Montigo Tango: Chapter 17, Memories


As the days turn into night, weeks into months… I wonder how do I gather the strength to get out of the bed not knowing what happen to you, Cira. I..know it’s him. I know it was he who taken you. I only wish that you’re still out there alive. I can’t bear the thought of something happening to you. How can our children this? Everyday our daughter Nina asks, “Where’s Mommy? Did something bad happen?” Every night she cries herself to sleep because I’m unable to answer her question. I wish I could say, “ Mommy is fine. She’ll be back.” but I have no idea myself. I spent countless hours searches the streets for you but no avail. Sometimes I wonder did you just leave me… and our kids… I know that can not be possible. You wouldn’t just walk away from me…. especially not our kids. We just celebrated 9 years of marriage and we agreed to have one more baby. I need you Cira… We need you Cira. I will not stop until I find you… I know you’re still alive… I just need to find you… I will find you Cira… I will never stop looking. Alive or dead… I’m going to bring you home to our family.. I memory the first when I first met you………..



One year has passed since Cira’s disappearance from the club. Today almost marks the tenth wedding anniversary and Malix never thought that he would spending their tenth year alone, drunk and depressed. The police feverish searched and combed the grounds near the club but Cira was gone without a trace. Over time the search for Cira had ceased but Malix continues on looking his missing wife of 10 years. Malix began to obsessed over searching for Cira but neglecting to look after his own children. Malix began to drink more than usual. When Malix isn’t searching and stalking to missing person site, he’s nursing his hangover. Malix spends hours locked in his room to avoid his kids seeing him like this. The school has made many calls to Malix’s cell informing him about his children’s wild behavior. Malix ignores the call leading Matius to step in with raising Malix’s twins and son.



“I’m getting worried… He’s not getting better.” Whispered Matius as he watches Malix sleep off another hangover on the dining room table. “Me too, we got to help him.” Said Jade. Malix slowly lifts up his head and brushes his long locks away from his face. “I don’t….need your help… especially not from no home wrecking whore..” Mumbled Malix. Matius quickly stood up. “Hey! Don’t talk to Jade like that! I know you’re depress and all but you need to shape it up! You have kids who need you to be there for them. They are out of control and they need the one parent that they still got left!” Shouted Matius as he pounded his fist onto the table. Malix sits up, “You’re really defending that slut? Easy for you to say… You stop loving your wife for a loose whore! …Jade how much dick did you suck last night?! Huh?! Shit went down ever since you shown your face! And my kids are just fine!” Jade feeling offended by Malix’s comments snaps back him. “You know what Malix? You need to grow up! Maybe Cira just simply just left you cause you’re a prick! You got kids to care for so get off your drunk ass!” Malix slams his fist onto the table, “Fucking Bitch! You shut your whore mouth! My wife did not leave me! I just wished that the prick who had taken her, should of taken you instead! Quit lying to my brother about your whore service! The whole town knows you’re hooker! Explain to Matius why I saw you tip toeing out of Donovan Steel’s house twice this week? You got from being broke to having almost 2 grand in your pocket magically. Please enlighten my poor delusional brother!” Matius turns his head towards as Jade shown that she’s worried on her face. “You’re fucking drunk!” Shouted Jade. “You’re a fucking slut!” Malix shouted back. Matius ignores the statements and exits out the room.



Malix walks over to the window and looks out as he was waiting for someone to come. “Where are you Cira? Please come home.” Thought Malix to himself. As he watches cars and people pass by he thought about what Matius and Jade had said about kids. He knew they were partly right and he’s aware that he needs to be there for his 3 kids. “I’ve been a horrible Father… How did I ignore my kids like this… They need their Father too.. I can’t even think straight anymore.” Malix whispered to himself.



Malix felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and reaches in to answer his phone.

Caller: Is this Malix Montigo?

Malix: Yes this is him.

Caller: I’m sorry to inform you that we found of large quaintly old blood 15 miles away from your club. We had confirmed that the blood is your wife Cira’s. Since it’s been a year, we declared Cira Montigo legally dead. I am sorry for your loss, Mr. Montigo.

