Montigo Tango: Chapter 13, Keep on loving me

Ming came home after a shopping trip with friends and was soon greeted by Matius. “Oh what do you want now?” Said Ming as she rolled her eyes.  “Can a guy greet his wife with a kiss and grab her bags for her?” Said Matius as he reaches out to Ming. Ming pushes Matius and shakes her head, “Don’t start this again. I don’t need your help. I’m tired and I’m gonna soak in the tub.” Matius didn’t say a word and stepped back away from Ming. Ming grabs her shopping bags and headed towards their room. Feeling defeated Matius headed upstairs to his bar that he had installed to practice making drinks and possibly create new ones. Ming runs a hot bubble bath and soon soaks in it. “Ugh.. That man.. I know I’ll eventually have to let him sleep with me. I forget about that sex addiction that he use to have. I can’t have him cheating on me…” Sighed Ming as she slides down deeper into the bath tub.



Matius spent a hour mixing drinks and then drinking them. Malix notice that Matius had made some drinks and joins him. “Hey you made drinks. What’s the occasion? You balls dropped?” Joked Malix with a little laughter. Matius gave Malix a slight smile followed with a little chuckle, “Ming is being bitchy again.” Malix raises his brows before sipping his drink, “Ah. She’s still not giving you a hard time.” Matius let out a deep sigh as he lifts his head up towards the ceiling, “I guess you can say that. I don’t know why she won’t let me touch her or spend time with her. I’m like poison to her or something.” Malix finishes his drink and grabs another one, “I’m worried about you bro. With Jade in the house, Ming being distant, you drinking a lot, and remembering your ….your problem that you use to have… I’m worried. I don’t trust Jade around you. I know what she’s after..”

Matius takes a sip of his drink and shakes his head at Malix, “I’m good bro. My problem was handle.. I have don’t the urge to start plowing random girls at the Montigo Palms and knocking them up just for them to use the baby as a way to marry me and spend my money.” Malix grabs and takes Matius’ drink away from him, “As your younger brother… I think you had enough to drink for the night. That’s heavy man. I hope that your problem is truly handled. Let’s do some random drunk dancing and get your mind off of this.” Matius smiles and agrees with Malix. “Since I’m drunk and honest.. What’s with your ridiculous hairdo and clothes? You look like soccer Mom.” Laughed Matius. Malix playfully shoves Matius, “Oh do you want me to straighten my hair and wear a bra and panties? Will that fancy you more as I dance with you?” Matius lets out a loud and long laugh, “You’re sick man.”



The brothers danced around for a while and trying to have as much fun as possible. Malix was happy to get Matius laugh and smile again as for the past few weeks had been a little hard him. It was starting to get late and Malix went join Cira in bed leaving Matius alone with his thoughts while still drunk. Matius told Malix that he would be fine alone and will just watch some TV until he falls asleep. He didn’t wanna risk joining Ming in bed thinking that she’ll just make him sleep somewhere else. Before sitting in front of the TV, Matius checked on Rio as he slept. Rio is the only thing that makes Matius smile. “You are my world, Rio. I’m so glad to have you in my life.” Whispered Matius as his closes Rio’s door.



Flipping through all the channels, Matius couldn’t seem to find anything to watch. Matius had switched to a adult movie channel a few times but decided that he shouldn’t be watching it in his current state of mind. He slipped down from the couch onto the floor leaning his back against the front of the couch. “What am I gonna do?” Matius thought to himself. Something flowery smelling seduced Matius’ nose and he turns his head to find Jade standing near him in her lacy black lingerie. “Can’t sleep tonight?” Asked Jade. Matius lifts himself back on the couch but couldn’t keep his eyes of of Jade’s body. Jade walks seductively towards Matius as his heart began to race. Matius started to feel warm the closer she got to him.



Jade kneels down in front of Matius and leans in close to him. Matius pulls Jade up closer to him and Jade embraces Matius with a kiss. Matius doesn’t resists Jade’s embrace and kisses her back beginning a long make out session on the couch. “I’ve been watching for this moment for a long time.”  Whispered Jade into Matius’ ear. “Me too..”  Whispered Matius before pulling Jade into a long passionate kiss. “You sure you wanna do this?”  Whispered Jade. “Yes.”  Whispered Matius as he kisses Jade.



