Montigo Tango: Chapter 10, Lady in red

After Lei’s punishment, Rio knocked on Lei’s door. “Who is it?” Asked Lei. “It’s me Rio.” Said Rio as he cracked Lei’s door open. Lei opens her door and lets Rio in. they walked over to Lei’s window and sat on the beanbag chairs. “Why were skipping school?” Asked Rio, he was unaware that Lei was skipping school. Lei looks down at the floor before looking Rio into his eyes, “I was looking for the killer. I know he’s still around here. I can feel it.” Rio’s eyes got wide and almost shot out of this chair,” Are you crazy?! That’s dangerous! You can’t just run around town looking for him. Let the police do their job!” Lei got slightly upset at Rio, “The police closed the case cause there’s no new leads! The police don’t care! Screw the police!”  Rio got up from his chair, walked over to Lei and placed his hand on Lei’s shoulder, “I know you wanna find out who killed Papa and Mama but you could get killed and we will all be very upset. I have faith that something new will turn up. I hope you will have faith too.” Lei stood up and hugged Rio and telling him that he was right and hope something will turn up. Rio asked Lei if she’ll do homework with him and she agreed.


Later that evening Matius sat down with Ming in their front room to chat. “Hey I was thinking about having a family picnic at the park tomorrow afternoon. I really want to spend some time for with you and Rio as a family.” Smiled Matius. Ming’s face began to frown up a little with Ming not really being the outdoorsy type. “I dunno Matius. You and Rio can go but I’ll just hit Montigo Palms to play some blackjack with the girls.” Said Ming. Matius couldn’t believe that Ming isn’t interest in having a family outing and wanting to play blackjack with friends instead. “You can’t be serious, Ming! I want to have some family time like what my parents did with Malix and I when we were kids.” Said Matius. Ming sighs,” Picnics are nice but can we just go to a fancy restaurant instead?” Matius shakes his head, “You do know Rio is 7? A fancy restaurant isn’t fun for a 7 year old kid. I want to enjoy the great outdoors and play some football. I use to do this with my parents all the time. I want Rio to have the same fun memories like I did.” Ming rolls her eyes and stood up, “Do whatever with Rio, just take me out the the fancy place afterwards.”



Matius had a busy night at the club mixing drinks for the clubbers. One of his customers looked like Jade and her gave her a little wink. Moments later Matius couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Jade walking towards his bar in her tight fitting red dress. Matius began to feel a little hot as he watched Jade approach him. Jade sat down in front of Matius and flash him a smile, “Hi Matius.” Matius gently sat down the glass that he was cleaning and smiled back at Jade. “Hi Jade, What can I get for you?” Said Matius with a warm smile. Jade place her hand under her chin, “Hmm.. I’ll  have a Blondie, please.” Matius chuckles a little, “Hmm a red head ordering a Blondie? That’s funny but it’s coming right up.” Jade laughs, “They say blondes have more fun.” Matius grabs the ingredients to make Jade’s drink, “How have you been, Ms. Jade?” Jade deeply sighs, “Not too well.” Matius hands Jade her drink, “I hope this brightens your mood.” Jade smiles and takes a sip of her drink, “My mood was brighten once I saw you Matius.” Matius starts to blush a little but is curious of why Jade is so down. He doesn’t know if he should pry but thinks Jade needs someone to talk to.

“So what is going on with Jade?”

“Things are bad for me. I lost my house in a fire and I’m staying at a friend’s house but it almost seems like they really don’t want me there.”

“I’m sorry about the house fire and about your living situation. I know that have to be uncomfortable.”

“I almost just wanna live in the street. They don’t want me there but too scared to say anything. I have a sister, Jeni but her lives with people.”

“Move in with me. I live in a mansion and have a few extra rooms. You can stay in one of the rooms.”

“Really? That’s so nice of you. I always wanted to live in a mansion. Sounds fancy. So it will be me, you and your son? ”

“No, my wife, my brother with his family, my little sister and my son all live there.”

“Oh, you have a wife?”

“Yeah… I do but she won’t mind.”

“Okay, well my job keeps me busy so I’ll be out of your hair for most of the time. I’ll just be there to sleep.”

“That’s fine. You don’t need to stay away because of Ming.”

“Ming is your wife? No wonder, she’s hot. I didn’t know she’s married to you since she’s here a lot. My friend talks about how hot she is.”

“Yeah…. Ming loves the night life. Just stay after when we shut down, we’ll take you to our home.”

“Sounds like a plan.”



