Montigo Tango: Chapter 4, Recovery

Valerie, the house worker catches herself morning the loss of her boss and friend Sakura. It’s been 3 weeks since her and her husband’s death. Around this time of the day Valerie and Sakura would have their daily tea time by the pool. It does take some time for Valerie to get use to all the changes in the Montigo mansion. With 2 new bosses Valerie hopes that she can enjoy her stay in the mansion.

The perks of Valerie’s job now is caring for 3 new toddlers. Valerie misses Lei’s toddler days and is happy to help take care of Rio, Nyx and Nina. Rio have taken a liking towards Valerie and Nina as well. However Valerie find Nyx difficult to get along with. Nyx tends to cling to her Mother. With the brothers and their wives all busy with their new roles and grieving, Valerie cares for the tots more often. Caring for the little one gives Valerie a chance to be a Mother as working for the Montigos Valerie haven’t been able to start her own family.

Malix and Cira have a moment together grieving over their loss. Cira is reminded when she lost her parents in a car accident when she was 15. Losing Santiago and Sakura was like losing her own parents again. Cira was very fond of the Montigos. Sakura easily accepted Cira as her own as for Santiago wasn’t sure about Cira’s true intentions. He felt that she was a gold digger and only wanted Malix for money. After a while Cira grew on Santiago and saw that Cira was a down to earth person who was truly in love with Malix. He knew deep down inside that Cira was the right person for his son. Santiago walked Cira down the aisle at her wedding to Malix. One that day Santiago saw Cira as his own daughter. Santiago and Sakura were Cira’s parents in her eyes. Long before the marriage, Sakura often introduced Cira as her daughter to friends.

Cira has the toughest time dealing with their deaths. “It’s like I lost my parents again… Am I not allow to have loving parents who care for me?” Cried Cira on Malix’s shoulder. “I’m sorry…Cira. I know it hurts for you to go through this twice…” Cried Malix as he holds Cira.

With a new baby coming soon, Malix and Cira realize they need to work with their twins by teaching them to walk, talk and potty train and not leave it all up to Valerie. They both enjoy teaching their girls these skills and look forwarded for the arrival of their new baby. The household is excited about the pregnancy after losing 2 members. Cira felt the timing was bad but it seems to put everyone in better spirits.

Matius takes time away from the club to spend time with little Rio. Matius knows these times are very precious and should enjoy Rio while he’s still little. Rio is growing up quick and he will soon be a kid in school and doing his own thing. Rio is very close to Matius.

Ming spends her time back at the club enjoying free drinks and chatting with the workers. Ming spends less time with her husband and son and prefer to drown her sorrows with Moscato.

“Hey Ming, how is your son doing?”

“I’m sure he’s fine.”

“You don’t know how your kid is?”

“How could I? He won’t let me near him! Besides he wants that kid more than me. I like partying anyways. Being pregnant sucked for me anyways.”

“Oh… I see.”

“Don’t get me wrong though. I love my son but the kid just cry so fucking much. It’s so annoying!”

“Well kids do that…”

“Ha! Mines do too much! That kid don’t even like me!”

“I can see why…”

“What’s that suppose to mean?”

“Nothing Ms. Ming, just enjoy your Moscato.”

“I will!”

It was time for breakfast and Lei is running late for school. “Watch out Rio!” Shouted Lei as she ran by Rio and knocking him down. Rio began to cry once he hit the floor. “I’m so sorry Rio! I didn’t mean to push you down!” Shouted Lei as she hugged Rio. “You have to be careful Ms. Lei. Go eat, I’ll handle Rio.” Said Valerie as she picks up Rio who is still crying.

Lei sat next to Ming and quickly ate her waffles. After she was done she was curious about something.

“Ming, can I ask you something?”

“Sure thing.”

“Did you get pregnant on purpose so my brother would marry you?”

Ming chokes a little.

“What gives you that idea?”

“That’s what my Daddy said. He said you’re a gold digger.”

“I’m not a gold digger. I love your brother.”

“How come you never spend time with him like Cira does with Malix? How come you don’t take care of Rio?”

“I’m just busy!”

“Sure busy shopping and drinking up our money.”

“Shut up! You know nothing!”

“I know you’re a gold digger and you don’t care about Rio.”

“Again, I’m not and I care about my son.”

“Could of fooled me.”

“You should really mind your business little girl! Don’t you have school?”

“Yeah I do. I hope Matius find a real wife who really loves him and Rio.”

“I am his real wife!”

“Uh huh…. right… I’m on to you Ming.”

Matius and Malix ate their breakfast before going to their first day of business school. Malix was concern of who would look after Nina. “Hey do you think Ming can watch Nina too while we are at school? Valerie is sick and Cira went to the doctor with Nyx.” Asked Malix. Matius frowns his face up, “You got to be kidding. No away I’m having her watch Rio. I planned on taking Rio with me. The school has a daycare, you can bring Nina with you.” Malix wonders when will Matius learn to trust Ming again, “Ya know at point… You got to let Ming be a Mom.” Matius looks down at his empty plate, “I know but she doesn’t show much interest in him.”