Jade lead Matius into her bedroom by holding his sweaty hand. “Don’t be nervous.” Smiled Jade. Matius and Jade spent a hour doing long make out session before laying bed on Jade’s bed. Matius mounts himself on top of Jade as she pulls him into another long kiss. “Take me Matius… Keep on loving me..” Moaned Jade as she embraces Matius. Matius moves his hand down to his zipper and began to slowing unzip his pants but suddenly stops. “What’s wrong? Need help?” Asked Jade. Matius lifts up from Jade and zips his pants back up, “I can’t. I really… I really want to.. But I just can’t with Jade. I’m married man..” Jade sits up on the bed and smiles, “Yes but a unhappily married man. She isn’t making you happy. You have needs Matty. I can make you happy. I can please your needs. Just let me. Keep on loving me.” Said Jade seductively. “I’m still married.. I shouldn’t even be in here.. Doing this.. I’m sorry Jade. This was a mistake..” Said Matius as he looks away from Jade. “I’m a mistake?!” Shouted Jade as she balls up her fist resting on the bed. “No.. That’s not what I mean.. It’s just… Ugh!” Grunted Matius. Jade stood up, “Just get out Mat! Go back to your bitch wife!” Matius quickly exited Jade’s room.



Matius returns to his bed that he shares with Ming and carefully enters the bed without waking Ming. As Matius slept her was waking by a unfamiliar sensation. He turns to see Ming is cuddling with him as she slept. Matius did nothing but went back to sleep. Soon the alarm clock went off and it was time to get Rio ready for the school. Matius saw that Ming had fallen asleep in her lingerie. “You wore that to bed?” Asked Matius as he wipes the sleep from his crusty eyes. “Yeah… I was waiting for to to come to bed for some… loving. But you didn’t..” Sighed Ming. Matius was dumbfounded after learning Ming was waiting for him last night as he fooled around with Jade a little. “You can’t play these mind games with me Ming. Every time I try to touch you, you reject me and now I can touch you when I’m upstairs busy….. watching TV cause you don’t want me around?” Said Matius with a little annoyance in his tone. Ming walks over to Matius and places her hands on his shoulders, “I know and I am sorry. How about a morning make up quickie?” Matius pushes Ming away, ‘I can’t. We have to get Rio ready for school.”



After sending Rio and the other kids to school Ming grabs Matius’ attention. “Let’s spend some time together tonight.” Smiled Ming as she stares Jade down. “Okay… I guess we can finally do that. Where would you like to go?” Asked Matius. Matius is slightly happy but slightly pissed off that Ming suddenly wants to spend time with him after his night with Jade. Matius is glad that he didn’t take too far but still feels guilty about allowing himself to give into Jade’s seduction. Matius knows Ming wants to go somewhere fancy and is willing to give her anything that she wants at this point. “I want to try that new bistro up the street. I heard it’s nice and classy. We can have dinner under the stars and it’s real close to the mountains.” Said Ming as she smiles at Matius. “Sure, whatever you want, lady.” Said Matius as he holds Ming’s hands. Ming kisses Matius on his cheek and took a dip in the hot tub. Matius went upstairs to clean the mess on the bar.



Jade follows Matius upstairs to talk to him as he cleans the bar. “Hey Matty.” Greeted Jade. Matius looks up from the bar and waves at Jade. Jade moves closer to Matius and he turns around. “Look I’m sorry about snapping at you last night.” Jade apologized. “I’m sorry for taking things too far.” Matius apologized back. Jade places her hands on Matius’ chest then slowly drags her hands down to Matius’ waist. “Jade, what are you doing?” Said Matius nervously. Jade reaches Matius’ zipper and slowly unzips it before sliding her hand in his pants and began to rub his genitals. “I see the fire in your eyes when you look at me. I know you’re curious about me. I can’t help myself when I’m around you. I want to taste you.” Said Jade as she pulls Matius’ erection from his pants. “Jade.. please… don’t… please…” Said Matius softly. Jade ignores Matius’ plead and strokes his exposed erection. “I want to taste you..” Said Jade seductively as began to perform oral sex on Matius.  “Jade..please…stop…” Moaned Matius but his plead had fallen on deaf ears as Jade continue.  “Let me taste you… Cum for me Matius…” Said Jade as she pulls her lips away from the tip on Matius’ erected penis. “No… no….” Moaned Matius. “Please..” Said Jade softly. Matius couldn’t stop himself from releasing into Jade’s warm and moist mouth.



