Montigo Tango: Chapter 5, Close

Matius was disappointed that Jade had left so quickly without a word. Matius looks over to the wishing well and has a thought. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a coin. “I wonder if this really works..” Said Matius to himself. Matius places the coin to his lips before flipping into the well, “I just want to see her again..” Matius watched his coin sink towards the bottom of the well. “Did you make a wish? I thought you said that was for kids and fools. ” Said Malix with a smirk. Matius quickly turns around almost blushing in embarrassment. “It is… I was just… just flipping a coin in the well for fun. That was what I was doing I swear.” Lied Matius. Malix places one hand on his hip, “Right.. Anyways let’s go get something to eat. I’m starving.”

The brothers went to a hang out spot in the old vacation hot spot that was once beautiful. The place is now known as a the ghetto of Lucky Palms. Malix orders a hot dog while Matius mixes a drink. The brothers began to toss back glasses of rum and coke and eating tortilla chips.

A drunken Malix joins Matius behind the bar, “I bet….. I can mix a better drink than you.” A smile grows across Matius’ face, “You think so?” Malix grabs a bottle of gin, “I know so!” Malix pours a little bit of gin, rum, club soda and a splash of orange juice in the blender and mixed it up. He then grabs a glass and pours his drink into it. Malix takes a sip but quickly spits it out. “Ugh! This taste like ass! I’ll stick to DJing.” Said Malix as Matius lets out a loud laugh. “I’ll show you how it’s done.” Said Matius as he makes a gin and tonic for him and Malix.

A hour has passed and the brothers continue to drink and tell each other jokes. Malix notice how relax and fun Matius has became over the past hour since drinking. Malix haven’t seen his brother this laid back since Matius was 15. He’s enjoying this side of Matius that he haven’t seen in a long time. “Maybe I should get him drunk all the time.” Malix thinking to himself.

“Hey Matty..”

“No one has called me that in years.” Chuckling

“Yeah when you turned 16, you became a serious sally and didn’t want to be called nicknames anymore. You use to be fun.”

“What? I am fun. Whatcha talking about?”

“No dude, you lost your “fun” a long time ago. We use to have so much fun when we were kids and then you got serious about everything.”

“No no no, I’m still fun as I use to be.”

“Yeah when you’re drunk.”

Matius starts laughing

“If that’s true then I should get drunk more often.”

“We got a bar at the house.”

“Then let’s do this.”

“We will but let’s go play on the swings outside.”

Matius and Malix finish their last drink and ran drunkenly across the street to the old playground in the ghetto. Malix fell a few times and Matius did nothing but laugh at him before helping him only to be pulled down by Malix. The brothers shared a laugh as they were sprayed by the water sprinkler.


The brothers raced each other to the swings and began to swing like they did as kids. Malix could tell that Matius was really enjoying himself tonight. It’s been years since Malix seen his brother actually enjoy himself. Even at Matius’ wedding he didn’t seem to enjoy himself. He didn’t dance and try to mingle with only at the reception and was only interest in working behind the bar. Santiago told his son to go have fun at his own wedding reception but instead Matius sent the bartender home and worked the bar himself. For years Matius has been all work but no play.

Malix thinks that he should take his brother out more often after tonight. As the night sky fades and the sun rises the brothers stop swinging and hang out on the swing as they watched the sun rise. “I never knew how beautiful the sunrise is on this side of the town.” Matius said with a smile. “Yeah it’s pretty alright. I wonder why our parents never took as to this park when we were kids?” Said Malix. Matius digs the heel of his shoe into the ground and looks up, “Cause it’s in the ghetto. They wanted us to have nothing but the best and raised us as 2 spoiled rich kids. That’s why I stopped being so playful. I wanted to be serious and show those kids were talked about us that nothing is handed out to us. I wanted work and only work. I wanted to show I can be humble like them. We weren’t spoiled rich kids and I wanted to show them that.” Malix looks over towards his brother, “I had no idea that kids were talking about us. We didn’t act like spoil brats. All the kids liked us.” Matius shakes his head, “No they really didn’t. They only liked us for our money and fancy house but yet they talked so much shit behind our backs. “Why you didn’t tell me this?” Asked Malix. Matius wasn’t sure if he should tell him or not. Matius took a deep breath, “If I would of told you and he got all serious like me then you would of never been with Cira.” Malix’s eyes grew wide, “What do you mean that I would never been with Cira?” Matius clenched down on his teeth a little, “I asked Cira out one time and she turned me down. She said that I was boring and liked how you were full of life. She went after you.” Malix starts to smile a little, “I just thought she wanted me for my hot body.” Matius lets out a laugh, “Right, right. I didn’t want you to change who you are. You have a beautiful wife who loves you for you and 2 pretty little girls. If you went my route then you would of been unhappily married to a clueless hot party girl, only cause she got pregnant.

