Montigo Tango: Chapter 11, Truth

Cira had placed a help wanted ad for Cherrysicle and a blonde haired woman who worn a pink girls scout uniform was the first the respond to the ad. Cira set a interview with the woman who known up 20 minutes early. Right away the lady shown Cira her very bubbly and cheery personality that would work well for the ice cream since it’s target for families with young children. “Hi my name is Jeni Hendrix, I would be so honor to work here! I love kids and they love me back. I also to help out at the orphanages since I was a teen.” Said Jeni with huge smiles on her face. “That’s great Jeni, but do you know how to make ice cream?” Said Cira. Jeni rubbed the neck of her neck and was a little nervous as she really had made ice cream before. She neglected to realize that this job is at a ice cream shop. “I’ll admit this, I haven’t really made ice cream before but I am a fast learner! Just show me the rope and I can do what you ask. I would love to work at this place. It’s so bright and colorful as me!” Cheered Jeni. Cira so far likes her personality and decided to give her a test run. Cira request that she make some ice cream and let her girls decide if she makes good enough ice cream. Cira was curious to see how well does Jeni interact with kids.



“I’ll do the best I can do, Ms. Cira!” Said Jeni as she prepares to make some ice cream. Lei and Nina wait for Jeni to make some ice cream. Nyx has no interest in ice cream which Cira finds a bit odd for a kid to not like ice cream. “Don’t worry, I promise that you will like this batch that I’m making. What are your names?” Smiled Jeni. “I’m Lei and this is my niece Nina.” Smiled Lei. Jeni took a step back, “A young Aunt, that’s so cool. You two are very pretty. I like your pink and purple hair, Nina.” Said Jeni. Nina smiles but doesn’t say anything as she’s sometimes very shy around strangers. “Here you girls go! I hope you like it.” Smiled Jeni as she hands Lei and Nina a ice cream cone.



Lei and Nina happily accepted the ice cream from Jeni. “Wow this is really good!” Cheered Lei. Nina agrees with Lei. “This sounds promising Jeni. You got the job!” Said Cira. Jeni leaped towards and gave Cira a huge hug, “Oh thank you Ms. Cira! You won’t regret this!” Jeni started to clean around the place and made another batch of ice cream. Lei chatted Jeni a little and even Nina started to open to Jeni a little. Cira watched Jeni as she greeted customer and served ice cream to the kids. Cira felt that she did the right thing by hiring Jeni.



Malix enter the shop with Niro and was greeted by a very excited Jeni, “Good evening Sir and welcome to Cherrysicle! Today’s special is half price double scoop cones! How may I help you?” Greeted Jeni. Malix smiles, “You must be the new help. I enjoined being greeted like this. I’m Malix Montigo, Cira’s husband.” Jeni’s eyes grew, “Malix Montigo?! Oh my you’re very handsome in person! It’s so nice to meet you!” Malix thanked Cira for hiring Jeni telling her that she’s perfect for the job. “Right, you only like her cause she said you were handsome.” Joked Cira.



The kid all sat down in the front room to talk about supernatural occults and things after learning in school that vampires are illegal in Lucky Palms.

Lei: You about vampires are illegal in Lucky Palms?

Rio: Yeah, it’s because of what happen in Bridgeport. I heard that’s like vampire city now.

Nyx: I love to go live there. Bridgeport sounds very interesting to me.

Nina: I think vampires are kinda creepy cause they drink blood. Yuck!

Lei: What if your twin is really a vampire, Nina?

Nina: Nyx is cool. I just hope I’m not one.

Rio: Do you crave blood?

Nina: No!

Nyx: I do! I crave it all the time! I’m so hungry most of the time.

Rio: Really?

Nyx: Yeah! I think I’m really a vampire but I wonder how.

Lei: One of your parents have to be vampire though.

Nyx: My parents are def not normal as you can tell. Look at my dad’s hair and eyes and my Mom has pink and purple hair.

Rio: That’s true but they seem normal. I never seen them bite anyone. I think vampires are cool. I would marry one.

Lei: Have you guys heard about werewolves, fairies, and genies? Do you think they are real?

Nina: I dunno. I like fairies, I wish I could be one.