Malix didn’t say much to Matius when he told him that he’s letting Jade move in. “It’s a bad idea.” Warned Malix before heading to bed. Ming came in after Matius and Jade. Ming was confused about why a attractive female came home with Matius, “Uh.. who is she?” Matius wasn’t sure what Ming’s reaction was going to be but hoping Ming wouldn’t care too much since she’s drunk. “This is Jade, she’s staying with us. She lost her house in a fire and her friends are jerks.” Smiled Matius. Ming scoffs, “Whatever.” Ming turned away and headed to bed. “She took that well.. Anyways there’s a few rooms upstairs, take your pick on which on that you want.” Said Matius to Jade. “Thanks, this means a lot.” Said Jade as she kisses him on his cheek before heading upstairs.



Ming joined Matius as he watched a little TV before heading to the park with Rio. “Matius, I change my mind. I want to go on the picnic.” Smiled Ming. Matius was curious about the sudden change of heart, “Why suddenly?” Ming places her hand on Matius’ lap, “Cause you were right. We need to spend time as a family.” Matius smiles, “I get it… You’re getting jealous of Jade.” Ming jerks her hand away from Matius, ” No I’m not! I’m much hotter than her!” Matius laughs, “Okay okay, let’s get ready then.”



Lei watches Matius, Ming and Rio load up to go on their family picnic. Lei felt sad as she remember all the picnics that she went on with her parents. Cira places her hand on Lei’s shoulder,” What’s wrong?” Lei turns to Cira with tears running down her face, “I miss the picnics that I use to go on with Mommy and Daddy!” Cira hugs Lei tight, “I know sweetie. Malix and I are taking the kids on a picnic tomorrow, we want you to join us.” Lei’s frown turned into a smile and hugged Cira very tight, “Yes! I wanna go!” Cira smiles at Lei knowing that she and Malix will be the only thing closest to being parents for Lei.



It was getting near sundown. Matius and family sat down and ate hot dogs while chatting about their favorite TV shows. After finish his meal Rio ran off to play on the swings while Matius chat with Ming.


“Ming, I’ve thinking about something…”

“Thinking of what?”

“Having another baby. I want a daughter.”

“Umm… I don’t want another baby. You wouldn’t leave me with Rio.”

“I know but with a new baby, you’ll have another chance. What do you say?”

“I still don’t want another baby. Being pregnant with Rio sucked! I couldn’t drink or party and I’m surprised that my body didn’t get wrecked!”

“Seriously Ming? You don’t want another baby because you want to drink and party?”

“Yeah! Babies are annoying and stinky. I’m so glad Rio is a kid now. I can’t do that mess again!”

“I thought we agreed on having more kids?”

“Well changed my mind. I don’t want anymore. I want to have fancy parties, drink and have fun. Since Rio is older why haven’t we did any of those yet?”

“I want a family Ming, I have no interest in throwing parties all the time.”

“I thought being married to you would be fun but you’re such a bore! It’s all about family, kids, school, work and bullshit! I want the good life like most rich wives!”

“I can not believe you Ming! You knew how I wanted a family.”

“Be happy that didn’t abort Rio like my family wanted me to!”


“You heard me. Either I abort Rio or marry you. My family wouldn’t allow a child born out of wedlock. I picked to marry you. I thought you were cool.”

“I can’t believe this Ming. You must of been drinking again….”

Matius got up and left Ming on the picnic blanket to spend some time with Rio. Ming is starting to regret telling Matius about her family wanting her to abort Rio.




10 thoughts on “Montigo Tango: Chapter 10, Lady in red

  1. Oh man, I smell an affair in the not so distant future. While Ming’s a bitch, I think her honesty was a good thing. It’s better for Matius to find out her true colors now, rather than after another baby. I’m worried about Lei, too-what if she gets kidnapped by the murderer?

    • Ming was meant not to be liked lol. She was pretty much forced into marriage by her family cause she refused to abort Rio. Lei was being a little risky.

      • I know she’s not likeable, but I think she’s sort of sympathetic, too. I think her situation just made her very bitter and in need of an escape. Lei is a very brave kid, haha.

  2. I have a bad feeling about Jade. She sees an opening since tensions are developing between Mat and Ming to use. Ming is horrible though….I think she only loves money and herself. Poor Mat. I don’t see good things happening to him.

  3. Oic. I had missed this chapter when I read the latter two tonight. You’re pumping them out too quick! LOL. Incidentally, Mat’s hair is the same hair I use for Vandeen when he grows up. 🙂 He kinda looks like him in the 6th pic. It’s a sexy hair.

    • My hand is feeling better so now I can finally dish out these chapters. Matty has a new hairstyle, you’ll see in chapter 12. Yeah it did look good on him but I like his newer hair. He looks more Korean.

  4. After reading this, I feel much as the comments here indicate…it’s obviouls Ming isn’t happy and telling Mat like it is kinda starts teh wheels turning..with Jade in the house it is only a matter of time before this marriage falls completely apart…as though it hasn’t already

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