Cira again. The guy paused for a few moments, “I’m Amos.” Cira stares at Amos but notices that he looks a lot like Malix. She figure that Amos must be a relative of Malachi since he also favors Malachi as well.



The door opens behind Amos and Malachi enters the room. “Why are you in here?” Asked Malachi to Amos. “Sorry Malachi… I just wanted to see her…” Said Amos nervously. Amos appears to be edgy, touch and covered with tattoos, piercings but around Malachi he seems intimated. “I guess I couldn’t hide her forever…” Mumbled Malachi as he folds his arms. Cira sometimes hear another voice behind the door besides Jade when she comes over to fix Cira’s meals. She knew there was another person in the house but never seen him til now. Cira couldn’t help but notice Amos’ glowing blue eyes, his blue eyes reminded her of her blue eyes.



Malachi turns to Amos and gives him a devilish smirk, “Would you like to know who she is?” Amos quickly nods his head yes. Malachi turns back to Cira and points his finger at her, “Amos, this is Cira…. Your Mother.” Amos quickly jumps back and his eyes grew, “My Mom? Seriously? You found my Mom?” Malachi smiles and nods. Cira was confused, “I’m not his Mother! I have 3 young kids.” Malachi walks over to Cira, “You don’t even remember your own bouncing baby boy?” Cira leans away from Malachi, “I know how many kids I had!” Malachi places his hands on his hips, “Is that so? How about the baby that you had at 16?” Cira got quiet for a moment.


When Malix and Cira were 16, Cira had began pregnant but something went wrong. Cira at 28 weeks along felt sharp pains in her abdominal and found herself in a puddle of blood. Cira was rushed to the hospital and delivered a baby boy who was not breathing. Within a few minutes the baby was suddenly thriving and his skin and eyes appeared different. Barely weighting a pound the baby appeared to be healthy but due to his skin and eyes, a test was run. The results shown the baby is vampire. Since the parents were minors they had no say of what to do with a vampire baby. Vampires are illegal in Lucky Palms. Santiago and Sakura were contacted by hospital officials stating that their grandchild was born vampire and since the child was born between minors, the vampire must be removed from Lucky Palms. The nursed went to check on the baby but to find him missing. With the hospital unable to locate the vampire baby, they told the young couple their baby had passed on.



“That can’t be possible… I was told that our baby had died…” Said Cira. Malachi lets out a loud laugh, “Of course… Technically he did die but he was reborn as a vampire. That’s what happens when a human gives birth to a vampire hybrid.” Cira was still confused by this, all this time she believed that her first child with Malix had passed on. Although she thought it was strange that they never got to see the baby’s body. “Nyx… my daughter.. she was born vampire.. She didn’t die at birth. I didn’t know she was a vampire until Jade moved in.” Said Cira. “Your daughter was born human and possibly died over night and was reborn vampire. Amos died soon after birth… After all he was born early.” Said Malachi. Amos remain silent as he absorbs this shocking news. “I’ll leave you alone with your son, you have some catching up to do.” Said Malachi as he exits the room.



A awkward silence had surrounded the room as Amos stares at Cira in disbelief. “Malachi is such a fucking liar. He said my Mom was killed… So I have a sister?” Said Amos. Cira isn’t sure if she should believe that Amos was the son that she had when she was 16 years old but the likeness between Amos and Malix is uncanny. “Yes… you have 2 sisters and a brother.” Said Cira. Amos eyes grew wide, “I have a brother too? Wow… all this time I thought it was just me. Malachi raised me since I was a baby… his human aunt took me from the hospital and brought me to Bridgeport. She knew I was related… she’s a ex vampire..” Said Amos. Cira got a sense that Amos could be possibly gentle heart unlike Malachi and wonder if he could help her escape from here. “Can you get me out of here… You seem nice…” Requested Cira. Amos frowns and turns away from Cira, “No… I can’t help you.” Cira was stunned by Amos decline to help her escape. “But… why? I have a family and a husband who are all worried sick about me.” Amos sighs and turns back towards Cira, “I want to free you… what Malachi is doing to you is wrong… Knowing that you’re my Mom… I really hate this.. But I can’t.. I can’t go against Malachi… He’s saving my life… I was born sick and I need a special type of blood to drink to survive.. I died once… I can’t die again or it’s over for good…” Cira steps forward towards Amos and reaches out to him but only to have her hand slap away. “Please Amos… don’t you want to meet your family?” Pleaded Cira. Amos turns away, “Sorry Cira but Malachi is my family… I can’t turn against him.” Amos exits the room and locks the door behind him.

9 thoughts on “Montigo Tango: Chapter 19, Lost Child

  1. Wow a lot of your Lex vamps are showing up in different roles. I think this version of Amos looks much sexier. lol. I can’t believe Malichai hasn’t told her that Malix is dead. I would’ve thought he’d use that to play with Cira’s mind.

    • Malachi doesn’t know that Malix is dead yet. This was going on before he killed himself. And yes this Amos is sexy! I didn’t plan for Amos, when I was playing with Malix and Cira as teens for fun I decided to make them have a baby. When I aged the baby and saw how good he looked, I added him in.

  2. It would be so horrible to have a year pass and not know how your children were doing and missing your family, poor cira…it doesn’t seem her life is bound to get better anytime soon.

  3. Great chapter! 😀

    Poor Cira, it seems like the life she knew and loved has been ripped away from! She will be devastated to learn that Malix is dead!

    I hope she gets out!

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