Nyx: Ha fairies! I wouldn’t mind being a vampire but werewolves are cool but they say those are myths. But I think my brother is a genie.

Lei, Nina, Rio: Niro?!

Nyx: Yeah! I have this weird sense when I’m around him. He touched my hand and it was all sparkly.

Nina: Maybe he’s a fairy!

Rio: He doesn’t have wings so he can’t be.

Matius called for all the kids so he could take them to a movie. All but Nyx hoped out of their chair and ran outside. Nyx applied on her sunscreen on her body and became disgusted by the smell of it. “Yuck! I hate wearing this stuff.” Grumble Nyx.



Jade haven’t hold Matius exactly what her job was. Jade decided to her it secret fearing that Matius would kick her out it he knew about. Jade is a escort for a service that’s still underground. It appears that the rumors about Jade that Malix was indeed true. Jade has a long term client named Donovan Steel who usually calls her at all hours of the day and night. Donovan is the main reason why Jade sudden have to leave. Donovan feels that he has control and power over Jade as she drops everything to service him. Donovan pays Jade well and he’s her favorite client. Jade starts out with giving Donovan his daily back massage. “You have such magical fingers, Jade.” Moaned Donovan. Jade remained silent as she massages Donovan. “You’re awfully quiet today Jade..” Huffed Donovan. Jade stops massaging him, “I have something to tell you.” Donovan spun around, “What it is my Dear?” Jade takes a deep breath, “I’m currently living with a nice and rich man. You won’t have me much longer. I think he’s going to rescue me.” Donovan was puzzled by her words, “Rescue you? What he rescuing you from?” Jade steps back a little and spun her arm around, “This. This life. I can’t do this no more. I know in my heart he will love me some day and take me away.” Donovan raises his brow, “You don’t like servicing me? Do I not pay you enough? Who is this rich guy that you speak of?”

A smiled grew across Jade’s face, ” I live with Matius Montigo and his brother. I know Matius likes me.” Donovan scoffs and then laughs. “Darling.” Said Donovan as he place his warm palms on Jade’s cheeks. “You can’t be possibly sure that Matius would leave his wife for you. You are beautiful but no real man would ever marry a whore.” Jade jerks away from his hold, “Watch what you say!” Donovan smirks and places his hand around Jade’s waist, “It’s the truth my darling. Matius would never leave that pretty wife of his. Don’t be a home wrecker, you’re already a lady who sells her nice body for a quick fuck. Stick with me, I’m the only client who will treat you well.” Said Donovan as he pulls in Jade into a kiss.



“Time is money, Jade. I’m not paying you to chat with. It’s time for you to service me.” Said Donovan as he carefully strips Jade down. Jade reluctantly kisses Donovan and lays in bed with him. “Jade, don’t be so down. Look at the bright side, you will always have me.” Said Donovan as he mounts on top of Jade. “Just do what you gotta do…” Whispered Jade. Donovan inserts himself inside of Jade and began thrusting. Jade stares blankly at the ceiling before daydreaming about Matius making love to her. Jade softly moans Matius’ name while Donovan didn’t hear here over his own orgasmic grunting. Donovan reaches to the point of climax and relieves himself before pulling his sweaty body off of Jade. Jade turns towards Donovan, “If I keep doing this… Will keep your end of  special the bargain?” Donovan sighs, “Yes Jade. I trashed the Montigo murder case file. Your killer friend…pimp…whoever he is. He’s safe. But you promise to stay with me and get rid of that silly fantasy of Matius leaving Ming for you.” Jade smiles and kisses Donovan on his forehead.



Jade returned home and shower. Jade went downstairs for lunch but overheard Cira chatting with Malix about what are they going to do about Nyx because they want to go on a family picnic. Jade takes a look at Nyx and notices something about her. She saw why they were concern about taking Nyx out in sunlight. “May I step in?” Asked Jade. Cira isn’t too fond of Jade and knows she’s up to something but decided to let Jade put in a word. “Okay, shoot.” Said Cira. “So I guess you guys don’t realize that your daughter is a vampire. That’s why she hates sunlight. Vampire babies usually have their blood purified after birth by their parents. When that’s done, they are able to handle sunlight until adulthood. In adulthood, the sun weakens. If their blood isn’t purified before adulthood they will die.” Said Jade. Malix folded his arms, “That’s bullshit. My child is not a vampire. Neither Cira and I are vampires.” Jade sniffs by Malix then by Cira. Jade turns towards Malix, “The vampire gene is from you Malix.” Malix grow hot and takes a step towards Jade, “Impossible! I am not a vampire!” Jade waves her arms up in the air as she takes a few steps back, “That is true but you were a vampire at birth, Malix. I can smell it. You still have vampire urges?” Malix thinks back to the night were he grabbed Cira suddenly and tried to bite her. “Yes.. I do. I sometimes crave blood but I thought I was strange.” Said Malix as he looks down.

