Montigo Tango: Chapter 9, Problem Child

Matius has breakfast with Cira and Ming while Malix spent in after drinking way too much the previous night.  The house worker Valerie had a huge mess to clean after Malix vomit all over the table and floor attempting to do a strip tease dance on top of the table. Malix also broken the table. Matius didn’t seem to be too bother by this and was actually laid back. After finishing his breakfast he went to check on him and nurse his hangover. “Why are you being so nice? Aren’t you gonna kick my ass?” Said Malix as he slowly rolls over in bed. “Nope, I’m gonna let Cira do that. You do know it’s the twins’ birthday?” Said Matius with a smiled. Malix slowly sits up in his bed and places his hands on his forehead, “Yeah I know… I’m not gonna miss it, Cira will kill me.” Matius chuckles a little.



” What’s up man? You haven’t drank that much in a while. What’s going on?” Said Matius with concern in his tone. Malix makes attempt to get out of bed, “I dunno.. I’ve been having weird dreams that I was a vampire… I was very sexy but had a very bitchy little sister who liked to yell at me all the time…. kinda like the female version of you.” Matius playfully smacks Malix with a pillow, “Hey now….. but you deserve most of the time.”



Malix continues on about his dreams that he had having with Matius. “Last night Cira brought the baby into our room to feed him and she started to sing him a song. The song sounded familiar like I’ve heard it before like a long time ago. I drifted back to sleep and then I dreamed that I was a little baby being held by a woman. She had long dark brown hair with aqua blue highlights and she was singing the same song as Cira. The woman seemed familiar and she told me how she will make sure nothing will ever happen to me. She rocked me and held me tight. She laid me in my crib and then I heard a scream and then a loud thump. That’s when I woke up.” Said Malix. Matius didn’t think dreams ever met anything other than Lei’s dreams but now he finds himself curious Malix’s dreams.

Matius thinks back when Malix joined their family and his parents tend to look worried whenever there was a knock at the door since bringing Malix home. It almost seemed like feared that someone was there to take him away. Matius didn’t think much of it until today. He remembered hearing Valerie talking about she thought it was strange how his parents never been in court or had social worker visits when they adopted Malix. Matius was only a toddler when Malix joined the family at 2 months old. Most of Malix’s childhood his parents slightly panicked whenever someone has knocked at their door. Matius isn’t sure rather to tell Malix is or not but decided not to. “Crazy stuff there. We better get ready for the party.” Said Matius.



They had the twins’ birthday party at Cherrysicle and celebrated Niro’s birthday too with it around the corner. The party went as planned and everyone had enjoined themselves. Matius hoped for Jade to swing by for the party, she told him that she would but couldn’t make it a promise. Matius was disappointed to see that Jade didn’t come to the party as he hoped. He tried not to let his disappointment show during the party and tried to have fun with the others.



Nyx as child



Nina as a child



Today was the twins first day of school. Cira was very excited to send her girls off to school. Cira woke the twins and told them to get ready. Nyx wasn’t very happy about waking up and ignored Cira by pulling the blankets over her head. Nyx eventually wondered out of bed and was stopped by Cira. “Are you ready for your first day?” Smiled Cira at Nyx. Nyx growled and tossed her arms up in rage, “Are you crazy?! You’re sending me off to school in the sunlight?! I HATE THE SUNLIGHT MOM! It makes my blood boiled!!! You’re trying to kill me!” Cira places her hands on her hips, “Look young lady, don’t use that tone with me! There isn’t a night school and you will have to tough it out! I made a special request to have a window shade placed on the window of seat on the bus. If you apply the sunscreen like I asked the sun won’t bother you long enough to board to bus and enter the school. I took you to many doctors and you’re fine! You can stay home today but tomorrow you’re going to school!” Nyx grumbles and walks away.



Nyx heads back to her room to crawl back in bed to sulk. “Hey we need to go to school today.” Said Nina as she picks out a outfit to wear. “I’m not going to school, butt head!” Shouted Nyx. Nina was a little confused, “What do you mean that you’re not going to school?”. Nyx growls again at Nina, “Cause I can’t be in the sun!” Nina could see Nyx was upset and decided to leave the subject alone and finish getting ready for school.