Malix looks up at the sky and realizes it’s 7am and thinks they should head home. “Our wives are gonna kill us for coming home this late.” Said Malix. Matius laughs, “You mean your wife will kills us. Ming doesn’t care.”


Matius and Malix carefully tried to sneak into the house but was soon caught by a very angry and pregnant Cira. “ASSHOLE!” Shouts Cira on the top of her lungs. “Well good morning to you too, Honey.” Said Malix nervously. “Where have you 2 been?! I waited all night you for both. I was worried that something had happen to you guys!” Yelled Cira. “I…I.. can.. explain.” Said Malix putting his hand s up. “Cira, I’m sorry all of this was my fault. I didn’t mean to keep him out so late.” Matius apologized. Cira drops her arms, “Oh, well don’t do this again.” Matius nods his head, “I promise I won’t, I am sorry for worrying you.” Malix whispers into Matius’ ear, “Thanks bro.”


Matius goes to his bedroom and retires while Malix stays with Cira who is now calmed down. “How is the little guy.” Said Malix as he rubs Cira’s pregnant belly. “He’s doing fine. Just to let you know, stress is not good for the baby.” Said Cira. Malix looks down, “Sorry..”  Cira lifts Malix’s chin up and smiles, “You’re forgiven…. this time.”


Before retiring Malix went to the nursery to check on his twins. Malix looks over to find that the dollhouse was destroyed.  “Um Cira? What happen to the dollhouse?” Asked Malix. Cira walked into the room, “Oh that. That’s Nyx’s doing. I don’t know what’s going on with this little girl but I don’t like it. Last night she tried to bite Nina’s neck like some little vampire.” Malix picks up the pieces of the dollhouse to throw out, “If I knew my birth parents then maybe they could explain this. I know my parents know something but wouldn’t tell me. Every time I mention about my birth parents they freaked out. I think Mom was trying to tell me something before she died. I guess I’ll never find out.”



Malix and Cira turned to watch Nyx play with her xylophone as she sang. They thought how cute it was cause but didn’t understand how something so little cute do something so destructive and act violent towards her sister. Malix and Cira hope they can get to the bottom of this very soon. “So sweet but yet so evil.” Whispered Cira to herself.



Lei was getting ready for school but had a little time before the bus came. Lei took this time to listen to her music box that her Dad gave to her on her 5th birthday. Lei cherish her music box dearly and it brings closeness with her late Father. As the music plays Lei pictures her Dad still alive and they waltz around in a ballroom for the father and daughter dance that’s happening tonight. When the music stops a tears escaped from her eyes as she knew this would never happen. Lei is sad that she will miss out on the dance although Matius offer to take her. Lei declined Matius’ offer and decided to stay home that night.



After school Lei played with her nieces and nephew as her friends attended the dance. Lei was busy playing peek-a-boo with Rio to keep her mind off of the dance. Lei often uses her nieces and nephew to keep her mind off of a lot of things as she copes with this new change. Lei does enjoy having the little ones around as she has someone to play with at home all the time. Lei was very lonely when her parents weren’t around and often spent her days at Cherrysicle as Sakura worked. With kids at home Lei hasn’t been to Cherrysicle in while. However Lei finds it hard to return to the place were her parents were killed at.


