Montigo Tango: Chapter 12, Drifting Away

After taking off and being missing in action for 2 weeks, Jade returned to the Montigo Manor. Jade steps outside to have a little smoke break with Matius following behind her. “You just can’t leave then show up again weeks later without giving us a word, Jade.” Said Matius with seriousness in his tone. Jade releases smoke from her mouth, “I know Mat, I’m sorry… there was a family issue that I needed to handle. I didn’t get time to-” Matius cuts Jade off before she finish her sentence. “I know, I know. You never have time to tell anyone anything. That’s your excuse every time Jade. What exactly are you up to? And when did you start smoking?” Said Matius slightly annoyed. Jade takes another drag from her cigarette, “I said that I was sorry Mat. I’ve always smoked but I quit. I’m rattle with stress again so I started up.” Matius waves the smoke out of his face, “Well keep your smoking away from my mansion. I don’t want my home going up in flames too.” Jade put out her cigarette, “Hey! What’s with the tude?” Matius stood up from his chair, “Sorry, things haven’t been great between Ming and I. I need to go check on Rio.” Jade reaches out to Matius, “Whatever is going on. it’s gonna get better.” Matius smiles and returns inside of the house.


Matius makes yet another attempt to spend some time with his wife Ming who once again rejects. Matius has been feeling a bit lonely and find himself going to bed alone while Ming extends her partying after the club had closed. Matius had taken a few nights off just so someone would be home to tuck Rio in bed other than Cira or their new butler Rene. Matius is wanting intimacy as it’s been a while since they had relations. Since bringing up having another baby Ming refuses to be intimate with Matius. “I just don’t want another baby!” Shouted Ming as she pushes Matius away from her. “I know but that doesn’t mean that we have to stop having sex! I have needs and so do you!” Growled Matius. Ming flips her hair and scoffs at Matius’ protest, “Just go jerk off to some porn like normal men do. Tonight is girls out and I need to get ready!” Matius watches Ming head to the bathroom to shower and get ready to go out. Matius said nothing and let her go on. Matius enters the kitchen and grabs a few bottles of hard liquor.


Matius began to drink as Ming got already for the night. Soon the kids had returned from their friend’s house and found Matius laying across of the dining room table. “Matius?” Said Lei with concern in her voice. “Dad!” Shouts Rio but Matius remain silent as he rest his head on the table. Rio has never seen his Dad like this and starts to worry a little. “Lei, what’s wrong with my Dad?” Whispered Rio. Lei places her small hand on Matius’ shoulder and shakes him. “Matius? What happen? Are you okay?” Said Lei sounding more concern. Lei leans down and close to Matius to notice the smell of liquor on him. “He’s been drinking, Rio.” Said Lei as she steps back. “Dad…” Said Rio as he was about to cry.



Jade notices the kids were a bit worried about Matius. Jade sit next to Matius and told the kids not to worried about him and that he had too much to drink but he’ll be fine. “Mat, sweetie.. You’re scaring the kids. You need to snap out of this.” said Jade. Matius slowly lifts his head from the table. “She won’t even let me touch her. I got needs. I need sex. She’s a selfish bitch.” Grumbled Matius. Jade places her hands on Matius’ arm, “I know sweetie but I think you need to lie back. Let’s get you to bed.” Jade tries to help Matius out of his chair but Malix steps in. “I’ll take it from here. I’ll return him to his bed while you chill out here.” Said Malix with a straight face. Jade was to help to him and Cira but he still doesn’t trust her. Malix knew she could easily take advantage of the situation with Matius’ drunken state. Jade said nothing and sat down in her seat and watch Malix help his brother into his room.


Matius sober up enough to read Rio a bedtime story as Ming bar hop with her friends. Rio has happy to see that his Dad is feeling a bit better is worried about him and his Mom. Matius pulled out his favorite story from when he was a child “Where is Bella?”. “Your Mama use to read this to Malix and I when we were kids.” Smiled Matius. Rio rests his head on his head, “That’s cool. But Dad… you and Mom fight a lot. Are ya’ll gonna get a divorce?” Matius didn’t realize that Rio was even aware of the martial problems that he’s been having with Ming lately. Matius haven’t thought about divorce and doesn’t think that anyone in their family has ever had a divorce. “Your and Mom do have some issues but they will be worked out.” Smiled Matius. Rio sighs a little leans back a little in his bed, “It’s okay Dad. People get divorces all the time. You can get remarried and I can get a new and better Mom. You said Mom is a selfish bitch.” Matius was stunned by what Rio had just said and his eyes grew wide. “Son, never say that about your Mom ever again. She’s a good woman, just a little misguided but a good woman. Don’t worry about this. Were not getting a divorce.” Said Matius with a stern voice. Rio apologized and Matius read Rio to sleep.



By morning Matius attempts to greet Ming a good morning by showing her a little affection. Ming was annoyed and pushed Matius off of her. “Seriously Matius! You’re like a little puppy!” Shouted Ming as she wipes her arms down after rejection Matius’ embrace. “I can’t even show my own wife affection?” Said Matius with a sad tone. Ming rolls her eyes and turns away from Matius. Matius touches Ming’s shoulder and she jumps back. “Fuck it Matius! Don’t fucking touch me! Ugh! You’re so annoying today!” Shouted Ming before she storms out of the room. Matius turns around to find Rio and Lei standing there watching them. Rio and Lei turned away and headed for the bus without saying a word. Matius sighs and takes a seat in the front room. Matius sits alone thinking about what just happen. He’s now confused of why Ming rejects anything that he tries to do to her. They can’t be intimate and now he can’t show her affection nor even touch her in any way. Matius is starting to think that their marriage is falling apart. Matius turns his head to notice that he could hear some splashing going on in the pool.



