Montigo Tango: Intro

I would like you to meet the Montigo family. The Montigos is a wealthy family that resides in Lucky Palms for the past 70 years owning several businesses in Lucky Palms. Tito Montigo moved to Lucky Palms with big dreams of living in the lap of luxury. Tito worked hard in college and received degrees. Tito open his own consignment store at the age of 27. The store did very well for some time. Tito made a investment into a new casino that was named after the city. This was probably the best thing that he did. Tito and his family were soon swimming in cash. Later in the years Tito’s wife Sasha opened up a ice cream named Cherrysicle. Sasha loved kids and wanted a place for them to come and hang out after school. Cherrysicle had a variety in flavors of ice cream, their top flavor is called Cherrysicle, named after the shop. Tito and Sasha soon had a child named Santiago. Santiago was their only child. Sasha had passed on leaving Cherrysicle in Santiago’s hands. He kept his Mother’s ice cream shop open as he enjoined the place as a child. Cherrysicle was Santiago’s favorite owned business. Tito closed down his consignment store and opened up a spa and a pool center.

Santiago had dreams to open his own business as well. He talked to his father about opening a casino/night club. Tito didn’t think it was a good idea to try to complete with the other casino. Lucky Palms was known for casinos but lacked  night clubs. Santiago loved the night life that he experienced in Bridgeport and wanted to bring that to Lucky Palms. At the age of 26, Santiago opened up Montigo Palms. After opening Montigo Palms, Tito had passed on. While working in his casino night club, Santiago met a lady named Sakura Zen. Santiago tried to woo Ms. Sakura but she wasn’t having it. After many attempts Sakura gave in and went on a date with Santiago. After dating for a year they married. Six months after getting married Santiago and Sakura had a son named Matius Montigo. They loving couple were happy to have a healthy baby boy. A year after having Matius the couple attempted to have another child. Sakura found herself having multiple miscarriages. Sakura went to the doctor to learn that she isn’t able to have anymore children. Santiago and Sakura were devastated by the news as they dreamed to have a big family. They were happy with Matius and put all their focus on him.

A few years later, a friend of Sakura who worked in child services told her about a strange baby that needed a home. They had issues of finding a home for the baby as the child often screams if he’s near sunlight. Sakura wanted to meet the baby and a meeting was set up. Sakura held a 2 month old baby with strange aqua blue hair, glowing red eyes and glowing skin. The moment Sakura held the baby, she fell in love. Sakura wanted to adopt the baby but was warned about the baby’s reaction to sunlight. Sakura didn’t care and wanted to bring the baby home. The Montigos were granted custody of the baby boy who they named Malix. Malix often cried when he was near sunlight. He would let out a blood curdling scream every time he was near sunlight. The Montigo was curious why did Malix have a bad reaction to sunlight. They later learned that their baby is a vampire. Santiago had a friend in the science lab that told them about a special potion that could cure vampirism. However the potion wasn’t tested on babies. The Montigo thought long and hard about giving Malix the cure. They dreamed to go family picnics with their kids but it wouldn’t be possible with Malix. The Montigo decided to give Malix the potion. After a week Malix’s skin lost it’s glow, his eyes even lost it’s glow and his aqua blue hair turned to a dark blue hue. Malix started to have a better reaction to sunlight. They soon had a normal little boy who loved to play outdoors with his older brother.

The Montigos had a good life with their blooming businesses and raising two boys. The boys grew up into men and started to have their own lives while still helping out in the family’s businesses. At the age of 65 Sakura gave birth to a daughter named Lei Montigo. Lei was a huge surprise to the family as Sakura was told that they couldn’t have anymore kids after Matius. Lei was born 3 months early and weighted 2lbs. The odds of her living weren’t good. After a 4 month hospital stay, Lei was healthy enough to come home and she beaten the odds. Santiago and Sakura spoiled Lei as they see her as their miracle child. Santiago and Sakura were just a few months from retiring until tragically struck….



Santiago and Sakura were gunned down after they closed down Cherrysicle for the night. The couple were pronounce dead at the scene of the crime. The murder of Santiago and his wife remains a mystery. They were well loved by the community and no one knows who would want to harm them. They originally thought it was a possible robbery but Santiago was found with a wallet full of cash. It wasn’t a robbery, someone wanted them dead. Who would want them dead?

After the funeral Matius and Malix both received a call from child services in regards of the guardianship of their young sister Lei. The brothers were both new to parenting and wasn’t sure about what to do about this. They couldn’t agree about who would taken in Lei. Although Matius isn’t sure about taking in Lei, he feels Malix is too childish to take her in. He doesn’t think that him and Ming were a good candidate as his new wife nearly dropped their son a few times as a infant. Matius doesn’t trust Ming with his child and hired a Nanny. The brothers both don’t want Lei to go into foster care as Malix knows it was hard for his wife Cira, who was in foster care after her parents died. The brothers made a decision to move into the family mansion with their wives and kids. They didn’t want to rip Lei away from her home nor could the agree who would take her.

Matius and Malix get along for the most part but have different styles in parenting. The brothers now have to raise their little sister but whose parenting method is better? Since their parents’ death, they are full owners of Montigo Palms and Cherrysicle. Matius had worked in Montigo Palms since he was a teen and is growing tired of the night life. Matius wanted to quit his job at the casino club but since his parents died, it’s not possible. The brothers do want to keep their father’s businesses afloat but they are both clueless about running a business. Their wives do have Cherrysicle covered as they were managers before Mr. and Mrs. Montigo’s deaths. Cira is the only one with a business degree. Cira is probably their only hope in keeping the businesses going.

Since their parents’ death, Lei’s life had turned upside down. Lei turned from a happy child into a difficult child. Lei just turned 12 and rebels against her brothers often. Will Lei ease up with brothers as they struggle to find ways to keep their family businesses going while raising their toddler children. Lei is about to be a teenager and things weren’t going to be easy anyways.


Montigo Palms, the casino/night club.



Cherrysicle, the ice cream shop.



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    • Thanks. I actually like these sims better than my other. These sims pretty much picked their own personalities

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