Montigo Tango: Chapter 14, Hold me and love me

“You’ll just gonna stand there and look at me?” Said Jade as she rose from her bed. Matius gives her a slight smile and walks over to Jade without saying a word. “Looks like you had quite a night. I guess dinner didn’t go over too well?” Asked Jade. Matius remained silent and gazes at Jade. “I guess it’s my bed time then.” Said Jade as she turned away from Matius. “Wait..” Said Matius as he reaches his hand out to Jade. Jade quickly spins around facing Matius. “Just hold me and love me…” Said Matius softly. Jade moves closer to Matius with a smile across her face. She gently wraps her arms around Matius’ neck and gently kisses him on his lips. Matius places his hand on Jade’s hips and pulls her closer to him.



Matius curiously ran his hands under Jade’s skirt as Jade kisses him. “Just take it off.” Whispered Jade into Matius’ ear. Matius waste no time removing Jade’s skirt and to rest of her clothes as Jade removed his. Jade leads Matius over to her and both mount it.  Matius grabs Jade’s hand and gives her hand soft and gentle kisses that gave Jade goosebumps. Jade haven’t had anyone try to be a little passionate with her. Jade wasn’t sure if Matius was buying time or he was just this passionate when it came to love making. Nether the less jade was more than ready to seal the deal but Matius wasn’t so much as he enjoined taking his time with Jade with kisses and body rubs. “What? You don’t like foreplay?” Said Matius with a soft tone. “Um.. I’m just not use to having this much foreplay.” Mumble Jade. Matius smiles at Jade, “Maybe I can get you use to it then. I just enjoy exploring your soft and seductive body.”

Matius’ words sent shivers up Jade’s spine as she never had a guy ever make her feel special. With Jade’s work it was all about getting in and getting out, no time for exploring each others bodies nor sharing sexual desires or needs. Jade almost forgot how unpaid sex with a guy could be amazing and meaningful. In this case it shouldn’t be meaningful and is just plain wrong. Matius doesn’t care anymore, all he care is to have someone’s attention and even if it just sex. Matius is unsure of why he was so drawn into Jade. It was almost like her had complete control of him. “I wanna take my time with you.” Whispered Matius as he carefully inserts his fingers into Jade making her instantly moan. “Matius…. Just fuck me. Just fuck me.” Moaned Jade as Matius penetrates her with his fingers. Matius pulls his fingers out and mounts on top of Jade as he slowly inserts his throbbing erection into Jade. Matius began to pump away without a thought moaning loudly along with Jade. As he thrust deeper and hard Jade’s moaning escalated taking her into pure ecstasy. “Cum inside of me… I wanna feel you in me.” Moaned Jade. Matius instantly knew that he couldn’t take that risk after his night with Ming when they first met. Not taking any caution, that night with Ming resulted with the birth of Rio followed by a failed marriage that lead him here. Matius quickly dismounts Jade, “I can’t do that..” Matius kisses Jade on her forehead starting another steamy make out session.



Ming heads towards Jade’s room with the intention of letting her know that breakfast was ready. Ming’s eyes grew wide open as she gazed on Matius making out with Jade in the nude. “What the fuck Matius! How could you?!” Shrieked Ming. Matius quickly turns around to find a very distraught Ming standing before them.



Matius lefts Jade’s bed as she scrambles for her clothes.

“Did you just fuck her?! Did you?”

“Yes I did and I liked it!”

“You cheating as bastard! How could you do this to me?!”

“What the fuck are you talking about?! “

“You just fucking cheated on me with that slut!”

“Last night you suddenly wanted a divorce! After that point our marriage was over!”

Ming was confused by what Matius had said and gave him a puzzled look.

“Divorce? I’ve never said I wanted a divorce. We had a good time last night and then you left me.”

“I know we were drinking a little but it wasn’t that much for you to not remember of what you said last night.”

“I remember I had a huge headache and then you left me! Now I find you fucking this home wrecker!”

“Look Ming, I don’t know what kind of game that you’re playing but I’m done with it. I’ve slept with Jade and what’s done is done. I’m done with you Ming.”

“But Matius! I don’t want a divorce! I never said that last night! I swear!”

“I… don’t care. I’m over this with you Ming. You said it and it will be done.”

