Montigo Tango: Chapter 3, New Life

Days after the funeral both brothers were contacted by child services for the welfare of their 7 year old sister. They had to decided to who would be Lei’s care taker. Neither one of them could decide but didn’t want their sister to go to foster care. They both agree to move their families into the mansion and they would both care for Lei. Lei was happy that her brothers were moving in the mansion as she never got to live with her brothers. Malix and his family were the first to arrive then later Matius’ family. Malix was greeted at the door by Valerie the house worker who has been caring for Lei since their parents’ death. Lei happily greeted Malix on his arrival. “I’m so happy that you guys are living here. Now I feel like I have a family.” Smiled Lei. “You always had a family, Lei,” Said Malix. “I know but I didn’t get to be around you guys a lot.” Said Lei.


Lei let out a big cheer when Matius and Ming arrived, “Malix! They are here!” Matius gave Lei a big hug, “How you been kiddo?” Lei smiled with great delight as she look into Matius’ eyes, “I’m very happy that you guys moved in here with me. I was so worried about being in foster care.” Matius smiles, “You know we would never put you in foster care. Your Aunt Cira was in foster care and she said it’s horrible.” Lei hugs Matius before running off to see what her little nieces and nephew were doing.

Nyx, Malix’s daughter had taken a liking to the new toy box in the newly made nursery. The brothers had the gym converted into a nursery as the upstairs were going to some renovations before their parents had passed. “Hey where ya go?” Asked Lei as she searched the room for Nyx. Seconds later Nyx pops up from the toy box and lets out a giggle. “Oh there you are! What are you doing in the new box silly Nyx.” Laughed Lei. Lei just knew she was going to have a good time with them all moved in. The move almost made Lei forget about the loss of her parents.


After weeks being closed, Cherrysicle re-opened. Cira took on her new job of running the place as she was listed as part ownership in the will. Cira worried about the place not having getting any customers because of the murder. To Cira’s surprise there was a line waiting in front of the shop. People missed the taste of Cherrysicle’s famous flavor of ice cream, cherrysicle. Cira was happy to see all of people still came to support the ice cream shop. Cira decided to try out a new flavor that she calls Cira Swirla. She had a little help from Sakura and Lei. The flavor cherrysicle was sold out very quickly so has Cira made more she gave out samples of her flavor. People liked it and requested some. This made Cira very happy knowing people like hers as well. Cira found herself making both flavors all day and night. By 9 PM it was time to close shop. Before closing time Malix left his job at Montigo Palms to escort Cira back home. Malix was worried about leaving Cira alone and that the killer would return.


Meanwhile back at the mansion, Ming was trying to grill some hot dogs but she end up causing a fire. “Ming! What the fuck were you doing?!” Shouted Matius. “Well I was trying to do the wife thing and grill you some hot dogs but now this fire is ruining it.” Said Ming calming as she watched the grill blaze up in fire. “You can’t grill let alone cook! For goodness sake Ming, we have a cook for this type of thing!” Screamed Matius as he tries to put the flames out.  “From now on, no cooking! ” Yelled Matius. “Sorry.” Said Ming as she sighed and walked away as nothing had happen.


Today is Lei’s first day back in school. Lei is excited to see all of her friends again at school. Lei was given a 2 week break to grief over the loss of her parents and adjust to her brothers moving in. Lei had gotten use to having her Mother waking her up for school but now Valerie has taken over that job until the brothers and their wives adjust living here. Cira promise Lei that she would start waking her. Lei is happy with that as she likes Cira better than Ming. In Lei’s eyes Cira is more motherly and Lei is catching herself flocking towards Cira and Valerie.


Malix and Cira took a day to relax at the mansion, they both relaxed by the pool. “I remember swimming everyday in this pool as kids with my bro. We always had a good time. We also use to have wild pool parties as teens. Our parents would let us throw pool parties all the time in the summer. Kids said that we had the coolest parents ever. Sometimes I wished they acted like other parents and be more strict. I guess they were just happy to have kids I guess.” Said Malix. Cira turns and smiles at Malix before saying, “Were not having any wild pool parties here.” Malix lets out a big sigh, “Oh c’mon! Just one? Please? Just one with a pretty Cira on top?” Cira laughs a little, “Okay, just one pool party and that’s all.”

“You’re gonna have to wait for your pool party though.”


“Cause I’m pregnant again..”

“Wow, really? I can’t believe we had time to even do it with all that happen.”

“You came home drunk one night…”

Laughing “I did?”

“Yes, you came home drunk thinking you were a pirate and singing horribly while dancing on the kitchen table. The only way I could get you to shut up was by flashing my naked body to you just once. Just…once.”

“Gotta love that whiskey!”

“No more whiskey for you.”

“Awww c’mon! Can we name the baby whiskey?”


“Just kidding!”


Cira gets up to go check on the twins and Rio as Malix checks her out. “That ass, girl! No wonder you had to flash me just once.” Ogled Malix. Cira slightly turns to smiled at Malix before going inside.



Malix took a dip in the pool and was soon joined by his brother. Malix turns around and playfully splashes water in Matius’ face. “You asshat!” Grunted Matius as he wipes the water from his eyes.

“Sorry bro….”

Matius smirks and splashes water back at Malix and a splash war began as they use to do as children. Malix challenge in hold breath contest. “You know you can’t beat me little bro. I am the king of the pool.” Smirked Matius. “I bet I can! The loser have to listen nothing but dubstep on their iPod for a whole week.” Malix bet. “You’re on man!” Shouted Matius before dunking his head under water.


Matius was the first to come up for air. “YES! I AM THE KING OF THE POOL!” Shouted Malix with his fist in the air. Matius grumbles as Malix gloats about his victory win. “I hope you like Simrillex cause that’s all you’ll be listening to all week!” Laughed Malix.



After playing around in the pool the brothers knew it was time to return to Montigo Palms and take charge in running it. Matius was hoping to leave his bartender job to possibly open his own business. Malix enjoys his DJ job there but knows he will have to do more than just DJ at the club. “I hope you like doing inventory cause that’s something you will have to get use to doing.” Said Matius to Malix. “Yeah, fun..” Mumble Malix.


Matius decided to work the bar in the lounge area of Montigo Palms. It’s more laid back and relax than the club area where Malix DJs at. Matius cleans out a few glasses before the customers entered the lounge.

Before going to his DJ booth Malix decided to try his lucky on the slot machine. Malix did good until his good luck ran out. He soon return to the club area to do his job before the DJ booth.



Note: I banned myself from whiskey after doing ridiculous things LOL I thought it would be funny to put that in my story.


8 thoughts on “Montigo Tango: Chapter 3, New Life

    • I like seeing them be brothers naturally when I’m not controlling them. But half of the time this family free roam, so they are kinda helping me with this story.Malix, Matius and Ming pretty much created their own personality. Malix seems very playful around Matius while Matius dislikes some of Malix’s playfulness. Matius tends to be serious and looks after his son a lot. Ming tends to be clueless, set fires and ignores her son. Ming is my token idiot but I find this odd cause she does not have the absent minded trait but tends to be very absent mind on her own. Cira and Lei didn’t show much personality naturally, I had to create one for them.

  1. Hahaha, no dubstep!! LOL @ Simrillex. He must be on my simmau5’s label. 😉

    Even after the tragic death, they seem to be having a good time all living together.

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