Cira had feelings that Nyx could be a vampire but was confused of how that was possible. At first she thought she may of came home with the wrong baby but Nyx and Nina are identical twins with different hair and eye color. “Are you certain about Nyx?” Asked Cira. “Yeah but let me speak with Nyx.” Said Jade. Cira calls Nyx over.



“Hi Nyx, I wanna ask you some questions.”


“Do you ever crave blood of plasma fruit?”

“Yes! All the time! I’m so hungry all the time. When I eat food I’m still hungry.”

“How does the sunlight feel?”

“My blood feels like it’s boiling and it hurts so bad. Sometimes it feels like I’m gonna explode.”

“Any urges to bite or attack others?”

“…All the time. Is there wrong with me?”

“Not at all. That’s normal for vampires.”

“I’m a vampire.”

“Yes, I can smell it.”

“Are you a occult too?”

“Let’s focus on you sweetie. Your parents need to switch your diet quick.”

Jade turns towards Malix and Cira, “You’re daughter is a vampire, she has the scent.” Cira broke out in tears after learning the truth about her daughter. Malix holds Cira, “It’s okay. Now we know.” Cira pulls away from Malix’s embrace, “No it won’t. Vampires are illegal here. We have a vampire child! What are we gonna do?! We took Nyx to many doctors and they couldn’t tell us about Nyx’s vampire blood.” Jade steps in, “Don’t worry Cira. Nyx is a minor and they can’t deport Nyx. Nyx would have to leave Lucky Palms when she’s 18. The doctors didn’t tell you about it cause they want Nyx to die and she would if you guys never met me.”  Cira began to wipe her eyes and is having different thoughts about Jade with her possibly saving Nyx’s life. “What do we do now?” Said Cira as she sniffle. “Since Malix isn’t vampire anymore he can’t purified her blood. You’ll have to switch her to a strict plasma fruit diet, no human food. Nyx is starving to death and she’s getting weaken. I can feel her life force fading. Once she’s on plasma fruit she can stand the sunlight for a while.” Said Jade. Cira hugged Jade, “Thanks.”



Later that night….

“My sweet Grandbaby, you’re getting so big now. Don’t worry little one. Your Mama will be looking over you. I will help you with your great power, Niro.” Said Sakura as she kisses Niro on his forehead.



Jade walks in to see the ghost of Sakura and Santiago with Niro. “What are you doing with that baby!” Shouts Jade. Sakura and Santiago both turned around at the same time. “You… It’s you! What are you doing in my house?!” Shouts Sakura. The color began to drain from Jade’s face as she recognized the ghosts is Sakura and Santiago. “We got rid of you for what you did! How are you back here?!” Shouted Jade as she began to power up. Sakura floats slightly closer to jade with Niro still in her arms, “Ah you’re gonna zap me when I’m still holding my grandchild? You’re not a very smart girl, Jade. Leave my house at once!” Shouts Sakura. “I will not leave! I was sent to stay here! I am doing my job! And I get your precious son Matius in the process!” Shouted Jade as she grows angry. “Stay away from my son!” Shouts Sakura as she shoots a power orb at Jade that was strong enough to knock Jade down. Jade wipes her face to find blood, she quickly gets up and runs out of the house.

8 thoughts on “Montigo Tango: Chapter 11, Truth

  1. Did I miss the part where Jade moved in? If that was in another chapter maybe I skimmed over it. Anyway good chapter.

  2. oh my, things are heating up…I hope Mat finds out the truth about Jade, he is vulnerable in the state of mind he is in with that wife of his….things are starting to happen!

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