Matius quickly stuffs his exposed body part back into his pants and steps away from Jade but she follows him. “Jade, why? You can’t do this. We can’t do this. I finally have a date with my wife.. I feel a shame allowing you to do that to me….” Said Matius with a hint of anger in his voice. “But you didn’t stop me. You let me.. You wanted me to. You tasted wonderful in my mouth, Matty.” Smiled Jade as she holds Matius’ hands. Matius jerks his hands away Jade and quickly stomps away downstairs without saying a word to Jade. “I will have you, Matius Montigo. You will be mines.” Said Jade.



Matius joins Ming outside before their first date in months. “You look very beautiful tonight.” Smiled Matius as he looks Ming into her sparkling green eyes. “Thanks, you’re smelling nice and sexy as always.” Smiled Ming as she leans in to kiss Matius on the lips. Matius pulls Ming into a passionate kiss leaving Ming looking red as a cherry. ‘Wow what’s got into you? It’s gonna be a good night for us.” Smiled Ming.



Matius and Ming enjoined their dinner under stars as Ming wanted. They admired the beautiful night sky and how the moonlight beams down on the mountain side. “It’s a lovely night.” Smiled Matius at Ming. They started to chat while sipping on glasses of champagne as they gazed at the starry night with happiness fulling their hearts once again. Matius felt like he was connecting with Ming again which gave him hope of restoring their fading marriage. As the night went on Ming found herself not feeling so well.



Ming felt a little dizzy and light headed but thought it was from all the champagne that they been drinking tonight. Ming began to hear a annoying ringing in her head that was non stop. Ming holds her head and grunts a little. “Are you okay?” Asked Matius with concern in his voice. The ringing stopped but Ming started to hear deep distorted voices in her head. Ming slowly lifts her head and gazes into Matius’ worried eyes. The words that left Ming’s lips shattered the once happy Matius’ heart. Matius was completely blindsided by the words that came from Ming’s mouth. “I want a divorce. This marriage isn’t working anymore.I grow bored of you.”  Matius’ body fulled with anger but yet he was confused. They were having a good night and now Ming speaks of divorce. “Fine by me Ming! I had enough of your fucking mind games! Find your own way home!” Shouted Matius before storming off to his car. Ming stood there without a emotion nor did she move a muscle, she just stood there as she were a zombie. Ming’s stunning green eyes looked lifeless and loss it’s sparkle under the moonlight as she continue to stand. Something is not right with Ming as she stood there stiff as a board. People watched their little fight and were concern of how she stood motionless. No one was able to get a response out of her. They thought maybe she was in shock about something. Something indeed is wrong with Ming but Matius didn’t stop to care and left his disturbed wife alone.



Jade laid on her bed reading a book as she hums to herself unaware of Matius had enter her room. “Jade.” Said Matius as he stood in front of her bed. Jade lifts her head away from her bed and smiles, “I knew you would come for me..”

Note: I giggled when I typed all the adult words LOL.. It’s like high school all over again hahahaha. This chapter took longer to type cause I couldn’t stop doing random chair dancing hehe 😀

I named this chapter after this track that I listening to when I was typing this out. If you like electronic dance music, you’ll like this track.

8 thoughts on “Montigo Tango: Chapter 13, Keep on loving me

  1. Man, Jade, when a boy says a no a boy says no! She’s just getting all up in his business without a second thought for what he wants. Poor Ming, I’m really starting to wonder what’s wrong with her.

  2. Hot hot chapter! Poor Matius looks so sad in the second pic. For the record, I am in love with him, not Malix. 🙂 Neither woman is good for him. Oh, I’ll have him. LOL.

  3. Hope that Matius finds a woman who loves him with all her heart. Ming is a spoiled brat and Jade is a seducer and I hope that he finds someone better than either of them but I’m sure I’ll find out as I read on.

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