While waiting for the bus Nina joins Malix in the TV room upstairs while he’s watching the morning news. “Daddy, what’s wrong with Nyx?” Asked Nina. Malix doesn’t think anything is wrong with Nyx and wants to assure Nina that’s nothing is wrong. “Nyx is fine, she just sensitive when it comes to the sun.” Said Malix with a gentle smile. Nina wasn’t convinced by Malix’s words. “I think she’s a vampire. I read about them and she acts like one.” Said Nina with seriousness in her voice. Malix thought that was ridiculous and laughed a little. “Not possible. One of us have to be a vampire too and your mom and I aren’t vampires.” Said Malix. “But you got red eyes like a vampire, Daddy. Nyx has red eyes and I got yellow eyes. Some vampires have yellow eyes too.” Said Nina before the bus pulled up. “Nina, I’m not a vampire and your sister isn’t a vampire either. We just have strange genetics. You have pink hair like your Mom and she’s normal too.” Said Malix before Nina left for school.



Cira went to go check on little Niro in his room. Cira has a strange feeling about Niro like she did when Nyx was born. She knows something is different about her son. Niro does like the sun unlike Nyx but he seems to always be clean and fed. Cira gave him a bottle and he didn’t want it, he just played with the bottle. At first Cira thought Niro was refusing food but he seemed like he was fed as he is still putting on weight like he should. He’s been to doctors and checked out find but still Cira knows there’s something strange about her son who is starting to look like Malix.



Before attending class Malix went to the police station to find out about his parents’ murder case that has gone cold. Malix was outraged to learn that nothing new has came out and they simply had closed the case since no new leads had came up. “Look for a man with glowing yellow eyes! That shouldn’t be too hard to find!” Shouted Malix. Malix was asked to keep it down a few notches and they will opened the file when something comes up. Before heading out Malix notice a sheet of paper on a desk talking about illegal vampire baby adoptions around the time he was born. “We just sentenced the last person who did a illegal vampire baby adoption. Vampires are illegal in Lucky Palms.” Smiled the detective. “That’s….good to know. I guess.” Said Malix before leaving.



Malix came to class late and quickly sat at his desk to work on his assignment. Malix was too curious about his adoption and did some research instead. Malix was stunned to find there’s not record of him being adopted in Lucky Palms or anywhere. “How could this be? Was I a illegal adoption? Was a I vampire?” Thought Malix to himself.



After school the kids all went to go hang out at Cherrysicle as Cira and Ming worked. Nyx couldn’t help herself when she decided to take Niro’s candy away from him. “Hush brat! Babies don’t need candy.” Scoffed Nyx as she eats Niro’s candy. Lei saw Nyx took Niro’s candy and confronted her about it. “Hey give Niro back his candy! You just can’t take things away from him That’s mean!” Shouted Lei. Nyx stomps her foot, “I don’t have to! You’re not my Mom! I don’t have to listen to you!”  Lei rolled her and takes a step towards Nyx. “I’m your Aunt and I am older than you! So you  have to do what I say!” Yelled Lei. Nyx leaps onto Lei and tries to neck her neck but Cira grabs Nyx and smacks her on her butt with a wooden spoon. “Have you lost your mind child?! Go stand in time out!” Shouted Cira as she points at the corner. Cira turns to Lei, “The next there’s a issue with Nyx come get me instead of confronting her. Do I make myself clear?” Said Cira with a stern tone. Lei nods, “Yes Ma’am.”



Lei and Nina sang together on the karaoke machine, this was a new addition to the ice cream shop for family fun. “This is really fun.” Cheered Nina.



By then Nyx was released from timeout and started to heckle Lei and Nina. “You guys suck!” Chuckled Nyx. Lei and Nina ignored Nyx’s insults and continue on singing their song. “Oh don’t act like you don’t hear me! You two sound like dying cats on acid! Your singing is annoying.” Scoffed Nyx. Nina couldn’t ignore her sister’s cruel words and started to cry. “Oh did I hurt the wittle baby’s feelings? Go grow some balls!” Laughed Nyx. Lei tries to consoles Nina, “Stop it Nyx or I’ll tell your Mom.” Nyx smirked and folded her arms, “Waa waa waa! Tattle teller baby!”



Rio walks over to see what was going between Lei and Nyx. “Nyx, why are you being meaning?” Asked Rio. Nyx turns around to see Rio eating a ice cream cone. Nyx walks towards and knocks his ice cream out of his hand. “Mind your bees wax!” Shouted Nyx. Rio looks down at his fallen ice cream and begans to tear up, “Hey… That wasn’t cool.” Nyx lets out a high pitch laughter, “Ohhh! Are you a poopy butt cry baby too?” “Auntie Cira!” Cried Rio as he tries to pick up his ice cream cone. Cira races upstairs to find Rio crying over his ice cream and Nina crying while hugging on Lei. “And whatever happen here?” Said Cira in a stern voice, she knows it has something to do with Nyx. “Nyx said mean things to us and made Nina cry and then she knocked Rio’s ice cream cone out of his hand.” Said Lei. Cira walks over to Nyx,  grabs her by the arm and spanked Nyx’s bottom with a her hand. “What did I just tell you?! I think you need to go home now. You’re grounded!” Shouted Cira. Nyx wiped the tears from his eyes and waited in the lobby for Malix to come pick her up.