“But I didn’t say it! I want us to work out! I don’t understand what’s going on!”

“I don’t want to work things out. Rio told me what you said to him. You should of aborted him?”

“Oh my goodness! I didn’t mean that… I know I shouldn’t had said that… But I was angry.. I’m stressed out.. I love Rio and I don’t regret him.”

“Stressed? Of what? Stressed of how you don’t know how you’re gonna spend my money?!”

“No! My Dad… He’s dying from cancer…”

“Save it Ming! No giving excuses, especially making up something awful like that! How could you?!”

“I’m not making this up!”

“You’re fucking crazy Ming! Get out of my face!”

Matius grabs his clothes and exits the room leaving Ming in tears. Confused and distraught, Ming retreats to a friend’s house in tears.



Matius and Malix workout together later on that day. Jade had left for the day and Cira was busy at the ice cream shop. Matius wasn’t sure if he should tell Malix about his night with Jade after him giving Matius a warning about her. He knew that he would find out sooner than later and decided to let the cat out of the bag. “I slept with Jade.” Said Matius causally. Malix stops in his track, “Come again? No pun intended..” Matius laughs slightly, “We had sex last night after Ming told me she wants a divorce.” Malix stopped with his workout routine. “Wait a minute? She wants a divorce?  I told you to stay away from Jade. I knew her living her was a mistake. I hope you don’t catch anything.” Matius smirks at Malix, “Catch something like what?” Malix frowns his face up, “Geeze… I dunno… Maybe the clap, chlamydia, butt herpes?” Matius playfully shoves Malix and shakes his head. Malix wasn’t so playful this time around with his brother. “I’m serious bro. You should get tested.” Said Malix with a straight face. Matius laughs and wipes the sweat from his brow, “Why?” Malix sighs, “That female is a fucking hooker! Soon she’s going to ask you for payment.” Matius laughs and shakes his at Malix, “Jade isn’t that kind of girl. She’s sweet and down to earth. You shouldn’t believe those nasty rumors about her.” Malix could see Matius is blinded by Jade and drops the subject for now.



A few weeks had flown by and the Montigos tried to enjoy a night out at Montigo Palms, however Matius and Malix were working that night. Matius watched Ming dance with Cira and a few other guys. Matius tries not to care but doesn’t like seeing Ming with other men. Ming was upset to see that Jade happen to be there for the night trying to flirt with Matius. Matius was too focus on Ming’s actions. Ming flirted back with a few guys but only if she knew Matius was watching. She hopes this would throw his attention away from Jade and he’ll notice her. Ming is unaware that her plan was working. Cira notice the tension and told Ming to tone it down a few notches. Ming didn’t care and wants Matius to watch her.



Jade tries to gain Matius’ focus by sitting by the bar. Since their steamy night together Matius hasn’t said much to Jade. Matius tries not to be home as much but only comes around to help Rio with school work and tuck him in. Matius is trying avoid both Jade and Ming. “Hey stranger, we really haven’t talked since our magical night.” Smiled Jade. Matius sighs a little, “Yeah, I got a lot on my mind but can I ask you something.” “Sure go ahead.” Said Jade. Matius looks Jade into her eyes, “Is it true? Are you some kind of hooker?” Jade nervously laughed and wondered how did he find out. Jade knew if she admits it that she’ll lose Matius for sure and he’ll be back into the arms of Ming. “No… I guess my ex is still spreading that rumor. He didn’t take the break up very well.” Jade lied. Matius sighs with relief. “Oh good. I know how trifling exes can be.” said Matius as he eyes Ming flirting with a guy. “Ya know, you shouldn’t care what Ming does. You have me now.” Smiled Jade as she places her hand on top of Matius’ hand. Matius leans in close to Jade with a smile, “Yeah.. you’re right.” Matius kisses Jade while Cira watches in the background. Cira turns her head away in disbelief.



6 thoughts on “Montigo Tango: Chapter 14, Hold me and love me

  1. Oh, jeez, these Montigos have some crazy drama. Was Ming brainwashed? Oh god, her marriage is seriously the rockiest one I’ve read about in a long time. I hope Jade comes clean to Matius, too. He should listen to Malix-he’s a wise guy. And also a very sexy one. 😀

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