Malix: No! My wife is not dead! I know she’s still out there! Keep fucking looking! You guys never found my parents’ killer! He’s the one who has her!

Caller: I am sorry Mr. Montigo but we declared your wife legally dead after a year and finding her blood. The amount that we found, there’s no way she’s still alive after losing that much. Again, we are sorry.

Malix: Fuck you! Fuck this city and everyone who’s in it! Cira is alive and I will find her!

Caller: We will send you Cira’s death certificate in the mail, you should receive it  in 2 weeks. (Caller hangs up)



After trying to soak in the horrific news, Malix reflects on the memories that he shared with Cira.


Malix throws his phone against the wall, shattering it. Matius heard the noise and checked on Malix. “Hey…” Said Matius as he looks down to sit Malix sitting on the floor with his back against the wall. “They declared Cira legally dead after finding her blood 15 miles away..” Said Malix without a emotion in his voice. Malix stood still has he stared at the wall in front of him. Matius wasn’t sure what to say to Malix after learning Cira is legally dead. “..Sorry man… I’m really am.. If you need-” Said Matius before he was cut off. “I will be fine.” Said Malix emotionless.



“Are you sure?” Asked Matius. Malix slowly reaches into this back pocket, “I will be fine. I will be fine in a few moments….” Malix pulls out a 35. caliber from his back pockets and rests the gun besides him. Matius eyes down to find Malix holding a gun, “Malix! What do you need that for?! Malix please put that away!” Malix looks into Matius and doesn’t say a word as he slowly raised from the ground.



“Malix please! Don’t do what I think you’re about to do!” Shouted Matius as tears flooded from his eyes. “Please take care of my kids.” Said Malix as he raises the gun up to his head. “Malix! No! Don’t do it! Your kids need you! I need you! Please Malix! Pleased!” Pleaded Matius. “Promise me, Matius.” Said Malix as he places his finger on the trigger.  “Malix! You can’t do this! Your are the only one left that your kids have! Please put the gun down! Please! Please! You can’t do this!” Malix holds his finger on the trigger, “I haven’t been much of a Father to them. Promise you’ll care for them.” Said Malix. Matius continues to plead to his distraught brother, “I’m sorry for what I said earlier! You’re a good Father! Please don’t kill yourself!”



“Promise me!” Shouted Malix. “I promise but-” Said Matius as Malix fires his gun. Malix’s blood spatted across Matius as he stood there in horror. Malix quickly drops to the floor after he fired a shot into his head. Matius stood frozen, motionless, disbelief of what he just saw. “Malix!” Shrieked Matius.


Matius races over to Malix and holds him. “Why Malix! Why! I am sorry! Malix don’t leave me bro! Malix! Don’t you fucking die on me! Malix!” Cried Matius as he holds Malix slowly dying body while blood gusts out from his head. “Don’t…. leave me!…. Don’t you do…it…. Don’t you do…it… fucking bastard! Malix…. I love you… Don’t leave me, bro!”


22 thoughts on “Montigo Tango: Chapter 17, Memories

  1. You should find a safe place to hide. I have a feeling there will be a lot of angry people looking for you right about now D:



    I’ll give you a head start but I’m not promising anything D:

  2. you are a very evil person!!!! how dare you kill mah malix!!!!! im gonna cry now =( i told u to kill off jade not mah malix!!!! ((cries))


    Malix, please get better! Please? D: Please don’t be dead yet! *sobs uncontrollably* This is just what I needed to come home from after the first day of school, hahaha. xDD

  4. This chapter was so brilliently done, the pictures certainly dispict how truely tragic this event is and how it will impact each person in this family…probably a good reason to never say things you don’t honestly mean in the heat of the moment you might not get a chance to tell the people you’ve hurt the most, that you are sorry.

    • This was probably my best chapter and I put in a lot of work, especially with the video.. The video makes me smile whenever I watch it.

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