Montigo Tango: Chapter 8, Rio’s birthday

Time has gone by since the ghostly encounter of Sakura in the Montigo household. Today is Rio’s birthday and instead of preparing for the party, Malix and Ming went to go play blackjack at the Lucky Palms casino instead of at their own. “Never tell Matius this.” Said Malix to Ming as he places a bet. Ming nodded and agreed not to tell Matius about their visit to their rival casino. Malix and Ming began to lose track of time as it was just a hour before the party with Rio. “Shit Malix! We gotta go! Get the cake. I’ll meet you at Cherrysicle.” Shouted Ming. Malix and Ming collected their winnings and raced out.



Meanwhile at the party Matius chats with Jade who happen to stop by the ice cream shop. “Is there a party going on?” Asked Jade. Matius was happy to see Jade again because it’s been a while since Matius seen Jade other than in class. “Yeah, it’s my son’s birthday.” Smiled Matius.

“Oh really?  Is this him? He’s a cutie like his daddy.”

“Yep, this is Rio. Say hi to Jade.”

Rio remains quiet.

“I wanna tell you sorry about that night that I suddenly left. I had to take care of some things. I didn’t get a chance to tell you bye.”

“It’s okay. I seen you in class but you leave before it’s over. I wanted to talk to you.”

“I’m sorry Matius, things keep coming up and I have to leave quick. I have some free time and I was craving some ice cream.”

“Well you came to the right place for that. Please stay with Rio’s birthday.”

“Sure, I’ll love that.”



Malix came to the party with Nyx in hand. Ming quickly ran up to Malix, “Did you bring the cake?” Malix knew he was forgetting something when he went to go pick up Nyx. “Shit! I forgot.” Shouted Malix. Ming began to panic after learning that Malix forgot to pick up the birthday cake. “We can’t have a party without a cake!” Shouted Ming. Cira overheard Malix forgetting the cake. “Don’t worry Ming, I’ll go get the cake.” Smiled Cira. Ming regained her composure, “Thanks Cira.”



Malix felt a little bad for forgetting the cake and just knew Matius was going to give him a hard time about it. Nyx didn’t seem to be too happy about all the strange new people coming to her and awwing about how cute she it. “She looks just like you Malix. Very unique red eyes you both have. Just like vampire.” Said a lady. Malix smiles at the lady, “Thanks but were not vampires..” Nyx leans in trying to bite the lady’s arm as she tried to tickle her. “Oops sorry there…. We kinda have a biter here.” Said Malix nervously. The lady gave Malix a odd look and walked away. “Nyx, you can’t just go around and bite people like some kind of vampire.”



Lei invited a few friends to Rio’s birthday party. It appears that Lei’s life is going back to normal and she enjoys hanging out with friends. It’s been a year since Lei had anymore strange dreams but sometimes mention about the man with glowing yellow eyes. Matius and Malix panicked thinking Lei had seen him. Lei assure her brothers that she hasn’t seen him other than in her dreams. The brothers felt spotting a guy with glowing yellow eyes isn’t too hard to find in Lucky Palms. After a few years since their parent’s death there’s been no luck finding such a guy.



Cira had return with the cake and it’s time for Rio to blow out his candle. Malix decided to help out with his nephew after forgetting his cake. Rio turned out to be a handsome boy. Rio reminds Malix of Matius at this age. He does look a lot like Matius but with Ming’s green eyes.



Rio races over to the gumball machine. “Can I have a gumball?” Asked Rio without looking to see if his parents were around. “You can have one. Just one.” Smiled Cira. “Aww, Auntie Cira… It’s my birthday.” Whined Rio. Cira smiles a little and give in, “Okay, you can have 2.” Rio runs over and hugs Cira, “Thanks Auntie!” Rio buys himself 2 gumballs while Lei buys one.  “I’m just getting one. I don’t want to go to the dentist again.” Said Lei to Cira. Rio tosses both gumballs in his mouth, “You’re missing out Lei!”



Malix joins Matius as he finishes his piece of cake. “Hey, I’m sorry about the cake…” Said Malix as he look down at the table. Matius snickers a little, “It’s cool man. I kinda expected that from you.” Malix looks up and smiles, “Jeeze, thanks. You’re in a good mood.” Matius finishes his last bite, “Yeah I talked to Jade today finally.” Malix raises a brow and smirks a little devilish, “Oh really. Your little red head crush? Where is she?” Matius looks around then looks down, “She left suddenly…again.” Malix leans back into his chair and deeply sighs. “That girl is a strange one. Leaving in a flash. Is she batman or something? Whatever is going on with her, it sounds fishy. I’ve heard a few things about her. Don’t get close. You’re married.” Said Malix. Matius leans back into his arm and folds his arm in disgust, “And what have you heard about Jade?” Malix clears his throat and leans in closer to Matius, “She’s into some shady shit…” Matius gets a little defensive, “And what shady shit is that?” Malix gives Matius a devilish a smirk, “Hooker. Whore. The girl is a prostitute.” Matius was applauded by what Malix had said, “Hooker? You can’t listen to these rumors. Jade is not hooker, she’s sweet and kind. I won’t listen to this anymore.” Matius grabbed his plate and walked away from Malix. “Just warning ya bro.” Said Malix.



Lei became to have a dream about a man following Cira around. Lei thinks it’s the same man who she saw looking for her parents in a dream a few years back. Lei couldn’t get a good look of the man and he caressed Cira telling her that she was his. Lei shouts for Cira but the man races to her and shouts “Fuck off little girl! before pushing her down and waking Lei from her sleep. Lei was shaken and wanted to get Cira. Lei began to step out of bed only the knocked down. “Oh no you don’t little girl! This mush happen!” Shouted a woman who appeared transparent in Lei’s room. Lei looks up and notice that the woman looks familiar, “I’ve seen you.. You were at Rio’s birthday talking to Matius. That red head girl!” Shout Lei. “Enough of that kid!” Shouted Jade before zapping Lei, knocking her out. Lei awoke in the morning confused about why she was on the floor. Lei had no memory of her nightmare nor the strange visit by Jade.



Rio went to greet Lei in her room. Lei still confused allowed Rio to enter.

“What happen to you?”

“I dunno. I woke up on the floor.”

“How were you on the floor?”

“I dunno?”

“Were you drunk?”

“What? I’m too young to drink silly.”

“No I mean drunk on ice cream.”

Lei laughs

“No I didn’t get ice cream wasted. I do feel weird though.”

“Probably cause you didn’t eat enough ice cream.”

“You’re silly Rio. I think I’ll be fine.”

“Hey what’s that?”

“That’s my music box that my daddy got me.”

“Cool. I wish I gotten cool stuff from Papa.”

“Wanna listen?”


Lei winds up the music box and they both listen and swayed to the music. The bus honked the horn and the kids grabbed their bags and raced to the bus.

7 thoughts on “Montigo Tango: Chapter 8, Rio’s birthday

    • We’ll see if Matius listen to Malix’s warning about her but it appears that Matius thinks it’s a cruel rumor. We know she’s up to no good with her appearing in Lei’s room and zapping away her memory of a possible warning dream.

  1. Oh no… Lei can’t lose her memory – she is the key to finding the killer! Rio is so cute! I bet he will be my Sim crush when he is older 🙂 LOL

    • I have no idea what he’ll look like when he gets older but he looks a lot like Matius. Matius gets sexier after his makeover hehe. And Niro, Malix’s son I think Niro is gonna look a lot like Malix when he gets older 😀

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