Montigo Tango: Chapter 15, Sweet 15

Malix and Cira started their day by planning Lei’s 15th birthday. With Lei coming of age she didn’t want her party at Cherrysicle as it was too kiddy for her. Lei wanted a formal dinner party like what her parents use to have when they were alive. Lei loves to dress up and drink nectar while pretending it was wine. Malix thought it was a odd request but decided to put her request in motion. Malix and Cira had to plan the party alone without Matius or Ming due to their martial issues. Cira suggested that they should also celebrate Niro’s birthday as well. Lei agreed to share her birthday with her youngest nephew. Cira sent out invites  while Malix hires help for the party.



It’s the day of the party and the guest had arrived. Jade scouts the crowd and notices a familiar face heading towards the mansion. Jade becomes angry instantly, “What are you doing here?!” Growled Jade. Donovan smiles and reaches for a hug but Jade rejects him. “I was invited by Matius Montigo, Lei is very dear to me. She was my little niece’s friend before she passed. I am friends with the Montigos ya know.” Said Donovan with a smug look on his face. “Don’t you say one word to him about us.. Do I make myself clear? Don’t ruined this for me.” Said Jade sternly. Donovan let out a faint chuckle, “Oh Matty boy doesn’t know about your little side business with me?” “No!” Growled Jade. Donovan folds his arms, “This makes things more interesting Ms. Hendrix. This poor sap doesn’t realize he’s involved with a promiscuous lady who gets paid for it. I guess he doesn’t know about your other secret.” Jade balls her fist up and step towards Donovan, “You keep your mouth Don! I’m sure the guys at the station want to know about what happen to the Montigo case file or about your involvement with me. The great Donovan Steel have to pay for pussy!” Donovan steps back, “Okay okay Jade, blackmail and blackmail. I promise Ms. Hendrix, I’ll keep my mouth shut.” Jade thanked him and invited him inside for the party.



Matius chats with Donovan as they did some catching up. “How you been, Don? It’s been a while.” Said Matius. Donovan smiles, “Quite good, busy with work all. How about you?” Matius softly sighs and shrugs his shoulders. “Just dealing. Ming and I are going through a divorce right now. Anything new with my parents case?” Said Matius. Donovan looks away for a second, scanning the room to see if Jade was watching them. “I’m sorry to hear that but I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Your parents’ case file went missing but I’m doing everything I can do to received it.” Donovan lied. The color from Matius’ face began to drain after learning this news. It’s been some time since the murder and the killer is still around. Matius tries to keep a tight hold on the kids by not letting them visit their friends due to the killer still being out there. Donovan assures Matius that his family isn’t in any kind of danger. If the killer was after his family, he would of made strike already as many years had passed by. Matius thought that made sense and thinks about loosening his grip on the kids.



The time has came for Lei to blow out her birthday candles. Everyone watches Lei as she ages into her teen years. The brothers have no idea of how to raise a teenage but they will learn quick. Matius and Malix aren’t ready for rebelliousness, mood swings, teenage shenanigans and let alone teenage dating. The brothers shouldn’t have too much to worry about with having Cira to help when the mood swings get too out of hand or when a boy breaks Lei’s heart. Nether the less, the brothers are happy to watch their baby sister enter her teens year but wished that their parents were still alive for this.



It was the end of Niro’s tender toddlers years. Malix and Cira are bittersweet as they watch their youngest child grow from a toddler into a child. As much as they wanted to hold on to their little boy, they knew he’ll have to grow up eventually. Cira already misses to nights that she cuddles her young son to sleep. Malix already misses the days of tossing Niro into the air and pretending that he was a airplane. Nina is looking forwarded to playing with her little brother while Nyx couldn’t care less. Young Niro ages into a child and Malix can see that his genes are strong. “You kids look like triplets.” Said Cira tearfully. Cira is sad to see her baby age. Malix couldn’t be any prouder than what he already is.


Today is Lei’s first day of high school and Lei is very excited about it. Lei joins her brother for a pre-school prep talk. Lei has a remarkable similar of her late mother Sakura in her younger days and it doesn’t go unnoticed. The brother often think Lei is their mother every time they look at her. “Do you have your lunch and everything that you need for school?” Asked Matius sounding a little fatherly. “Yes, Mat. I have everything.” Sighed Lei with a little annoyance. “Well you enjoy your first day and stay from boys. They are idiots, look at Malix.” Joked Matius. Malix tosses a throw pillow as Matius, “Hey! You were just jealous cause all of the ladies were after me.” Matius laughs and shakes his head,” Yeah and all the boys too who thought you were a girl with your long hair.” Matius laughs hard while Malix throws another pillow at him. Lei rolls her eyes and heads to the door as the bus pulls up. “I’m off to school now.” Said Lei as she grabs her book bag. “Our baby is growing up! Give us a kiss goodbye!” Squealed Malix as he makes a kissing face while Matius does the same. Lei scoffs, “You guys are idiots!” Lei swings the door open and left. The brothers both laughed as Lei heads to school.



While Malix leaves to bother Cira. Jade joins Matius on the couch. “Hey Matty! Are to kids at school now?” Asked Jade. “Yeah they are.” Replied Matius. Jade moves closer to Matius.

“How long to you plan on avoiding me?”

“I’m sorry Jade, I’m not trying to. I just got a lot going on. Looking after Rio and Lei is now a teen.”

“Oh I see. I really like you Matty, you know. I was wondering can we make that magic happen again?”

“Possibly but not right now… I’m still going through the divorce. Once it’s over, we can pick up where we left off.”

“It’s not you’re really married right now. I miss your touch.”

“I know but I still wanna respect Ming and not touch another female until it’s final. It’s the right thing to do. I wanna do something right for a change.”

“I can understand that… but I miss you. I miss your touch.”

“I miss you too but we’ll be together soon. It’s wroth the wait.”

“I guess you’re right..”



Jade’s cell began to ring as she and Matius cuddled. She knew it was possibly a client calling for her sexual services but to her surprise it wasn’t. The call wasn’t very pleasureful neither as jade grind her teeth together. “Get your ass down here now! Don’t make me come after you!” Jade sighs and responds to the callers demand, “I’ll be there. Gimme 10.” The mystery hangs up. Jade turns towards, “Hey Matty, I gotta go handle something. We’ll talk later?” Matius smiles, “Yes, go do what you need to do.” Jade blows a kiss at Matius and heads outside. Who could that caller be? Could it be her other secret?



I bring you some Abba! 😀

6 thoughts on “Montigo Tango: Chapter 15, Sweet 15

  1. JADE YOU IGNORANT SLUT. She makes me so mad sometimes. She can’t just proposition Matius and then go meet someone who’s probably involved with his parents’ murder! It’s sad, but I miss Ming now. 😦

  2. I have a sneaking suspicion I know exactly who she is going to meet…she really is the devil in disguise…feel sad for Mati, but he is just too blind to see and that isn’t going to help this family one bit. I see disaster coming.

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