Party Montigo: Chapter 2

We’re back with Zinna, she just discover that she’s pregnant during her random dancing. You’ll think she would be more happy about it. Zinnia rolls out a wish for a girl.

Zinnia: Nope! That pregnancy alert messed up my dance!



Congrats Max, you’re gonna be a Daddy!

Max: So Zinnia are you gonna get all fat and crazy now? My Mommy said I had bad aim. I just proved that crazy woman wrong!



Cool! I’m gonna be a Aunt! I’m glad I’m not pregnant! I still get to party, drink, flash my vag and not be fat or crazy! Victory dance time!



That’s fucking great! I’m pregnant too! Now I’m gonna be fat and crazy like Zinnia. Just my luck! I don’t even know that guy’s name.



Zinnia: Hey want some candy?

Cow plant: Sorry, I don’t take candy from strangers in their underwear.

Zinnia: But I’m not a stranger. You live in my front yard.

Cow plant: I’m pretending that I don’t know you. Your clone threw 2 of my babies at the guy. I’m highly upset and I should eat you but I fear of getting sick.

Zinnia: Oh fuck you cow plant!



You know if you keep eating fried foods, you will get fat.

Max: Shut up! I can’t cook for shit! Gimme corn dogs!



Rosette: Hey random guy, I’m calling to tell you that I’m pregnant and it’s your baby.

Guy: Don’t expect child support from me.

Rosette: But we have Twallan now so you’re gonna have to pay me.

Guy: Never call this number again!

Rosette: Okay but you can’t run from Twallan! Twallan will make you pay!

Guy: Oh fuck you, you crazy-cow plant-throwing-bitch! When you have that baby, name it Regret!



Time for more random dancing in the Montigo-Taye household.



Rosette chows down on a turkey leg. You’re gonna regret that….

Rosette: Nommmmmmmm!



I guess Rosette is trying to burn off those extra calories from the turkey leg.

Max: I feel weird dancing with you while you’re in your panties.

Rosette: I feel weird dancing with you period!



Watch now! Rosette is attempting to repair the dishwasher.

Rosette: Piece of fucking shit! Why can’t Zinnia use her genie powers to fix this!



I can’t tell if she’s getting big from pregnancy or from deep frying all her meals. You guys had been warned!



Max: You sound pregnant.

Zinnia: That’s cause I am.

Max: I know but just saying.. You sound pregnant.

Zinnia: You’re a fucking idiot!




Oh… I dropped my ice cream… It was very tasty. It tasted better than random guy’s manly sauce.




Oh well 5 second rule! Ice cream is still good!



What the fuck is that nasty smell! Max did you just farted?!!!



Max: Yeah.. I sharted! Breathe that in baby!

Rosette: You sick bastard!

9 thoughts on “Party Montigo: Chapter 2

  1. Hahaha, this was great. Wouldn’t it be funny if you ended up having a 200 Baby Challenge with fat kids? xD If they keep deep frying everything, that’s what’s going to go down!

    • LOL SMH…. I notice that with the ice cream shop but that’s okay that’s the purpose but I’ll probably remove it from their house. Rosette made waffles once.

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