Montigo Tango: Chapter 2, Gone Forever

Moments later sirens and lights surrounded the build with 2 cold lifeless bodies lie on the ground . It wasn’t long until the police recognize the 2 victims as Santiago Montigo and Sakura Montigo. “Who would do such a thing?” Said one of the cops before dropping to his knees. “They just hosted my niece’s 8th birthday here last week. They were such nice people. ” He said. Matius and Malix were woken up by a phone call from the police. “I’m sorry to tell you this but your parents had been found murdered at Cherrysicle.” Malix dropped the phone when he  received the news about his parents. He took a few moments to himself before picking the phone back up, Cira still remained asleep. “When did this happen?” Malix asked. “People heard shots being fired after 9PM.” Said the Police. Malix pulled the phone away from his ear, he just just his parents alive and well just a hour before 9. Malix thought about what if he gotten there later, he picked his twins around 8 PM. Malix wanted to stop for a bite to eat but Cira insisted they pick up the twins first. “It could of been my girls too…” Said Malix before throwing his phone across the room by then Cira was waken from her sleep.

Matius was still awake when the police gave him a call, however didn’t here his phone go off as he was playing Skyrim with his headphones on. The call woke up Ming. Ming didn’t bother to answer the phone and she angrily toss the ringing phone at Matius. “Your phone won’t stop ringing!” Shouted Ming before storming off back to bed. Matius answered his phone and received the same news as Malix. Matius felt like his heart had stopped. Matius  remain quiet as the police gave him more details. The call ended and Matius still remain quiet, by then Ming had return to the room Matius was sitting in. “What’s wrong?” Asked Ming. Matius said nothing before slamming his fist on his desk. With tears overflowing his eyes he turns towards Ming, “My parents were found murdered…..”

Lei slept in her bed as she knows nothing about the fate of her parents. Lei thought it was strange that her parents haven’t came home yet. Sakura usually tucks in Lei before going to bed. Lei became to worry about her parents not returning home. The house worker who acts like a butler and nanny, Valerie tried to calm Lei down before tucking her into bed. Valerie was informed by the police about Mr. and Mrs. Montigo. Valerie was heart broken and isn’t looking forwarded to break the news to young Lei.

In the morning Valerie made Lei’s favorite breakfast before breaking the news about her parents. “Where’s my parents? Mom didn’t wake me.” Said Lei to Valerie. “Eat your breakfast, it’s going to get cold.” Said Valerie. “But you didn’t answer my question.” Said Lei. “Just…please eat so you won’t be late for school..” Valerie said as she fought to hold her composer. Lei didn’t question her anymore and ate her breakfast. When Lei finish up she went to find Valerie to ask about her parents. She knew something wasn’t right as her parents never came home and Valerie avoiding her. “Sit down, sweetie.” Said Valerie. Lei sat down next to Valerie.

“Something bad happen to your parents last night. This is why didn’t come home.”

“What happen? Are they okay?”

“They were shot…”

“What?! Who shot them?! I wanna see my parents! Let’s go to the hospital!”


“What?! Why are we sitting here! I gotta call my brothers! We gotta get to the hospital!”


“Are they okay? Are they? What happen to my parents?! Tell me!”

“Lei sweetie, they died….”

“No! You’re lying! You’re lying! My parents aren’t dead! You’re lying!”

“I’m sorry Lei, I’m telling the truth.”

“No! I’m not hearing this!”

Lei ran out the room and cried to herself. Valerie called the school and told them that Lei won’t be coming in for a week.

The brothers soon had to plan their parents’ funeral. They both choose to have it at the church where they both got married at. Ming wasn’t happy about them choosing the church. “The church? Really? We got married here!” Snapped Ming. “Please don’t start with me. My parents love this church. This is the right place for it.” Said Matius.

“But this church reminds me of happiness. I don’t wanna be reminded about this awful thing. Can you have it at the graveyard?” Said Ming. “No Ming, I can’t believe you! You are being selfish. If my parents had to pick a place, it would be here. Malix, Lei and I all agreed on this place. Cira even agreed too.” Said Matius. Ming lowers her head and said nothing Matius. She just sighed and walked away to check out the place.

Rio began to asked about his grandparents, “I want Papa and Mama!” Matius isn’t sure what to say to his son as Rio is too young to understand about what happen to his grandparents. Tears began to stream down his warm cheeks and he holds Rio closer to him, “Papa and Mama are gone..”

Cira and Malix has arrived at the church. Cira greets Matius as he grieves to himself, “How are you holding up?” Matius looks up to find Cira while holding Nyx. “Just living one day at a time…” Said Matius. “And Ming?” Said Cira. Matius rolled his eyes a little, “She’s doing fine.. but how is Malix?” Cira tries to hold back her tears, “…It’s hard… It’s really hard.. Were trying to get thought this but Malix is starting to be distant with me.” “It’s going to be okay, Cira. I promise. I will talk to Malix.” Smiled Matius. “Thank you.” Smiled Cira back.

