Montigo Tango: Chapter 16, Anniversary

It was the day to finalize the divorce between Matius and Ming. Before heading into court Ming tries to plead to Matius one more time. “Let’s not do this. I believe we can work this out.” Ming’s plead was ignored as Matius reminded her that their session starts in 5 minutes.  Matius casually walks away from Ming while she hangs her head down low and follows Matius. After settling in court, Matius was awarded custody.  of Rio while Ming was order to pay child support. “But he’s rich! My son would be well taken care of. Why should I have to pay child support when I carried him for 9 months and gave birth to him?” The judge felt a little sympathy  for Ming decided she didn’t need to pay child support.

When their session was over Ming met with Matius outside. “Have you found a place to live at?” Asked Matius. Ming’s eyes began to tear up. “I don’t wanna leave. I don’t wanna leave my son. We were starting to bound. Please don’t pull me away from my baby!” Cried Ming. This was the first time Matius heard Ming called Rio her child and wasn’t sure if Ming was sinecure about wanting to stay with her son. “How do I know you’re not saying this to cover your ass? You never seem to care about Rio up unto a few weeks ago.” Said Matius sternly. Ming wipes the tears from her lifeless eyes. “I love my son.. our son. I’m not covering my ass. I don’t want to be away from my only child. He’s my world… my baby..” Sobbed Ming. Matius hands Ming a tissue. “I’ll let Rio decide rather you stay or go. When we get home I want to talk to him first. I don’t want you to try and influenced  him.” Said Matius. Ming nods in agreement with Matius.



Matius calls Rio to come sit him while he give him the news of his divorce to Ming.

“Son, we need to talk. It’s about your Mom.”


“Today your Mom and I got a divorce. It’s not your fault or anything.”

“Was it Jade’s fault?”

“No, Rio.. It’s not Jade’s fault. Your Mom asked for this.”

“Nyx said it’s Jade fault and that’s she’s a home wrecker. Plus Mom cries a lot and didn’t want a divorce.”

“Don’t listen to Nyx and your Mom asked for it.”

“Uncle Malix said Jade is a hooker.”

“Don’t listen to him either.”

“Jason’s dad said Jade is a hooker too. But what’s a hooker?”

“Son, stop listening to those nasty rumors. You’re too young to know what a hooker is.”

“Where is Mom gonna live? ”

“Where your Mom is going to live is up to you. Do you want your Mom to stay here with you?”

“Yeah I want my Mom to stay! I don’t like that Jade girl.”

“Why don’t you not like Jade?”

“Cause she broke you and Mom up! I know she did, Dad! Don’t say she didn’t!”

Rio stood up in tears and made a mad dash away from Matius. Rio embraced Ming as she walked in the house. “Don’t leave me here with that woman Mommy! Dad won’t listen to me! I don’t trust her.” Cried Rio. Ming squats down and hugs Rio, “Don’t worry baby, I will never leave you..”



Ming returns upstairs and sobs quietly to herself. Cira finds Ming crying and tries to console her. “I can’t believe this is happening to me. I love him.. I still love him. We were starting to get better.. I don’t even remember saying that I want a divorce. And then he sleeps with that hussy.” Sobbed Ming. Cira places her palms on Ming’s skinny shoulders, “You loss some weight there Ming.. I’m sorry to hear about the divorce. If there’s anything I can do for you, just let me know.” Said Cira with a kind tone. Ming looks up and smiles at Cira. “I’ll be fine Cira. I know we haven’t been close but I’m glad you’re so kind to me. Don’t worry about me. Don’t you have a wedding anniversary to celebrate?” Said Ming as she dries her wet and puffy eyes. Cira wipes tears from Ming’s cheek., “I’m not leaving until I know you’ll be fine. I care about you Ming.” Ming hugs Cira. “I’ll be okay. Go celebrate with the hubby. I still got my little man Rio. He’s all that I need now.  I’ll meet you guys at Montigo Palms afterwards.” Cira holds Ming’s hand, “Okay if you need to talk, you know where to find me. It’s cute seeing you with Rio now. I think he’s starting to grow attach to you now.” Cira headed to room to get ready to start her night with Malix.



