Montigo Tango: Chapter 7, Ghostly Visitor

It was shortly after midnight and Malix put Niro is his swing after his feeding. Malix was hoping the swing would rock little  Niro back to sleep. Malix felt a cool breeze behind as he watched Niro. Malix thought nothing of it and kept his eyes on Niro unaware that he’s being watched by the ghost of his Mother. Malix had a strange feeling suddenly. He felt like he was being watch. At first he thought it could be Matius trying to sneak up on him but he knew Matius isn’t the playful type. He then thought maybe it was Cira checking to see if he’s doing okay with the baby. Cira was a sound asleep and didn’t move when Niro started to cry. The feeling that he had was a bit eerie and he was almost afraid to turn around to see what’s behind him.


Malix slowly turns around and couldn’t believe of what he’s seeing in front of him. Standing before was the ghost of his late mother Sakura. “Mom? Is that really you?” Said Malix as his rubbed his eyes as he can’t believe of what he is seeing. “Yes, it’s me. How have you been, Booger?” Said Sakura with a smile. Malix knew this was his mother because she’s the only one who calls him “Booger”, as a child Malix liked to pick his nose. “Mom!” Yelled Malix as he hugs Sakura. Malix felt the cold from Sakura’s ghost body but was surprise that he was able to hug her. “I miss you so much Mom..” Cried Malix. Sakura places her cold palm on Malix’s cheek, “I know sweetie, please don’t cry. We all can’t live forever.” Malix wipes the tears from his eyes, “I know but you and dad had so much living to do. I gotta tell the others that you’re here.” Sakura grabs Malix’s arm, “Malix, no. Don’t wake the others… Especially not Lei.” Malix didn’t hear his Mother’s plead and called for the others.


In a matter in seconds the whole house raced into the nursery. “Mom!” Shouted Matius with him being in disbelief. “Is this really happening?” Asked Cira as she walks closer to Sakura.  It wasn’t long before Matius embraces his mother with a hug. “Mom, you’re so…so..cold.” Said Matius as his slowly pulls away from Sakura. Sakura smiles at Matius, “Of course Matty, I’m a ghost now and the cold doesn’t bother me like it did when I was alive.” Sakura takes a step back from Matius and looks around the room. Sakura sighs a little knowing that her kids will be asking her hundreds of questions about her death and how is it like on the other side. Sakura was warned about returning to the living world but was curious about her toddler grandchildren and the newborn. With them being little, they wouldn’t be able to announced her slighting. Santiago decided not to return to the living world with Sakura. He didn’t want to take a chance of being caught by the older children. Sakura promised Santiago that she won’t be seen and just wanted to see little Niro.


Rubbing the back on her cold neck Sakura asked everyone of how they been doing. Everyone began to speak at once with the excitement of seeing her once again. “Okay guys, one at a time.” Smiled Sakura. Matius lifts his arms up in slight anger, “It doesn’t matter how we are. Who did this to you and dad?! They haven’t caught your killer yet Mom!”  Sakura knew this question would came but she had to answer it the best way she could, “I have all my memories but the memory of my last day is a bit foggy. Your dad and I were closing up shop and we talked about our plans but a guy approach us. I remember laying on the ground fighting to take a breath. That’s all I remember son.” Matius’ eyes grew wide, “Who did it Mom?! Who did it? What did the person look like?” Sakura looks Matius into his teary dark brown eyes, “I don’t know the man. I remember he had glowing yellow eyes. I never seen anything like that other than Nina, but her’s not glow.”



Sleepy eyed Lei walks into the room rubbing her eyes. “You guys… you woke me up.” Said Lei as she wipes the sleep from her eyes. Lei looks up and saw ghost Sakura floating by the window. “Mommy!” Shouted Lei as she ran towards Sakura. “Hi baby” Smiled Sakura as she hugs Lei as tight as she could. “You’re cold Mommy but I miss you! Where’s Daddy?” Smiled Lei. Sakura sighed a little and looks down, “He didn’t come… At least not just yet.”  Sakura knew that Santiago didn’t have plans to ever return to the world of the living  but didn’t like to give her kids false hope. Sakura also didn’t want her kids to feel that Santiago didn’t love them anymore.



Lei takes a few steps back, “Why didn’t you listen to me Mommy?! Why?! If you would of stayed home then you would stay alive! I told you that the man was looking for you!” Sakura puts her hands up and took a step back, ” I thought it was a silly dream that you had. I am sorry. I’m sorry that we didn’t take your dream seriously.” Sakura lowered her head down and couldn’t look Lei in the eyes. “The man was angry. He doesn’t like what you did to Malix!” Shouted Lei. “Whoa whoa! What does she mean Mom? What did you do to me? Who is this guy?” Said Malix with slight anger. Sakura looks up and turns towards Malix, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be here…” Sakura vanish into air in a split second. Sakura’s visit left the kids with more questions than answers. Everyone returned to bed as dawn was quickly approaching. Lei didn’t return to bed as it was getting close for her to wake up.


Lei thought about her encounter with her mother’s ghost earlier that morning. Lei wonders if she’ll see her mother again or even her father. Before heading out Malix asked Lei of what she said. She told him she doesn’t know what Sakura did but she knew Sakura did something to Malix according to her dream. Malix and Matius both wonder if Lei is the key of finding their parents’ killer. Lei is now asked daily about each dream she has at night by her brothers.




6 thoughts on “Montigo Tango: Chapter 7, Ghostly Visitor

  1. Hi Nay, Hope all is well. I think I enjoyed this chapter the best so far and how you made the dialogue between Sakura and her children. I’ll keep reading to find out what you did to this Malix .

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