Malix checks out the church from the inside. He hasn’t been here since Matius and Ming got married. Him and Cira married here just a year before  his brother. “I never thought I’ll be burying my parents this soon. They had so much living to still do. If I ever catch the bastard who did this….” Said Malix before cutting his own self off. “Don’t worry little Nina, Daddy is gonna make sure this jerk pays for what he did to your Papa and Mama.” Said Malix as he hugs Nina.

Ming approaches Malix as he sets Nina down.

“Hey Malix, you okay?”

“No.. not really.”

“I’m sorry.. you look sexy today though.”

“Excuse me?”

“What? I just said you look sexy and all.”

“ Ming. Thanks?”

“You’re welcome.”

“I think I’m gonna see what Cira is doing…”

Malix quickly walks away from Ming as he feels awkward after her comment. Malix shakes it off and finds Cira.

Before heading out Cira tried something new with Nyx since they will be out in the sunlight today. Cira applied some sunblock lotion on Nyx hoping this would help her sun issue. It worked for some time but soon Nyx began to scream. Cira quickly brought Nyx inside and reporting to Malix that the sunblock really didn’t work. Malix places his hands on the top of his head as he grunted in frustration. “My Mom wanted to tell me something. I think it was about Nyx. Now I’ll never know!” Said Malix to Cira.

It was the day of the funeral of  Santiago and his wife Sakura. They were prepped up nicely for the services. The brothers were pleased of how their parents looked and the gun shots wounds were covered up well. The Montigo family made sure that everything was in order for the funeral. The flowers were delivered and set up beautifully.  A meal was being prepared for after the service.

The brothers, their wives and Lei were the first ones to view their parents’ bodies before the service began. Cira admired of how peaceful they looked and hoped that they didn’t suffer one bit. Malix sat with Lei as it was too hard for them to come close the the caskets. Malix confronts Lei as she lays her head on his lap and sobs. “We will get through this together, Lei.” Whispered Malix.

They all took their final looks and regaining their composure before starting the service. This was the hardest day for all of the siblings as the tell their parents a final good bye.

The service went smoothly and they all enter the dining hall for lunch. One of the employees at Cherrysicle tried to speak with Lei, “I send my condolences to you and your family.”  Lei told him thank you and grabbed a plate of food. Lei stayed quiet for most of the time. She just wanted the day to be over. Her brothers and sister in laws felt the same way. It seem like this day was the slowest in their lives.

As the day ended one of the detectives spoke with Ming about her in laws’ case. “We have no leads but we will find out who did this to your in laws.” Said the detective. “Good cause this whole thing had torn my family apart. I hope you catch that sick fuck! Why them? They were good people! They didn’t deserve this.” Said Ming as she holds her tears back. “Don’t worry Miss, I won’t rest until the creep is caught.” Said the detective.

The detective also bumped into Matius telling him the same thing that he told Ming. “Thank you Sir, we appreciated this. I can’t sleep at night knowing that he’s still out there. I have a son, 2 nieces and a 7 year old sister. I won’t feel they are safe until this monster is caught.”

Lei learns that her parents’ killer hasn’t been caught yet. Lei begans to worry if they come after her older brothers. For Lei’s safety and peace of mind it was suggested that she stay away from Cherrysicle for a while. Cherrysicle remained closed for 2 weeks as the investigators collect evidence of the crime. Fearing for the safety of Matius and Malix, the city police had extra police parole around Montigo Palms and their homes as home. The next few weeks the Montigo siblings were on edge.

With the city’s permission, the siblings were allowed to bury their parents on their lot as the brother agreed to keep their parents’ mansion. A beautiful flower garden was planted soon after the burial.

For the next few weeks, the siblings morn the loss of their beloved parents…….


Note: I originally said Lei was 12 years old but I changed my mind cause I want her to stay a child a bit longer. She’s currently 7 years old.

8 thoughts on “Montigo Tango: Chapter 2, Gone Forever

    • Ming was meant to be slightly comedic but sometimes come off as a little bitchy. I’m letting Ming mold her own personality and she’s becoming the token hot but dumb bimbo LOL

  1. I liked this for countless reasons..they drama the realistic scenes you created and the characters, too…it’s allllll good. I have a feeling at least one of the guys will go looking for the murderer. Kids pic spam was good in the other thread

    • Thanks! I’m trying to make this story realistic as possible with birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and even funerals. In my other stories I didn’t take much times for those. I enjoy taking things slow and even keeping my babies and toddlers little for a while. Sim newborns are annoying but they don’t age to the age of 2 after giving birth LOL. It seems that way sometimes. For the brothers and Lei, it is scary to know that your parents’ killer hasn’t been caught yet.

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