Malix and Cira went to the same bistro as Matius and Ming a month before. They order dinner along of a bottle of Moscato wine. “You seriously ordered cookies?” Chuckled Cira as she shakes her hand. Malix began to respond to Cira with his mouth full, “I heard they were good.” Cira laughs, “I swear you’re my 4th child. Wipe your mouth dear.” Malix wipes his face with his napkin. “We been married for 9 years already. Can you believe that? How did I get so lucky for you to pick me?” Smiled Malix. “I was drunk.” Joked Cira.

“Remember the first day that we met, Cira?”

“Of course I do. I’ll be surprised if you remember. You know men don’t have good memory when if comes to that type of stuff.”

“Not this guy. I will always remember the day when I met the most beautiful woman in the world. I knew I was going to wife her.”

“So sure of yourself huh?”

“Yeah, were celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary tonight. I remember to first moment when I saw you.”


“Yeah Cira. I was eating a vanilla ice cream cone and when you walked into the shop I dropped the cone on my crotch. I quickly grabbed it from my crotch and dickhead Matius shouts out “Malix! Next time you should bust a nut in private when you see a pretty girl” I was so embarrassed. You gave me a odd look and walked away. I wanted to dead at that moment.”

“Yeah I remember that. Matius tried to ask me out at school but I declined.”

“If ya would of said yes then Matius would be chasing some skanky red head instead of loving you. I could of ended up with Ming. I wouldn’t mind, she’s cute. He could use me up all she wants.”


“I’m just joking babe, I love you Cira.”

“I love you too Malix.”



Malix embraces Cira with a passionate kiss, “I’m so in love with you Cira. I don’t know why nor how do you put up with me and my mess but I am so glad to have you in my life. You gave me 3 beautiful children.. Maybe we can have one last child?” Cira gently kisses Malix on his soft lips, “Yes, let’s have another baby.” Malix pulls Cira into another kiss. Cira looks at the time, “I think we should head to Montigo Palms now. The others are probably waiting on us.” Malix holds Cira tighter. “Let them wait… I just wanna hold you right now.”



Malix and Cira were greets by cheers and congratulations from their friends and family. Matius bought everyone a round of drinks and toasted to Malix and Cira celebrating 9 years of marriage. Malix found it odd for Matius to be so cheerful when earlier in the day he just finalize his divorce with Ming. Malix tried to ignored by wasn’t happy to see that Jade was invited to the celebration. Malix said nothing to Matius and wanted to keep the good vibes going. They all dance and drank during the night and having a good time. Ming was able to show up and tried her hardest to enjoy herself. Jade flaunted her budding relationship with Matius in front of Ming. “This guy right here makes me so happy!” Cheered Jade in front of Ming. Matius smiles and kisses Jade on her cheek.   Matius danced with Jade while Malix dances with Cira. “Can you believe this? He invites her knowing that we invited Ming. Ming may of not been the best person but she doesn’t deserve this torture. Ming loves him and I know didn’t want the divorce.” Said Cira as she dances with Malix. “She kinda brought it on herself Cira but I know Jade was trying to weasel with between.” Said Malix. Malix spins Cira around, “Ming hasn’t been herself in months Malix. I sense something was wrong. She loves him. Ming told me about headaches, ringing in her ears and memory loss. I’ve heard of this before Malix. There’s a occult near by… a evil one. Whoever it is has been controlling Ming for months. I know Jade is behind it… I just know it.” Malix holds Cira, “Okay.. I believe something is up. I don’t trust Jade and she’s up to something.. We’ll get to the bottom of this. Let’s enjoy our night.”



