Montigo Tango: Chapter 1

Malix stands near the wishing well outside of Montigo Palms. Malix never ever made a wish with the wishing well but was curious to try. Matius shook his head as he saw Malix got eager after flipping a coin into the well while making a wish. “So native, little bro. You really think that your little wish will come true?” Mocked Matius. “Shut up dream killer!” Malix snapped back. Malix made a wish for happiness as he’s already happy with his wife and kids. Would it be greedy to have more happiness? Malix didn’t believe so.

It was early one Tuesday morning, Sakura Montigo enter her daughter Lei’s bedroom to wake her for school. Sakura found that Lei was very much awaken but was in tears. “What’s wrong? Did you have another nightmare?” Asked Sakura as she tries to console her crying child. “Yes Mommy. I had a bad dream about you and Daddy getting hurt bad.” Said Lei between her sniffles. Sakura places her hand on Lei’s hand. “It’s just a nightmare, it means nothing. Your dad and I will be fine.” Lei hugs her mother tight, “Don’t go into work today Mommy! Please don’t! I have a very bad feeling! There’s a man… he’s looking for you… He’s mad. Please stay home today.” Sakura holds Lei against her, “I’m sorry Lei but I have to go to work today. How else am I going to keep this house and buy you nice things? I got to make sure that things are running smoothly. We will be fine.” Lei hugs Sakura tighter, “But… the man, Mommy. He’s looking for you.” Sakura smiles at Lei, “It’s just a bad dream. No one is looking for me.”

Lei started to get ready for school as Sakura made her breakfast. Lei ate her breakfast before the school bus pulled up. “Have a great day at school and pay attention in class.” Said Sakura as Lei headed to the door. “I will. I love you Mommy.” Smiled Lei as she hugs her Mother. “I love you too, now hurry before you miss the bus again.” Smiled Sakura. Lei grabbed her book bag and ran out the door.

Sakura drank a glass a juice as she thought about what Lei said. Lei have been having nightmares lately and this recently one was more vivid then the others. Lei seemed more upset about this recent one unlike the others. Sakura shrug it off and got ready for the day. Sakura thinks it’s just a very bad dream and doesn’t believe it’s any kind of warning.

Sakura invites her sons and their wives after for breakfast. The guys didn’t pass this up as they loved their Mother’s cooking and not so keen on their wives’ cooking especially Matius. Ming already set fire to the kitchen twice in their home. Sakura made the guys’ favorite, french toast with white sticky rice and fish. Matius and Malix raced to the table fighting over which chair to sit in. Sakura laughs as she notice that they still act like kids whenever they get together. Cira had enough and assigned chairs for Malix and Matius. Neither of them got to sit where they wanted to, Sakura took that place. As the kids ate Sakura and Santiago wanted to make a announcement. “Your dad and I have something to tell you guys.” Smiled Sakura. “What’s that?” Said Malix with a mouth full of rice. Matius drops his fork in disgust, “Don’t you have any manners? Mouth full of food, you’re such a child.” “Shut up dude!” Snapped Malix as he reached across the table and snatches a piece of french bread from Matius’s plate. “Hey!” Shouts Matius. “Malix looks up at his brother, “What man? You don’t need it. You’re getting fat, Ming doesn’t like your “love handles”.” Matius was appalled by Malix’s comment, “I don’t have……handles man.” Ming lets out a loud snort as Santiago chuckles and Cira tries to ignore her husband’s immature behavior.

Santiago clears his throat and tries to finish what Sakura was trying to say, “Your Mom and I are going to retire in 2 months. That means you boys will need to take over the family’s businesses.” Malix smiles at Santiago, “Cool.” Matius scoffs at Malix,” Cool? Your response is just simply “cool”? Dad, you can’t hand over part of your business to this guy. Make him sale his part ownership to someone more responsible. He can’t run them with me. ” Malix flicks a piece of fish at Matius, “Hey man, what’s your prob? You don’t think I can responsible?” Matius drops his fork again, “You just threw a piece of fish at me, so no!” Malix leans back on his chair, “I didn’t throw a piece of fish at you, I flicked a piece. Huge difference bro!” Matius throws his arms up in the air, “Whatever man! You’re such a jerk.” Cira slams her hands on the table, “Stop it you two! Can you two go through one get together without bickering like children?” Santiago laughs as he watched his kids bicker a little at each other. “You two will both learn to be responsible. I signed you both up for business managing classes, you start in 3 weeks.” Smiled Santiago. “Thanks dad, Malix needs it.” Said Matius as Malix flicks another piece of fish at him.

Cira stayed behind with Sakura as the others clear the table. Matius and Malix continue to bicker back and forth. “Cira, I wanted to talk to you. I’m aware that you have a degree in business and I want you to help run my ice cream shop. I know that place holds a special part in your heart. You met my son there right?” Cira was surprised by what she just heard,” Yes, I met Malix there when I was 16. You really want me to have part ownership?” Sakura nods her head, “Yes along with Lei and the boys. They are more interest with Montigo Palms and Lei is too young right now. You have the right skills for this plus I like you better than Ming. She’s too ditzy, I can’t trust her to watch of glass of water.” Cira and Sakura both shared a laugh together. “Thank you Ms. Sakura. I really appreciate this.” Smiled Cira. “You’re welcome but please call me Mom.” Smiled Sakura. Cira was about to get up until Sakura stopped her, “Also Cira, can you bring the twins to the shop today? Ming is bringing Rio and I would to have the twins there as well.” “Sure thing.” Said Cira.