The brother enter the school with Rio and Nina. Soon after their arrival they checked in the tots in daycare before entering their first class. Matius was excited about school but Malix wasn’t so much. He felt like school was boring and rather just be the club’s DJ. Malix knows he’ll have to go to class if he wants to keep Montigo Palms open. The brothers do their first assignment on the computers, Malix had other interests than doing his class assignment. Matius glances over to see Malix checking out  the Palm Girls Gone Wild website. “Seriously Malix…” Whispered Matius. Malix quickly minimize the window of the site, “Research for the club man… I think we should  have Montigo Girls for the club. It would be AWESOME!” “Malix, no! Dad wouldn’t have that at the club… Plus our wives…I mean your wife will kill us!” Whispered Matius. Malix scoffs, “You’re such a prune.” “Am not!” Said Matius. The teacher stands in front of the brothers, “Is there a problem?” “No, Sir.” Said the brother. “Way to go…” Mumble Matius as he continues on his assignment. Malix shapes his hand of the letter L and holds it up in front of his face as he sticks his tongue out at Matius.

A stunning red head with gorgeous blueish-green eyes entered the classroom. This girl caught Matius’ attention immediately. The red glances over at Matius but he quickly looks down on his computer hoping that she didn’t caught him staring at her when she enter the room. Matius was almost embarrass about it. Malix has notice this and let out a little giggle while shaking his own at Matius.

Matius found himself struggling to stay focus on his assignment thinking about the red head lady. He doesn’t know why he’s so drawn to this woman already. Matius is very curious about her. He thinks that he had seen her at the club a few times before. He hopes he can talk to her after class is done.

Rio and Nina play in the daycare together. Them seem to having a lot of fun while their Fathers work hard in class.

After class Matius got his wish of bumping into the red head lady after class was done. Malix went to go check the kids out of daycare while Matius uses this time to to chat with the girl.

“I saw you eyeing me down in class today.”

Matius feeling embarrassed.

“Sorry about that…”

“It’s okay, I think it’s cute.”

“Oh okay.. but hi my name is Matius Montigo.”

“You’re one of the Montigo brothers who run that club and casino. I’m Jade Hendrix.”

“Yep, I’m one of them. Nice to meet you Jade but have I seen you at the club?”

“Nope. I just moved into town and I haven’t been there yet.”

“My bro and I are about to head up there after we drop our kids home. I want to invite you out there.”

“That’s cool. I’ll be there. I would love to play the slots.”

“Cool, see you in 30?”


Matius was happy that Jade agreed to come to Montigo Palms tonight. He has a good feeling about her and rushes Malix home so they can get to the club quicker. “Calm your tits, bro! We’ll get there. Why are you so excited about work anyways?” Said Malix slightly annoyed. “I just know that it’s gonna be a great night at the club.” Smiled Matius.

Matius found Jade playing at one of the slots at the club. “Having fun?” Asked Matius. “You bet! This place is amazing. I’ve been missing out this whole time I’ve been here.” Smiled Jade as she pulls down the bar on the slot game. “How long have you been here?” Asked Matius with a huge smile. “5 months today. I haven’t been able to check out the night life around here.” Said Jade as she pulls the slot bar down again. “Why not?” Asked Matius. Jade pauses for a moments, “Just things and stuff…” Matius could tell Jade didn’t want to give out more detail, “May I offer you a drink?” Jade turns towards Matius with a smile, “Sure, I would love that. I heard you make pretty good drinks here.” Matius blushes a little, “I do my best. What would you like?” Jade places her hand on Matius’ shoulder, “Anything sweet…. like you.” Matius smiles ear to ear, “I’ll see what I can do.”

Jade’s phone went off, a text was sent. Jade sighs deeply and runs off before Matius returns with her drink. Matius looked around the club for Jade but no sign of her. “Have you seen the red head? Her name is Jade.” Asked Matius to Malix. “Nope.” Said Malix. Matius frowns and sighs, “I made her this drink and now she’s gone. Did I scare her off?” Malix can see that his brother is a little bothered, “I dunno man but remember.. you’re a married man.” Matius sighs, “I know… but this girl.. I dunno. Something special about her. You have to meet her. I was hoping for a new friend…”

What was in Jade’s text? What made her leave suddenly? 

8 thoughts on “Montigo Tango: Chapter 4, Recovery

  1. Oh man, Jade seems to have a bit faerie in her. I love that her last name’s Hendrix, haha. Is it weird that I really like Ming? When I saw her in that leather costume, I was like “MILF!” It was a glorious moment. xD

  2. Hi I just re-read this and I already read it before (last week) but thought I had made a comment. But maybe it didn’t go thru on my phone. So here’s a comment! 🙂 What’s up with this Jade girl?! Is Matius going to cheat? 😮

      • I’m working on it now while I eat! I’m at Chapter 5. Can’t wait to see! And those ‘preview’ pics you have on the forum thread are just making me more curious. I’m like, OMG is that Rio… hotttt.

        • No that’s Matius, he had a makeover LOL Rio is still a kid, even in my time. However Lei is about to age and I’m excited about that. I have a lot of plans for her when she’s a teen. I can’t wait to see your guy, Van as a adult. I think he’s gonna be sexy hehehe

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