Jade excuses herself from Matius. “I need to make a call, I’ll be back.” Said Jade. Matius kisses Jade. “Hurry back.” Jade pulls out her cell and dials a number. “She’s starting to catch on. I heard her thoughts. I think it’s time.” Said Jade. “I’ll be there.”



Malix and Cira began to tango dance with each other. Malix holds Cira up and gazes into her eyes. “Never leave me Cira.” Said Malix. “I would never leave you Malix.” Smiled Cira.



Jade approaches Cira. “Um Cira I think I saw Nyx running around back.” Said Jade causally. “Are you sure? I told that girl to stay home.” Sighed Cira. Lately Nyx had been sneaking out of the house at night and trying to lurk around the night club. Nyx had started her hunting impulses and without any older vampires around, Malix and Cira have a hard time dealing with Nyx. Nyx needs proper training which her parents are unable to do.  “I’ll be back. I’ll go looks for her. She’s in so much trouble.” Said Cira with a stern tone. “But she can’t help herself though.” Responded Jade.



Cira walks around the back looking for Nyx. “Nyx! Nyx! If you’re out here then you’re in so much trouble young lady!” Shouted Cira as she searches for Nyx. Cira is not aware of a shady looking male with glowing yellow creeping towards her. “Nyx!” Shouts Cira one last time.

Cira took a few steps forwarded but was suddenly grab from behind. “Malix?” Said Cira before a hand was placed over her mouth. “Close but it’s Malachi my Dear. Let’s make this easy.. If you don’t scream I’ll let you live. If not then you’ll join your in laws.” Said Malachi as he gazed at Cira with his glowing yellow eyes.



Unaware of the faith of Cira, Malix enjoys blowing bubbles as he waits for Cira to return…..



Matius tries his luck at the slots as Jade watches…..



Nina plays queen of the castle…..



And Nyx and Niro slept the night away. They were all oblivious to Cira’s abduction carrying on with their live this faithful night. Who is Malachi? Why does he want Cira?



As the night progressed and the club was about to close Malix started to have some concern when Cira haven’t returned yet. “Have you seen Cira?” Asked Malix. “No I haven’t seen her.” Replied Matius. Malix looks around his surrounding and began to worried. Ming races to Malix, “I can’t find Cira! I’ve been looking for all night. The last I saw she was exiting out the back door.” Said Ming as she tries to catch her breath.



Malix, Matius and Ming all raced to the back of the club. “Cira! Cira!” Shouted both Malix and Ming. There was no answer. “She doesn’t leave without saying anything first.” Said Malix with a panicked. “Maybe she went home.” Said Matius trying to calm Malix down. “What…. what if something had happen to her?” Said Malix as tears began to stream down his cheeks. “I’m sure she’s-” Said Matius before Ming cuts him off. “I found Cira’s shoe…” Said Ming. Malix lifts his head and sniffs the air before falling down to his knees. “He got her…” Sobbed Malix. “Who?” Responded Matius. “The killer…. He got my Cira.. He got her…” Said Malix as he sobs more. “What?! How do you know?!” Shouts Matius. “The scent…. I can smell the same scent in the air when our parents were …..were killed… He got her… He got her!” Shouts Malix.



Slow jams!

12 thoughts on “Montigo Tango: Chapter 16, Anniversary

  1. Oh noooooo!! I almost had shivers down my spine, and feel very sad for poor Malix. You put this chapter together wonderfully. I loved the effect you did where everyone was happy blowing bubbles, sleeping and playing, while Cira was possibly being murdered. Nicely done. 🙂

    • Thanks. Things are about to get twisted and stuff. Everyone is caught up with me… I’ll have to play my games to start chapter 17. Now I can play by chapter again 🙂

  2. oh boy, this is gonna bring revenge to a whole new level…Cira missing and Malix catching the scent of the same killer who took the lives of his parents…such good drama and certainly leaves me wanting to get to the next chapter

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