Party Montigo: Chapter 4

Just a random shot of Regret hiding from everyone but can you blame her?


Zinnia: Having Acacia was a lot of fun. I think I’ll have 99 more kids. Won’t that be fun? Think about all the sex!



Max: Are you fucking crazy! I’m not gonna have 99 more kids with you!!! My dick will break!!!



Zinnia: Well I’m having 99 more kids with or without you!!!

Max: You’ll cheat on me?

Zinnia: Yes I will cheat on you!



Max: Writer? Why you do this?

Because fuck you, that’s why….





Why does his kid smells so bad all the time! I’m never having any of these again!!!!



Regret thinking: I’m glad that someone remembers to feed me.



You can do it! After you learn how to walk, I will teach you how to drive a car!



Rosette: So you decided to check on your kid you dead beat. I should sue you for child support.

Guy: Is she still alive?

Rosette: Yes.

Guy: It’s a miracle!

Rosette: Fuck you!



Hmm… there’s a guy in Twinbrook looking for baby mommas. I’m gonna fly him here and I can make some babies with him. And he’s sexy too, that’s a plus!

Zinnia: Hey guy, I need you for babies. I’m flying you here to Starlight Shores.

Liam: Um okay sure. I see that you saw my personal Ad?

Zinnia: Yeah! I will help you with your quest if you help me with mines.

Liam: Sure.



A few weeks later….

Zinnia: Liam!!! You made it!! Yay! I’m sooooooooooooo happy to see you!

Rosette: You smell tasty!!!

Zinnia: How was your flight?!  Did you get enough rest?! Your body feels so nice!

Rosette: You smell…tasty! Ahhhhhhhhh…

Liam: Um…hi ladies. This is quite a greeting that you ladies are giving me. My flight was fine.

Rosette: You smell so tasty!!

Liam: (laughs nervously) Thanks….



These ladies invite me to their place and they don’t even have a meal ready. That’s fine, I shall prepare a nice salad for the ladies. Ladies love salad.



Rosette: Let’s do the happy dance cause that sexy man is here!

Zinnia: No!



Liam: How was the salad, ladies?

Zinnia: It’s good!

Rosette: It’s tasty.

Max: I’m not a lady but it’s good.

Liam: Oh hello there. My name is Liam Gelman.

Max: I know… You’re the guy that my wife is about to cheat on me with.

Liam: Excuse me?

Zinnia: By the way Liam, I’m married.

Liam: Oh…. I see.

Rosette: I’m not!

Zinnia: But you have a boyfriend so shut your cocksucker!



Liam: Well this make things quite awkward.. with you being married and all.

Zinnia: Nah, Max is a idiot he’ll forget all about this in 2 seconds

Liam: Okay, if he’s cool with this.



Liam: So how are we going to do this since I’m trying to have 100 children of my own.

Zinnia: We’ll have my babies first and then I’ll come to your hometown and I’ll your babies then.

Liam: Sounds like a plan. So shall we get started then?

Zinnia: Yeah!

Max: Why Zin?! Why?!

Zinnia: Shut the fuck up Max!



Zinnia: I need you to go away for a while. Go play bingo or something..

Max: Fine, I’ll leave so you can go be a cheating slut.

Zinnia: Fine.

Max: Good

Zinnia: Great.

Max: Amazing.

Zinnia: Juicy! No go away!



Rosette: Zin, that guy. He’s sexy. I just wanna rub all over his hot body.

Zinnia: You will not touch Liam so keep your greasy paws off!

Rosette: Hey that’s no fair! You can cheat but I can’t? I didn’t even like my boyfriend! I don’t even know his name!

Zinnia: His name is Finnegan you idiot!

Rosette: Finnegan? That’s a stupid name! I’m gonna call him random guy.

Zinnia: You stay away from Liam! We can’t to afford you to have anymore kids after Regret.



Liam, please don’t clap… You’re freaking Zinnia out.

Liam: Oh right, sorry.

Zinnia: OMG! Where is that noise coming from???!!!



Zinnia: Max is gone for the night. We can get to baby making.

Liam: Ah yes, we can finally.



Zinnia: Liam! Join me!

Liam: Already am, Hun.

Zinnia: Oh right! You’re fast!



You’re a little too excited there Liam.

Liam: But she’s hot! I want to be in her!



Zinnia: Seriously???! Where do those hearts and harps come from??!!!



Rosette: Are you ready to fuck?

Liam: Um.. we just did like a few minutes ago Zinnia. I guess you want a round 2. I’m up for it if you know what I mean.

Rosette: Again? Oh right.. yeah. Let’s do it again. I’m Zinnia.

Liam: (thinking) This lady is kinda strange but she’s hot as hell. I guess she’s worth it. Okay I’m ready.



Liam: You weren’t this passionate last time, Zinnia.

Rosette: Oh… I just wasn’t myself last time…



Liam: Our clothes had suddenly disappeared.

Rosette: Oh  don’t worry, it’s just the writer and her mods.

Liam: Your hairstyle changed too. It looks like Rosette’s hairstyle.

Rosette: I’m Zinnia!

Liam: At this point, I really don’t care. I just wanna be in you.



Rosette: OH MY! It’s big!

Liam: Well thank you.



Then suddenly a fire breaks out!



Zinnia: Fire.

Max: Fire.







The fire is gone. Now we dance!



Liam: I had a good time with you ladies but I must return to my children. I will return and check up on you both in a few weeks….months.



Extra Shot:

Liam: Ooga booga boo!

Acacia: I am not amused. 

This happen when he first moved into the household LOL

I’m currently doing a swap with jbfairybird Liam Gelman is her sim.

9 thoughts on “Party Montigo: Chapter 4

  1. lol. I laughed so hard. I got the biggest laugh from “OMG FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! LET’S ALL SCREAM AT IT AND IT WILL GO AWAY!!!” since I’ve thought that myself. I’ll be working the swap in the once I catch up on the two chapters I’m working on.

    • LOL. That’s when Liam ran into the fire but didn’t catch on fire surprisingly. The fire had to be put out twice. It suddenly spawn more fire after it was gone. That game started to glitch so I made a new file and they are suddenly in Riverview in the next chapter.

    • Liam is the only caring for the tots while the others randomly dance 😐 LOL Maybe it’s a good thing that I cancelled the BC.

  2. Liam you smexy beast 😉

    “OMG FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! LET’S ALL SCREAM AT IT AND IT WILL GO AWAY” I am yet to try this in a real life situation, but I am quite confident that it will work

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    • No, these were on a facebook page. I mention on a post awhile ago that a lot of my pics where hosted on a facebook page and all those pics ended up being broken. Since there’s so many and I can’t recall which pics I actually used for each post, I won’t bother in fixing any of the pics.

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