Matius steps outside and walks over to the pool. He finds Jade swimming alone in the pool. Matius also notice that Jade is swimming in the nude. Matius blushes and quickly turns his back towards Jade. Jade giggles at Matius and playfully splashes a little water at Matius. “It’s okay Mat. It’s not like you never seen a naked woman before.” Joked Jade. Matius blushes even more and can feel himself getting a little warm. “Yeah but the only naked woman I’ve been looking at is my wife.” Said Matius. Jade swims closer to the edge of the pool, “Right… Doesn’t sound like you’ve seen any of her in a while. Come join me. The water is nice.” Matius remains with his back turned at Jade thinks about her offer and feels that it would be kinda fun. “But I don’t have my swim trunks on.” Said Matius trying not to blush anymore. “Neither do I! Strip down. I won’t looked.” Smiled Jade as she turns around. Matius strips out of his clothes and jumps into the pool.


Matius and Jade played around in the pool, swimming and playfully splashing water at each other. They even had a hold breath contest while Matius had won. Matius haven’t this kind of fun in a long while and is enjoying himself around. He does feel a little awkward being naked around a naked woman who isn’t his wife. At the point Matius really doesn’t care rather Ming catches him swimming naked with Jade. He was happy to be around a woman who wanted his attention. Jade’s cell phone rang  and she climbed out he pool. Matius tried to be a gentleman and turned away while she exit the pool but he turned around too soon. “Sorry!” Blushed Matius. Jade smiles and answers her cell. While wrapping a towel around her body Jade told Matius that she needed to leave now.


Later that night Matius attempts to have family time by renting some movies. Ming reluctant joined Matius and Rio for their family movie night. Ming was soon bored and uninterested in watching movies with her husband and son. “I rather be at that high class restaurant, sipping on wine while listening to classical music. Ya know we can afford to go there. Watching kiddie movies while eating popcorn isn’t my idea of fun.” Sighed Ming. Matius tries to ignore her whining and tries to enjoy the movie with Rio. “I got better things to…” Sighed Ming again. By now Matius was annoyed with Ming and told her that she wasn’t forced to stay if she didn’t want to. Ming quickly got up and announced that she hanging out with the girls tonight. Ming went to go shower and got dresses up before calling her friends to tell them that she will be joining them after all.



While Ming put finishing touches with her make up Rio enters the room. “Mom, you really don’t wanna hang with us?” Said Rio with a sad voice. Ming tries to ignore Rio as she finishes getting ready. “Mom?” Said Rio. Ming was starting to be annoyed with Rio thinking that he’s trying to make her feel bad about going out tonight. Ming quickly turned around with her fist balled up with rage. Ming stares down at Rio and anger quickly began to fill up. Ming grew hot as she felt that her blood was about to start boiling.

“I thought if I kept you I would live a fabulous rich life by marrying your Dad. But you… you are a mistake. Marrying your Dad was a mistake. I’ve done nothing fun or fabulous since you were born. All your Dad tries to do is make me into some kind of house wife and Mom. I’m none of those! I wanted to be a rich trophy wife while you’re in the care of a old ugly nanny. But instead he wants me to stay home and watch sucky movies and eat stale popcorn with you and him. I’m going out with my friends and have some kind of fabulous life! I should of just aborted you like my parents wanted to. I decided to be nice and spared you in exchange of marrying your boring Daddy! I thought Matius was the one but I see Malix was the fun one. I should of gotten knocked up by him.” Shouted Ming. Rio was stunned by his Mother’s words and ran to his room in tears. Ming scoffed and headed to her car for a night out.



Ming ordered her first drink of the night while her friends danced on the dance floor. “Your usual?” Asked the bartender. Ming nods her head and was soon given her drink. Ming thought about all what she had said to Rio before and starts regretting every word that she said to him. Ming just knew Rio would tell Matius of what she had told him. Ming started to drink back to back and fast. Ming started to spring out of control at the club a little bit. Near the end of the night Ming shared her issues with the bartender Austin. Austin let Ming vent out a little about her marriage problems. “Ming, can I be honest with you?” Asked Austin. “Sure.” Said Ming as she hiccuped. “Don’t be surprise if Matius finds loving from someone else. You just can’t reject him and think he will stay faithful. We are humans and we have our needs and affection is one of them. You’re being a jerk with no valid reason. If this keeps up either Matius will be bed with another or you’ll be slammed with divorce paper. If you value your marriage, you better shape up.” Said Austin. Ming looks Austin into his eyes, “Piss off!” Ming falls out of her seat onto the floor. Austin just shakes his head and shouted at Ming’s friends to take her home.





9 thoughts on “Montigo Tango: Chapter 12, Drifting Away

  1. Ming really is showing a whole lot of ugly right now..but telling a child some of the things she does is just cruel..Ming doesn’t show any signs that she is able to think of anyone else but herself and it won’t be long she is going to find herself looking back and feeling regrets.

  2. Hi Nay, Just read the last two chapters (11 &12) . You really paint real life situations and Ming is just a spoiled brat who only thinks of herself and no one else. Sorry that Rio had to bear the brunt of her fury. I hope that in spite of what his mother told him that Rio knows that his father loves him. Hope that Nyx gets better with her new diet. In my story she has turned into quite the alchemist.

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