Montigo Tango: Chapter 6, Sakura’s Sweet Dream

Cira and Malix closed up shop after their little event behind the building. Cira checked some things on Sakura’s old computer and found a folder that she must missed when she was on it the last time. The folder was titled “Sweet Dream”, Cira double clicked on the folder and a blue print pop up on the screen. The blue print showed some plans that Sakura had made for Cherrysicle. Cira study the plans and read some other files that was in the folders. It’s been 6 months since her death and Cira felt it was time for a makeover while hoping to bring in new life to the ice cream shop. Cira felt that she should put Sakura’s dream in motion but thinks she get Malix and Matius’ approval.


Malix enter in the room just as Cira was about to go find him. “Malix, I found something that your Mom was working on. She wanted to remodel Cherrysicle. I think I should make it happen.” Smiled Cira. A huge smile grew across Malix’s and his eyes lit up, “Sweet dream! Do it Cira, we’ll give you the funds for it. Mom wanted to do this when Lei was born but never had the time. Lei would love this!” Cira had no idea that this plan had been sitting there that long with Lei now almost 8 years old. “So it was for Lei?” Asked Cira. Malix nods,” She wanted it done by Lei’s  first birthday but Lei was born really early and spent months in the hospital. I guess Mom forgot.”


3 months later the remodeling was done at Cherrysicle. With Cira’s due date a week away she decides to check out the work that has been done along with Malix. Cira is very happy of how everything looks. It looks exactly Sakura’s plan and she wishes that Sakura could be here to see her gift for Lei. While still at Cherrysicle has a cone of Cira Swirla flavor ice cream to see if they have been making it right. “Yep, this is how it’s suppose to taste.” Smiled Cira.


Cira had deep fryers added to the lot to make more tasty treats for others. Cira felt a little hungry and fried up some chicken while Malix makes a new batch of ice cream. “I like these fryers. They cook so fast.” Smiled Cira. Malix presses the button to make the ice cream, “Yeah I can’t wait til I have some maple bacon ice cream!” Cira looks at Malix with disgust in her face, “Ew Malix, really?” Malix fills a cone with fresh ice cream, “Mmm Cira, really.”



The door chime and a woman entered inside of the shop. Cira went to go greet the young woman, “Hello I’m Cira and welcome to the new Cherrysicle.” The woman smiles at Cira, “I really like this new look. The place looks every yummy. I’m Emi by the way.” Cira knew that people would like the improvements that was made to the place but she knew that she couldn’t take credit for it. “Thanks, this was a project that Sakura was working on but never got the chance. She called it sweet dream.” Smiled Cira at Emi. “It’s a sweet dream alright. I was wondering if Ming still works here?” Said Emi. Cira was curious about why Emi wanted to know if Ming worked here or not. “Yes Ming still works here.” Said Cira.


“Ming! Someone is here to see you.” Shouted Cira. After shouting for Ming, Cira felt a warm liquid trickle down her leg. “Oh no…” Said Cira as she holds her tummy. “What’s wrong Cira?” Asked Ming. Cira looks down to find herself standing in a puddle of liquid drizzling out of her. “My water just broke!” Shouted Cira as she felt the first contraction. “Oh shit Cira! What do we do?! Where’s Malix?!” Shouted Ming in a panic.



Meanwhile upstairs, “I …..really……love….. ICE CREAM! I love you so much Ms. Ice cream. Get in my belly!”


Unaware of what just happen Malix returns downstairs to find Cira missing and Ming grabbing a mop. Malix turns towards Matius who was chatting with Emi. “Um where’s Cira?” Asked Malix. Matius raises his brow, “You didn’t hear her? She was calling for you. She went into labor and went to the hospital.” Malix’s eyes grew wide open, “Shit, shit, shit! Cira is gonna kill me!” Yelled Malix as he ran out the door. Matius laughed at his brother as he rushes out. Malix arrivals the the hospital in the nick of time, 5 minutes later Cira gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Niro.


Ming was happy to run Cherrysicle for the day as Cira delivers her new baby. Ming did well making ice cream, cleaning and taking orders. She even got a booking for a birthday party by her friend Emi. Ming was feeling large and in charge until Rio was left in her care. Matius had to leave for a moment and wanted to give a chance to look after her son. “Oh why do you cry so much!” Whined Ming as she holds her crying son Rio. “Daddy! Daddy! I want Daddy!” Cried Rio. Ming started to get a little annoyed, “Your daddy isn’t here! You got me.” Rio began to cry even more.


Matius returns to Cherrysicle and finds Ming standing outside with a cranky Rio. “Take this kid! He wants you.” Said Ming as she hands over Rio. Matius takes Rio who stops crying, “I think it’s bedtime for Rio.” Ming turns away from Matius and Rio, “Good. Take him home and never leave me alone with him. That kid doesn’t like me.” Matius was a little mad at Ming for referring Rio as “that kid”. “Ming, “that kid” is your son too. I’m trying to give you a chance to bound with him.” Said Matius with a stern voice. Ming throws her arms up in the air, “Like I said I wanted to bound with the brat! Just take him so I can close up. Don’t wait for me tonight cause I’m hitting up the club tonight with Emi.” Matius became angry but didn’t say a word to Ming and left with Rio.


Meanwhile back at Montigo Manor Cira and Malix spent time with their new baby, Niro. Niro was the name of Cira’s late father and thinks that her baby looks a little bit like him. Malix wanted to name the baby after him but saw much the name Niro meant to Cira. Malix loves the fact of finally having a son of his own. The twins weren’t too interested in their new baby brother. The girls only cared about their toys. Matius watched Malix bounded with his new son and admires it. Matius thinks to himself about having a new baby. Matius would love to have a little girl as he admires the relationship that Malix has with his daughters. Hearing Ming whine about Rio in background slapped Matius into reality knowing another child with Ming is not in the future.

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  1. Hi Nay,

    Well another chapter read and belated congrats for the newest addition to the family, Rio. Will read some when I get a chance but am in the middle of nine days in a row at work.


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