Party Montigo: Chapter 5

I wonder if I kiss this frog, would it turn into a handsome prince… I mean princess so I can have babies with.


*random techno music*


OMG! That frog turn into a old lady!



I gotta try again but frogs don’t taste well when they have been put in a skillet first…..






Max: A lady!

June: Hi I’m June.

Max: But it’s August.

June: No my name is June.

Max: It should be August.

June: Never mind that! Kiss me!


Max: I just met you but come to my bed so I can cheat on my cheating wife.

June: Okay.


Acacia: I have no what I’m doing.

Regret: I know what I’m doing… Plotting my escape!

Acacia: Take me with you!


Zinnia: How dare you fuck that slut in OUR bed!

Max: Well I brought another man here to fuck so you can’t say shit!

Zinnia: I didn’t fuck him in OUR bed you bastard.

Max: Shit.


And I’m pregnant!



Oh fuck me! This gotta be a joke! Right?! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!



Rosette: And I’m pregnant by Liam too.

Zinnia: Bitch.



Rosette: Liam, you’re back. I have news. I’m pregnant.

Liam: I thought I was only suppose to get Zinnia pregnant.

Rosette: Yes.

Liam: Then why did you pose as her?

Rosette: I wanted to bang you.

Liam: You could of just asked and I wouldn’t had tried to get you pregnant. I thought you were Zinnia and wanted to make sure you got pregnant.

Rosette: You could asked me if you could bust a nut first!

Liam: ……



And it’s birthday time.



Why is this wall always here in my way!








Zinnia: I swear that this freaking ice cream truck comes out of no where!

Liam: I think you came out of no where, Sweetie.

Zinnia: I got good driving skills!! I took driver’s ED like 20 times!



Liam: Check me out, Ladies! This is a lot of fun!\

Rosette: I’m more interest in my big ass stomach. How many creatures do I have this time?

Liam: Don’t call our baby or babies “creatures”.

Rosette: Nah… it’s a creature! A little parasite that’s growing inside of me and fucking shit up. Making me crazy, fat and sucking the life out of me. It’s a parasite!

Liam: Sweetie, I think you always been crazy…



Liam: I can feel my little one kicking. Are you sure that you’ll come to Twinbrook and have my kids for my quest?

Zinnia: Yeah I made you a promise. I wanna keep this one. You can keep the ones I have in Twinbrook. I’m bringing Rosette too. She’ll be happy to have another baby and knowing that she won’t have to take care of it.

Liam: Okay, I am just making sure.


Let’s all drink up! WOOOOO!






Zinnia: Oh wait…. the baby is coming…

Liam: Let’s get you to the hospital!



* Minutes later* Rosette: Shit… now my baby is coming!

Rosette gave birth in the bar and grabbed the nearest drink menu to name her kids.



My game had crashed and then file became all glitchy. I had to move this household into a new city. I choose Riverview and the babies were born there.


Zinnia’s Twins

Borage Montigo-Taye, Baby#2



Celsia Montigo-Taye, Baby#3



Rosette’s Triplets


Martini Montigo, Baby#2


Amaretto Sour Montigo, Baby#3



Tequila Sunrise Montigo, Baby#4




Extra shot:


This happen when I created a new game for this story. The original game crashed after the girls gave birth. When Liam return to the house with Zinnia and he  jumped back into a taxi with Celsia still in hand and ran to the hospital to be with Rosette. I thought this was funny. LOL










12 thoughts on “Party Montigo: Chapter 5

    • It’s cause of Rosette’s current location. I sent them to the food store so Rosette would name them after food but I look up and they are at the freakin’ bar LOL. I kinda regret giving them the party animal trait lol. Every time I send them somewhere they end up at the bar instead LOL

      I’m forwarded for your side.

    • Amaretto Sour is my favorite of all of them. She’s too cute and Amaretto Sour happens to be my favorite drink, I always order one first whenever I’m out LOL

      • lol. I like the combination of the gold eyes and dark hair on her. I’m noticing with Liam’s multiples there is always at least one with his hair color. For that matter since I gave him fertility he can’t seem to have anything but multiples. lol.

        • I was hoping for more than one with black hair but I only got one instead. I think Borage, the only boy is gonna look like Liam.

    • AS was the only one with Liam’s hair. Rosette had a 3% chance of triplets and didn’t have the fertility treatment while Zinnia had a 60% chance of triplets and HAS the fertility treatment. I don’t know what happen LOL. I guess that’s Rosette’s punishment for trying to trick Liam LOL

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  2. Haha I keep laughing at “why is this wall in my way?!?” And the car accident was quite unfortunate. 🙂 Cute kids – I like Martini, because I like Martinis 🙂

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