Cira bought over her twins Nyx and Nina while Ming bought Rio. Cira kissed her girls goodbye before leaving. Sakura told Cira to come and pick up the kids around 8, just a hour before the close up the shop. Cira agreed and headed to Montigo Palms with her husband Malix. Santiago and Sakura spent time with their grandchildren as the manage the shop. Santiago did a few interviews that day while Sakura spent most of the time looking over the grandchildren. It was a bit hard for her as Nina and Rio wanted to play outside while Nyx hates sunlight. Sakura set a play area inside that kept Nyx busy a for while.

Sakura discusses with Santiago about Malix and Cira’s concerns about Nyx. They want answers about Nyx’s odd behavior and her reaction to sunlight. The couple never told Malix about him being born vampire and having it cure when he was a infant. They agreed to never tell him this. Now with Nyx they are reconsidering it as it appears he passed a vampire gene to Nyx. “He must know. Maybe it can be cured too.” Said Sakura. “I know but I’m afraid about his reaction to this news. The boy has a temper on him.” Said Santiago. Sakura sighs,”I know but I feel bad from keeping this my own child. I think it’s best he knows about his past. He will have a better understanding of Nyx.” Santiago nods, “Right, I know how they want to take the kids to the park and go on picnics but that’s not possible. We should invite them over for lunch tomorrow and tell them. I hope to agree to cure Nyx so she can live a normal life too.”

It was sunset and Nyx came outside to play finally. Both Santiago and Sakura shook their head as they felt this wasn’t a way for Nyx to live her life. They knew school would be hard for her and there isn’t any schools that are open at night. They were both determine to let Malix and Cira know about Nyx being a vampire.

It was getting close to 8pm and Santiago and Sakura played with their grandchildren before their parents came to pick them up. They both enjoy spending a lot of time with their grandchildren. They even have a play area made for them and Lei when she comes to hang out. Cherrysicle is a big hit with the kids and teens. As the Montigo swished for a house full of kids, they got it with Cherrysicle and their 3 grandchildren.

Malix, Cira and Ming came to pick up their kids. Sakura spoke with Malix telling him to come over with Cira for lunch. At first Malix told her that he couldn’t but Sakura insisted that he tries harder to make it out as it was very important. “Okay Mom, Cira and I will be there at 1pm. Is that fine?” Said Malix. “Yes, that is fine and please wash your face too. You still got food on your face.” Said Sakura as she licked her thumb and tries to wipe Malix’s face. “Mommmm!” Said Malix as he tries to jerk away. “I swear Malix, you can still be a little boy at times. You were always a messy eater.” Chuckled Sakura. “Geeze Mom, thanks.” Said Malix as he lowers his head. Nina began to shriek with laughter. “Oh you think that’s funny? Wait til she does it to you, You won’t like it so much.” Laughed Malix.

Santiago checked his voice mail on his phone and listen to a message from one of Lei’s teachers. In the voice mail the teacher said that Lei had been acting very odd that day and that someone needed to come pick her up. Santiago mention the voice mail to Sakura. Sakura told him about the nightmare that Lei had the night before. “She said a man is looking for us and we should come in today.” Said Sakura. Santiago shakes his head, “That girl can be silly sometimes. I think she’s been watching those scary movies again. We need to set the child block on the TV again.”

“She seemed bothered this time.”

“Oh Lei was trying to get out of school. She’s silly I tell ya. She’s like Malix but more clever. Sometimes I wonder if we dropped Malix on his head.”

“Stop that, Malix is fine. I know he can be silly but he’s our boy. I told Lei it was a bad dream and we’ll be fine.”

“Yeah let’s close up and head home to check on her.”

The Montigos closed their shop for the night and stopped in the parking to chat for a little.

“I can’t wait til we retire.”

“Me too. What do you wanna do? We will have so much time.”

“Let’s go on a cruise to Starlight Shores. I wanna meet some movies stars.”

“We can do that.”

“Maybe I can get lucky and find a younger future husband after you’re gone up there.”

“You are so silly. No guy will ever replace me.”

“You’re right, I love you my Tigo.”

“I love you too my Kura.”

Santiago and Sakura embraced into a kiss before heading to their car.

The couple heard footsteps behind them and they both turned around to find a strange looking man wearing a hoodie. Lucky Palms usually have a warm climate so seeing a man wearing a hoodie was odd.

“May we help you Sir?”


Two shots were fired before the strange man fled away with great speed……….

10 thoughts on “Montigo Tango: Chapter 1

    • They’ll get better in due time. Malix tends to be immature while Matius is a bit serious. At least Cira is Malix’s voice of reason 😀

  1. Great! Your writing is so much more descriptive now with this new layout! Or it could be that it was always this good but now easier to read. 🙂

    • It’s easier to read and I improved. I get better as I go. It’s the same with my DJing, producing and graphics. Leveling up LOL. Plus on here I have more room to type and stuff.

      • Haha yep we can go from Level 1 to Level 10 just by doing, hey? 🙂 And ooh, I’m seeing this now on the computer (read it in iphone last night). And didn’t notice it was a vampire who killed them.. because they are trying to cure their children of vampirism? Good drama!!

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