The next day Matius received a phone call for the kids’ school.

“Hello is this Matius Montigo?”

“Yes, I’m him.”

“Hi, this is Mrs. Acer. I am the school’s Principal. I’m calling to inform you that Lei Montigo’s grades are falling and she missed 4 days of school this week and 3 days last week.”

“I’ve sent her to school all last week and this week Ma’am.”

“Okay, well I think she’s been skipping class, Mr. Montigo. If this continues we will have to send her to a alternative school.”

‘That won’t be needed. I will get to the bottom of this.”



Matius found Malix in the kitchen and told him about the call from the school about Lei skipping school. Lei’s grades haven’t been the best lately and skipping school was new to them. Matius warned Lei about improving her grades but it seems to fallen on deaf ears.

“Malix, Lei has been skipping school and her grades are still bad. It’s time that we show her that we are serious.”

“What are we doing?”

“I told her if she didn’t improve that she’s going to be grounded and since she’s now skipping school, she needs to be spanked.”

“Spanked?! No! You’re not spanking her! You’re gonna grounded her and send her to timeout!”

“Timeout doesn’t work on this kid! We did that last time and nothing has changed! She’s playing us!”

“She’s not playing us! You’re not spanking her! Just grounded her!”

“No! I’m not gonna let her walk all over me. I’m putting my foot down with this child!”

“You’re such a bully!”

“You’re such a clown!”

By this time Cira steps in, “I’m sorry Malix but I will have to agree with Matius on this. I think it’s time for spanking. I had to spank Nyx after putting her in time out. After her spanking her behavior has been very good all day today. I had no complaints and no lip from her so far. Sometimes timeout isn’t enough. Lei had been warned.” Malix gave in and walked away to let Matius handle Lei. Cira could see Malix is a little angry after hearing Cira confess to spanking Nyx. Malix is against it but Cira and Matius were not. Malix notice how well Nyx had been acting today, he saw some good came from it.



When Lei came home from a friend’s house Matius confronted her.

“I got a call from your school and found out that you been skipping school.”

“So? What about it?”

“You just can’t do that, Lei!”

“Whatever! I just didn’t feel like going to school! I have better things to do!”

“I’ve warned you about your grades and they are still bad!”

“So? Whatcha gonna do? Grounded me? Big deal!”

“Yes I am going to grounded you for 2 weeks. No TV, internet, video games or anything fun!”

“Pssh! I’m still gonna do what I want when I want! I don’t have to listen to you or your stupid slutty wife!”

“That’s it!”



Matius grabs Lei by her arm and walks over to a chair, he sits down and bends Lei over his lap. “Please no! I’m sorry Matius! I’m sorry!” Cried Lei. Matius raises his hand up in air. “Too late.” Said Matius before he starts to spank Lei for a few seconds. “Go to your room and never talk back to me, Ming, Malix or Cira. Do I make myself clear?” Said Matius with a low deep tone. “Yes.” Nodded Lei as she wiped the tears from her eyes. Malix happen to walk by and stops, “I heard her back talk. I guess you were right. She thinks she can do whatever. I hope this shows that were serious.”

9 thoughts on “Montigo Tango: Chapter 9, Problem Child

    • Yeah, he learns about illegal vampire baby adoptions and finds no records of his adoption, it would make you go “Hmm”

  1. I just caught up on your last few chapters. So much is going on. Lei is more disturbed by her troubling dreams than she lets on. This business with Jade and the yellow-eyed man is ominious. Good story so far

  2. I love when Malix describes his dream and says he was very sexy x] LOLOLOL and he’s finally starting to questions what he is. Very interesting.

    And poor Nyx and Lei :[ They both seem very confused and upset with the world

  3. I am getting caught up, too. I like the way you are weaving the past story into this one…very mysterious indeed and what about the murders? This is a confusing time for the entire family esp the kids

  4. Sexy vampire Malix is sexy. Especially when he admits it. 😀 Man, this family has so much drama going on, I feel like with Lei’s spanking, all of their boiling tension is going to explode on them.

  5. Hi Nay, Wow, Nyx is turning out to be quite a handful and sometimes corporal punishment is needed when they’ve done wrong as long as it’s done in love. Hope that as I slowly read along that things work out but judging from your previews in the thread there is lots more to come.


    • Made it to chapter 9? lol You do have some ways to go. MT is taking a week break. Nyx is gonna be a handful as a teen. She’s already acting out.

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