Cira has a quick dinner before going to check on Cherrysicle. Malix is worried about Cira going there while pregnant and with the killer still out at large. “Malix, I’ll be fine.” Said Cira. “Maybe but I can’t risk it. I’m coming with you.” Malix insisted. “Okay fine but let me wash the dishes first.” Said Cira as she took her last bite of food.



Cira started to wash a few dishes before leaving for the ice cream shop. She likes how Malix is being protective but feels that she would be fine going up there without him. Cira starts to think that he just wanna go because he wants free ice cream. Malix has a huge obsession of ice cream and hasn’t been up there in a while.



“C’mon slow poke! Let’s out.” Said Malix as he tickles Cira. Cira giggles and fights Malix off, “Why are you so excite about going into work with today?” “Cause I want some ice cream.” Smiled Malix. Cira smiles back while pointing at Malix, “See I knew you were up to something.” Malix rubs the back of his neck, “I wanna try some of that Cira Swirla that I’ve heard so much about and then I wanna try of the “special” kind of Cira Swirla later on tonight. In bed.” Cira laughs and playfully pushes Malix, “You’re too much, let’s go.”



Cira and Malix entered in Cherrysicle and Cira went right to work. Cira was annoyed to find the ice cream machines were dirty with old ice cream. Cira started to do some cleaning around the place and thought about hiring someone new to work here. While Cira cleaned the place up Malix indulges himself in many flavors of ice cream. Cira smiles and shakes her head at her husband as he woofs down a bowl of ice cream. Cira grabs a bag of trash and heads outside to the dumpster.


Cira drops the bad of trash into the dumpster and suddenly she felts a tap on her shoulder. Cira quickly spins around and she grabbed by her waist and placed on the top of a car. Cira looks up to see Malix’s red eyes staring her down. “Malix…” Cira whispers. Malix starts kissing up and down Cira’s neck. Cira’s heart began to beat fast as Malix gropes her while still kissing her neck. “Malix?” Said Cira but he ignores her and pulls her closer towards him.


Malix reaches behind Cira’s head and gently pulls Cira’s hair causing her to lift her head up some. Malix leans in towards Cira’s neck as he were about to bite her neck. “Malix!” Yelled Cira. Malix lets go of Cira’s hair quickly. “What are you doing?” Asked Cira. Cira was a little shaken by Malix’s strange actions. Malix stares into Cira’s blue eyes as he can see a little fear in her eyes, “I don’t know Cira. I don’t know what just over came me. I’m sorry Cira…. I didn’t mean to scare you.” Cira hugs Malix, “It’s fine. I know that you would never hurt me but let’s go inside.”


10 thoughts on “Montigo Tango: Chapter 5, Close

  1. Woah, so much stuff introduced in this chapter! I love Malix and Matius’ dynamic-they’re polar opposites, and that’s what makes them work. I like how you’ve introduced a darker side to Malix in the last section, though. I don’t really get what she thought was so strange about him getting all down and dirty with her, but maybe they’ve just never been the PDA sort.

  2. I’m going to say it again, damn Malix is handsome :O

    I love the brother’s relationship. They’re so different, but you make it work so well. And I love that your reintroducing his vampirism into the story. I have a feeling he’ll be getting darker as the story progresses as will Nyx. Great chapter

    • Thanks, With Malix passing a vampire gene to his daughter Nyx, it appears that he still have some lingering vampirism in his body.

  3. lol. I loved the brothers getting drunk and swinging on the swings. Malix still has some of the vampire insticts hanging on it seems. I hope they learn about it before Nyx gets too old or she might really hurt someone.

    • The question is was Malix really cured? How was it possible for him to pass on a vampire gene to Nyx? I’m still plotting 🙂

  4. Hi Nay, I’m slowly catching up. I enjoyed this chapter very much and like the looks of Matius. In my story with Malix, Nyx likes to bite her doll’s neck like a vampire, too. Guess that’s because she is one in that story. Only Sims can lead double lives!


    • Too bad Nilix (Nina) didn’t work in your game. I had the same problem when I removed those boots. I don’t know how she came with the. I cloned Nyx and named her Nina instead of Nilix.

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