100 Wishes, 100 Problems (200 Baby Challenge)

Zinnia is back with a new 100 baby challenge BUT there’s a twist! Instead of 100 babies were doing 200 babies, of course with the help of another one.

This is Zinnia Montigo-Taye, she’s a distant cousin of Matius, Malix, and Lei Montigo.  Zinnia is sort back to give this challenge another try after my laptop crashed.

Like I said there’s a twist…. Zinnia has genie powers.

Zinnia has help with her mission to birth 100 kids. Meet Rosette Montigo, Zinnia’s clone. Zinnia is the youngest of 6 kids having 5 brothers. Zinnia always wanted a sister but never had one. When she became a teen she used her genie powers and cloned herself, however her clone has a slightly different personality. Whatever Zinnia does Rosette has the urge to do the same. Zinnia likes kids but Rosette does not. Rosette has a dislikes children trait while Zinnia’s has a nurturing trait.

Most 100 BCs have the mother start out single, however Zinnia is not. She’s married to this guy right here named Max Taye. He has no idea what crazy idea Zinnia has in store. Question is, will their marriage stand?

With this challenge both girls will be having kids with different guys and may use the guy. I will not be using the fertility  treatment cause I want low chance of multiples. I think I’ll go crazy if I have 2 sets of triplets LOL

4 thoughts on “100 Wishes, 100 Problems (200 Baby Challenge)

    • Yeah, I wanna see how this will play out having a sim who hates kids have 100 of them. It’s also a challenge with them not having twins or triplets. I hope to have 100 single births.

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