Montigo Tango: A trip to the past, Part 1

Ever wonder what did Santiago and Sakura looked like when they were younger? They were first shown as elders in my story. I want to show everyone their life before their tragic death.


This is young looking Santiago Montigo. He was quite a handsome Colombian decent guy back in his good days. Here he is meeting his future wife Sakura for the first time at a pool lounge and spa.


You can see why there’s a huge smile on Santiago’s face. Sakura is a stunning beauty with her Asian features. Sakura is Japanese/Korean decent.


Santiago tries to impress Sakura with his mixing skills only for the drink not to be so great. But hey he’s still learning! He just open his new night club/casino after his trip to Bridgeport. He named it of course, Montigo Palms.


Attempting to impress her again, he makes a better drink for Sakura this time around. Sakura is interested.



Time to show off those dance moves Tigo! Was that enough for young Sakura Zen?


The answer was yes! Sakura Zen is now Sakura Montigo holding their first born child, Matius Ramon Montigo.


Happily married with a new child, the Montigos bought a mansion originally named “The Claw”. It’s now called Montigo Manor.


The Montigo had their first family photo taken in their new home.


Little Matius is too cute with his little faux mohawk do. With this little one growing up fast the young couple try to conceive another baby only being told years later that Sakura couldn’t conceive again.


As time go by, it’s time for Matius’ birthday. This was a day that Sakura wasn’t looking forwarded to.


As Matius grew, the family grew with the arrival of Malix Yuki Montigo. The Montigos heard about a baby who the agency had problems placing him in a home as he was often returned. Sakura set a appointment to meet the baby and fell in love with him. The Montigos adopted the baby who was already named Malix. They loved the name and decided to keep it but changed his middle and last name of course. They soon discover Malix is a vampire baby and screamed when he was in or near sunlight. The Montigos had it cure and now Malix is a normal child.


Matius loves his new little brother and they play together a lot.


Sakura wanted to get a picture of the guys but little Malix wonder off. Santiago and Matius were confuse of what to do for the picture but they just stood there.


Malix gave the household so many laughs and smiles with him being so freaking cute all the time. Malix’s favorite past time was picking his nose. He found it very amusing.


Malix is now a child with luscious long locks. Santiago isn’t a fan with males with long hair and has taken the clippers to Malix’s locks only for his hair to grow back 3 days later. He thought it was very strange but remember Malix was once a vampire. They learned that the hair growing was a side effect from the cure potion. Santiago gave up trying to cut Malix’s hair.


The Montigos often took their sons to the Rio Vista playground. This place was a favorite for the boys, especially Matius with him naming his first child Rio.


Usually before bedtime, the boys have their daily pillow fight.



9 thoughts on “Montigo Tango: A trip to the past, Part 1

    • Malix was a cute toddler as a human than when he was a toddler as a vampire in my previous legacy. He looked a little creepy lol. Sakura is very beautiful, probably to most beautiful sim that I’ve created so far. Malix is well loved my friends. They all downloaded him and make him walk around shirtless LOL. Malix was born in my game in my previous legacy. He turned out to be the most gorgeous born-in-game sim I had, both his parents were created by me.

        • In Lex Legacy Malix had a brother and 2 sisters born in the game. Amos, his brother looked almost like Malix and was good looking. Malix’s little sister Alexia, she came pretty and then there was Felicity. I didn’t get to see her past her toddler stage 😦

    • I forgot how beautiful I made Sakura before aging her. She’s my best work. Santiago looks completely different.

    • This story is already on it’s 4th chapter :p But in reality this story is 10 chapters in. They are just coming in slowly due to the sprain in my right hand, my typing hand 😦 I’m only doing a part 1 and 2 on the past.

  1. Ooh Santiago is a looker!! I dated a Mexican named Santiago a few years ago.. but your Santi is much better-looking 🙂 That’s so cute about Malix with the ever-growing hair. I wonder did he get bullyed and told he looked like a girl?

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